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April 28, 2016

Floral Skirt for Work

Hi All!

Sorry for going a week without a post. If this happens it usually means I’ve just got a lot of things going on at home with the kids and work or I’m away. In this case, it was kids not having school, family in town for a holiday, and work. When I started this blog, the goal wasn’t to stress me out so even though I don’t always get the chance to do a post as often as I’d like, just know that I’m still planning posts and they will come in time.

Before all those things got me swamped, I was lucky enough to have a girlfriend come over and do a little dress up with me. She’s a Stella & Dot stylist so I asked her to bring along some of the latest pieces for me to see and to play dress up with.  It’s always fun to try on new jewelry, right?

This post is a little unusual for me for a few reasons. First, is because I don’t dress for work anymore. I haven’t worked in an office in a long time now and between kids and working for my husband from home, my life just doesn’t call for those types of clothes. Second, is because the skirt I’m wearing IS from back in the day when I DID work in an office. I have barely worn it since but with the Stella & Dot pieces to play with, it got me inspired. Plus, I realize that there are plenty of you seeing these posts who still spend time in an office, or at least have a situation where this type of outfit is appropriate. Third, the necklaces (yes, it’s 2 necklaces!) I’m wearing are so far out of my comfort zone but I’m really glad I decided to listen to my friend and give them a try because I love how they pulled the outfit together. Lastly, I’ve always been a huge fan of navy just not a huge fan of floral prints. So this skirt was my way of embracing a floral print in a way that was comfortable for me.





Outfit Details:

Skirt : J.Crew from many years ago – new options here, here, here

Tank: Loft from last summer – try this or this

Shoes: Toms – new version of them here

Necklace #1 | Necklace #2 (pendant section removed)



By the way, I can’t forget to mention that this skirt could definitely be dressed down with a different top and shoes for a completely different look more akin to a tropical/warm  location.

Happy shopping!


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