June 21, 2017

Summer Chambray Dress

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a big trend this summer, it’s called a Chambray Dress or what I’m reffering to as #summerchambray. These chambray dresses are everywhere in a bunch of different versions… the shoulder, one shoulder, shirt dress, tent style, you name it! And the price range is also all over the map. So, I pulled together some of the favorites I’ve seen online and in stores, including the one I decided to buy for myself.

Starting with the highest price, check these out:

Mid Range:

Least Expensive:

So, which did I end up with? Actually the one from Old Navy that is almost identical to the Soft Joie one!

Honestly, the tent style isn’t THE most flattering on me. But, I tried on the XS in the store and it just looked, well, “eh.” But I went home and decided to order the petite version and wow, does it fit me SO much better! It is a lot less tent-ish, so still loose but just has the right amount of shape to it. If that’s possible in a tent dress. Ha!

I plan to style it this summer both casual and a bit dressier which is one of the reasons I love it, versatility = key.

Sorry it’s wrinkled, this was after lunch with a girlfriend and the service where we ate was terrible – like enough to get a free meal (ha!) so I was sitting longer then expected making the dress look quite bad. Oh well. Wrinkles happen. My shoes are these, FYI.

 Happy shopping!

PS, here’s an outtake of the above picture. I’m smiling more but there is also my daughter in the back round.

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