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January 8, 2018

What I Wore and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great (and likely crazy busy) December like we did. I swear the month flew by with the holidays and the break. My family celebrates Hanukkah and I actually appreciated that it was slightly before Xmas this year. I felt I had enough time to get all the shopping done in time plus time to get all the extra presents/tips for all the friends and people in our life that aren’t Jewish. And we kept busy enough over the break that I can say I had enough family time but not too much. Ha! The only downside was the bitter cold we have had recently. I could do without that for sure!

I know most people start off the New Year with resolutions and goals and honestly, I’m one of those that kind of makes a mental note of what I want to do differently in the next year but I don’t call it a resolution. So if I forget, it’s ok. I do, however, try to take mental breaks throughout the year and focus on what I want to do differently either because something isn’t working to make me happy or giving me the peace I need to keep moving forward. So, I guess you can say I make mini resolutions all year long.

Regarding my blog, one of the resolutions I often struggle with is how much time to spend on this blog vs. work and my family life. I work part time with my husband for our construction company and I work on this blog as often as I can or have the mental energy to focus on it. As I’ve said before, I have to treat this blog like a hobby or a lot of other things in my life would suffer and then that wouldn’t be good or make me happy. But, I do wish I could make this little blog a bit more polished looking so truth is, it’s something I’m hoping I can focus on a bit more in 2018 without sacrificing my work, what I do around the house for my family. Or the amount of time I get to have coffee or lunch and catch up with friends. And at least I only have the PTA gig for a few more months.  Ha!

Enough of all that seriousness, on to the clothes! This month’s What I Wore is from November. I apologize for only getting to it now. Last week when the kids started back to school I can honestly say I wasn’t in the right head space to finish this post and then they didn’t have school unexpectedly on Thursday so I just went with how I felt, the curve ball of a snow day and at least I am refocused today.


November started off with a trip away for my family when we went to Denver for my niece’s Bat Mitzvah (an important Jewish tradition where a girl is called to the torah at 13 and essentially becomes a ‘woman’ in the eyes of the Jewish religion). This was really exciting for my whole family since she is the first in our family to have one. For me personally, I’m close with niece and it was exciting to see her hard work pay off. What a young woman she really has become! I digress though, lol. For my own family, this was the first time we traveled further then Florida as a family and to a different time zone. And, it was over daylight savings time! Plus, we stayed part of the time in a hotel and the other part of the time at my sister’s house, meaning, this was quite a trip for us. I’m happy to report, all went well, minus a bit of sleep. But that was to be expected! This trip involved a bunch of different activities outfits of course, but I’m sharing just two because everything else I’ve worn before and mentioned here in previous posts.

The other parts of the month were just as busy, too! I’ve actually been staying up later then usual this past few months to keep up with work, my PTA duties (and there were quite a bit in November due to a boundary issue going on that affected my girls elementary school), and this blog. It’s been worth it of course but the truth is, I mainly spent this month in a lot of gym clothes and lounge wear and didn’t get out socially much because we wanted to take a break between the busy Fall we had and the trip to Denver. Plus, we did travel to Raleigh over Thanksgiving, too.

Outfit #1

While we were in Denver, there was a brunch at my sister’s house the morning after the Bat Mitzvah where we also celebrated my mother’s milestone birthday

Sweater – old, similar here (on sale!) by Aqua | Jeans – old Citizens of Humanity but a favorite, similar | Shoes (on sale!) | Necklace – old

Outfit #2

I’ve posted this dress before but sharing this picture because unintentionally, my daughter’s and I wore all black to the morning Bat Mitzvah service and it made me laugh. Plus, I’M WEARING PANTYHOSE. I haven’t worn pantyhose in a 10+ years and can’t say I miss it. And of course, this pair lasted about 3 hours before ripping.

Dress (worn this Fall) by Aqua but no longer available | Shoes – Sam Edelman, sold out | Kendra Scott Earrings (a classic style you can’t go wrong with)

Outfit #3

Madewell Sweater – a Fall favorite but it may be sold out by now | Hudson Jeans | Booties | Necklace

Outfit #4

Madewell/Rivet & Threat Top – sold out | Jeans, Citizens of Humanity – old, similar | Shoes | Earrings

Outfit #5

Went to see Mean Girls on Stage with a girl friend. It made it’s pre-Broadway debut in DC. Loved the show!!

Sweater | Pants | Booties

Pura Vida Bracelets – my favorites for simple every day bracelets | Ring – mine is a circle, the link may be to one that is slightly more oval | Sweater – same Madewell one from earlier picture

Outfit #6

Booties | Cardigan – old Loft from the Fall | Stella & Dot initial Clover Charm | Bracelets (2 are rose gold, 1 is gold)

Outfit #7

If you want to laugh, I took this picture with my daughter’s phone right before our Thanksgiving Dinner (we were in Raleigh). Mine was no where nearby and I had like a hot minute to take the picture. Her phone happened to be charging in my room so…..I went with what I had available. Ha!

A New Day Sweater –  Similar by Aqua| Kendra Scott Lexi Earrings – Sold Out (bummer!)

Gym Outfits

Outfit #1

Zella Jacket – before the temps dipped in to the 30s, I wore this jacket A LOT | Alo Glossy Leggings | Nike Juvenate (still a perfectly good sneaker!)

Outfit #2

Athleta Twist Back Muscle Tank | Leggings and Sneakers same as photo above

Outfit #3

Athleta Pullover – Also wore this cozy pullover  A TON | Uggs

Outfit #4

Lululemon top (such a simple top that can be worn as layer to the gym or not) | Nike Sneakers

Outfit #5

Lululemon Tank that I was wearing under the gray top in the picture above – FAVORITE! I have it in a few colors now.

Outfit #6

Terez leggings | Lululemon tank (same as one above) | Nike Juvenate

Happy shopping!

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