March 23, 2016

Tees & Chambray at Anthropologie


Anthropologie is one of those stores I don’t get to very often but I love shopping at because their styles are a little different from my usual stops like Nordstrom, J.Crew, etc. I know a lot of people who are fans of shirt styles they carry because they often have more details (think lace or flowers) and general feminine touches but I confess – I love the store for the basics with a little twist I often find there.

I purposefully planned a trip there on Monday since I hadn’t been to the store in months and I haven’t been seeing much else in the way of simple tees at other stores that was exciting me.

One of my favorite tee brands from Anthropologie (that I may have mentioned before) is the brand Last Spring I bought a gray short sleeve one but today I saw this tee. It is similar to my version but has a little bit of a deeper v, slightly longer, and a little bit of a v at the back of the neck. I wasn’t as in love with this style but it is still really soft like mine. I’d recommend trying it out regardless because everyone’s taste is different and what I don’t like on me or need may be exactly what you’re looking for. There is also this version which is more similar in style to the version I have but the material is a little bit different. Still soft but not quite as soft.

Here’s last year’s version and me wearing it recently.



So the tee I walked out with was not one I expecting to like at all – it was this long sleeve asymmetrical one by Left of Center. And I bought it in 2 colors (white and blue) because not only is it on sale from $78 to $39.99 but I liked it that much!! So I basically got 2 for the price of one. It’s also really similar to the Wilt tee I was wearing in my Monday’s post from “What I Wore February.” I know it’s long sleeve and not short sleeve, but for Spring, I always find I still need plenty of easy long sleeve tees around. I think I’ll even be able to wear it this week. Yeah! UPDATE AT BOTTOM.

Another cute option I saw was this (by Bordeaux, another favorite brand of mine from Anthropologie) and it’s also currently on sale!

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the chambray shirts from Anthropologie I love so much by Cloth & Stone (they can be found at other random stores but I mainly know them from here). I actually now own 2 of their chambray’s – one from last Spring in a regular blue with faint stripes and then I bought a white version last summer. They are the softest, best fitting chambray shirts I’ve ever tried (I think it’s from the lyocell in them). I was even tempted to buy this one I saw today but restrained myself.

If you’re looking to add some simple and soft new tees and/or chambray to your Spring wardrobe, I highly suggest checking all these tees out!

Happy shopping!



UPDATE: I ended up wearing the blue version the other day already with some leggings and ballet flats. Sorry the color is so yellow, I guess it was the lighting.


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