November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

I realized that it being just a few days away from the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I should do a quick post, like I did last year, of some outfit ideas for the holiday, and weekend, that cover some travel outfit ideas and 3 general categories of gatherings with the idea that you’ll be at a gathering that fits into 1 of them.

Thanksgiving Travel Outfit – I didn’t include this as an “outfit” when I did the post last year but I realized, like me, a lot of people travel for the holiday. So whether you’ll be in a car for a few hours or on an airplane, it’s always nice to plan ahead of what you’ll be wearing. Comfort is always ideal. Thought here is a comfortable shoe (in case you’ll be waiting in long TSA lines), sweater that can be layered over a tank, and more then a simple legging (i.e. moto style or some faux leather).


#1 Thanksgiving Outfit Idea – Good for hanging out all day, i.e. relaxed but pulled together


#2 Outfit Idea – Casual dinner with minimal couch sitting (how pretty is the open back sweater?!)


#3 Outfit Idea – Family and/or friends who like to get a little more dressed up for dinner, minimal couch sitting

Hope this post provides a little inspiration all around.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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