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August 5, 2016

Taking a Short Break

Hi All,

Just wanted to write a quick post because I’m not sure when I will get my next post up. I’ve been working on a post I’m really excited about that I did with a local dietitian and another recipe that I hope to get up soon but the reality is, I was at the beach last week with my family for our annual vacation while at the same time there have been some family health issues going on that are taking precedence. Plus, there’s still regular life to take care and so that means, my blog and talks of shopping and beauty, etc. just aren’t having the same impact on my life right now as usual.

However, for fun, here are some of my favorite pics from our family trip to the beach (it was with my parents and my sister and her family) and a few from the Rookie Weekend my older daughter did at a sleep away camp right after we got back from the beach (don’t ask me how much driving I’ve done in the past week between the beach, the camp, and a short day trip out of town because I’m still exhausted from it. Ha!). By the way, it was BEYOND hot the week we were at the beach. Temps in the 90s and humid. If anyone looks hot and sweaty, you know why.¬†


Matching sandals




5 or 15?


Closest thing to a family photo I get


Golf with Daddy


Ice cream after the rides


Rookie Weekend Drop Off


Having a blast at Rookie Weekend

I’ll be back soon! Hope everyone is having a great summer!



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