September 1, 2017

White Tee Love

Good morning! Today’s post is all about a new favorite tee I’ve discovered and it’s by this brand called Amour Vert.


I first learned about Amour Vert on the Revolve Clothing website and from the catalog I received from the company directly (No clue how I got the catalog of course but I wasn’t complaining!). I always love a good catalog (yup, I’m a little old school sometimes) to breeze through and I found that this catalog really had some pieces I liked, particularly the tees. From there, I went looking online and it popped up that they sell Amour Vert on Revolve Clothing. Well, lo and behold, I actually had a top from Amour Vert already saved in my ‘Wish List’ on Revolve Clothing’s site. And guess what? Nordstrom is now carrying some tees and tops, too!

amour vert tee tucked under

The Tee

Deciding what tee to start with wasn’t easy. And which site to order it from – directly from Amour Vert, which has the largest selection obviously, Revolve Clothing, which currently has the smallest selection, or Nordstrom, which has a good selection right now. I finally narrowed it down to this tee, called the ‘Lief Slub Tee.’  It seemed the most simple to start with and would be a good gauge of the quality, fit, and style of their tees. The tee also comes in black, too, so I went back and forth on which color to order. White won, obviously. Lol.  I realized I already have a good basic black tee, the Madewell Whisper Cotton tee that I love (and a lot of others, too!), so why bother with another for now.

What’s To Like

So, do I like the tee? Yes, very much!! Why do I love it?

  • Well, it is really soft. It’s made from organic cotton and modal. The material actually reminds me of the slub material in the ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo tee that I bought in the Spring.
  • The Price. This Amour Vert tee is only $42, the ATM tee was $85!
  • It’s not see through when worn with a good nude bra (I’m wearing this ‘Understated Under Wire T-Shirt Bra’ by Natori)
  • It’s a good length – not too short or too long, keep in mind I have a short torso so this is important to me, and I’m only 5’1
  • Not too thin to feel flimsy and show off any body flaw, i.e. it lays nicely
  • Added bonus – the side slit

Here are some other pictures of me wearing the tee.

amour vert tee

side slit

amour vert tee

close up and still can barely see my bra

amour vert tee straight

Letting the tee hang straight

What I’m wearing with tee: Jslides Sneakers and AG Jeans, old Madewell necklace.

What Else

Well, not surprisingly, I’m a bit hooked on the brand. I plan to try some other tops and tees by Amour Vert soon. Meanwhile, here’s a peek at what else I’m loving right now by the brand.

Happy Shopping!

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