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November 18, 2017

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas 2017

Thanksgiving, the start of the season of eating and family. And hopefully giving. But on this blog, I’ll be honest, it’s easier to focus on the less important aspect of the holiday yet one of the most important aspects of the holiday season – WHAT TO WEAR! Because we all know, it matters a lot what you wear whether you admit it or not.  To make things easier, I put the outfit ideas in to 3 different categories  – Travel, Hanging Out and Dinner.

Thanksgiving Travel Outfit or Lounging

I realized, like me, a lot of people travel for the holiday. So whether you’ll be in a car for a few hours or on an airplane, it’s always nice to plan ahead of what you’ll be wearing. Comfort is always ideal and thankfully, comfy is still in! Thought here is a comfortable shoe (in case you’ll be waiting in long TSA lines), sweater that can be layered over a tank, and more then a simple legging, i.e. moto style or glossing legging. Even if you are not traveling but just spending the day lounging at home with/without family and friends and just want to be comfy before the big meal, these options would also work. Note: The gray theme was totally an accident! ?


Thanksgiving Hanging Out (i.e. couch sitting but pulled together)

Some people’s Thanksgiving mainly revolves around sitting around, eating, and watching the parade and then football, basically relaxing with family and friends. Now I know people have different interpretations of casual but I think it’s easier to focus on an outfit you’d want to wear to actually be around other people in. Thought here is jeans and a fun top and some cute jewelry.


Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit #1 (i.e. casual dinner with some couch sitting)

Now some of us like to  look a bit more pulled together for the actual Thanksgiving meal but the idea is understated dressy. Like jeans and a nice top or sweater.

Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit #2 (dressier dinner with minimal couch sitting)

Some people actually enjoy getting more dressed up for Thanksgiving. If you’re lucky (or unlucky ?) to be in this boat, try a blouse with some details, dark bottoms, shiny jewelry and you’re good to go! Just make sure the pants are comfortable enough in the waist or the top is loose enough for all the food you’ll be inhaling. Ha!

Hope this post provides a little inspiration! And no matter what you wear, remember to be thankful to have food on the table and family and friends to spend the holiday with!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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