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September 23, 2016

South Moon Under Fall Dressing Room Selfies


It’s that time again – South Moon Under Dressing Room Selfies! I love the fun of going in to a store I haven’t been to in awhile and grabbing all kinds of tops and jeans to try on and try to imagine how I envision my wardrobe looking for the Fall season. Today, I was focused a bit more then usual on some good tops for evening events since I have a few coming up this Fall that I’m excited about. Here’s how it went…..


First up was this pretty reddish tank by BB Dakota (also comes in black). I wanted to love it but was very disappointed. It hung loosely on me and fell off my shoulders. So not a good pick for my body but possibly would look great on someone else. Passed.

The jeans I’m wearing are a pair of dl1961 in the Ravine wash. I’m kind of in the market for a new pair of jeans (who isn’t?!) but when you have many of different styles and washes already, it’s hard to decide when it’s worth getting a new pair. I grabbed this particular pair to try on because I liked the wash and it had the frayed hem, something I don’t have in my closet right now but is very on trend. Note that this Mara style is more a straight leg then a skinny leg and I wore 1 size smaller then usual (wearing 25, normally wear 26). They were super comfortable and fit me well. But, since the length was a little long on my short frame (I’m 5’1) and they would have to be shortened therefore, I’d possibly lose the hem, I decided against buying them for now. Plus, they were $195, on the higher end for what I pay for jeans. (For some reason on South Moon Under’s site, the wash of these jeans seems different then what I tried on so that is why I linked a pair at Bloomingdales that seems to the right wash of what I tried on). 


Next up was this pretty blue top from Willow & Clay (Odd thing – it’s not on South Moon Under’s website and can’t find it anywhere else except Nordstrom in red. Sorry!). Blue, particularly navy, is one of my “go to” colors. I just gravitate towards it so when I saw this top and the pretty beading, I was really attracted to it. It’s so different from what I have in my closet and seemed perfect for what I was looking for. Plus, I liked that it was short sleeve, i.e. good for the Fall. I tried it on first without a tank underneath and it looked ok (top photo) and then put on a navy tank from the store underneath (bottom photo). You can see the beading better when I didn’t have the tank underneath so I will probably wear it that way. Loved this top so got it.



So this Daniel Rainn cold shoulder top I was attracted to because it was blue (ha!) and it has the cut out shoulders. But on me, it was just “eh.” (The sales girl agreed). And I wasn’t a big fan of the sleeve length. Passed on getting it but could work well on someone else. (Click here to the black version at Bloomingdales and still wearing the DL1961 jeans by the way).


More cold shoulder tops…..this Abbeline cold shoulder top is more of a thin knit then a blouse (and it’s on sale!!). It is one of the most popular tops in the store right now so I apologize if it’s sold out. It’s comfortable and versatile so was an easy decision to buy this one (wearing XS). I took a photo of it un-tucked and then tucked so you can see how it looks both ways. Oh, and notice it’s blue as well. Ha!

Switched jeans here to this pair by Blanknyc. Blanknyc is one of my favorite denim brands because the prices are so reasonable (usually around $88) and I love the variety of styles and washes they make. Plus, they’re comfortable and wear well. This pair I tried on is pretty much a darker wash version of a pair I own in the No Time for Dat wash. I liked them a lot but passed only because I think the style is too similar to what I already own (BTW, again, the pair on the South Moon Under site doesn’t appear to be quite the same wash as what I tried on in the store. The 2nd link above is to a pair at Bloomingdales that seems to be the right wash that I’m wearing). 
img_2388 img_2389

Next up was a top I fell in love with by Free People. I loved it so much I dedicated an entire post to it last Friday (see it here). Normally, Free People is too flowy or too much material on my small frame. So I almost didn’t grab it. But I had luck with a similar style last year so I figured I’d regret not trying it on at all. I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it! It was soft, flowy but not overwhelming, and just plain comfortable. The thumb holes are just fun. I didn’t buy it this day in the store because it’s still been really hot here in the NE but if you read my post last Friday, I found out later that it was being price matched at Nordstrom and therefore, on sale, I went ahead and purchased it myself from Nordstrom to get price (Although I went with the cream color since my other version from last year is black, seen wearing here and here). img_2390 img_2391 img_2392

Then, I figured I’d try on the Free People tee I had grabbed from the sale rack (wearing XS). Was pleasantly surprised here, too. It was loose but not too loose. So I bought it. It does need a tank underneath and I liked the one  I tried it on with in the store so I bought that one, too (find the Suzette Collection tank here, comes in 1 size only). The back of the tank is very on trend with the “spider cage” style and the tank can be worn with that in the front. Anyway, the day I wore the tee it fell off my shoulder a lot but I didn’t totally mind, especially since I had the tank on underneath. I’d still recommend buying the tee regardless, especially since it’s on sale and if your shoulders aren’t narrow like mine, it will probably stay on better. It does come in a bunch of other colors you can find here, they’re just not on sale. (One other cold shoulder tee I’ve seen in stores is this Topshop one. I haven’t tried it on but could see it getting a lot of wears). 


Lastly, I tried on this LAMade Cut Out Top (wearing Small). It’s a soft cotton and a very different version from all the others I’ve tried since it’s fitted. I expected it to be much tighter on then it actually was. It was so comfortable (it’s a tencel/spandex blend) that I would have no problem wearing it all day. It can definitely be worn very casually or dressed up, too. I passed on getting it for now. (Note: It’s also available at Nordstrom here). 

Wearing the top with these Blanknyc Twill Utility Pants (wearing size 26). I like a good pair of army green pants and liked that these have a zipper up the sides of the ankles but for now, I passed on getting them just because I was already getting the tops and didn’t feel like I needed the pants right now.


So, hope the fun I had at South Moon Under helps you decide on some new pieces to add to your closet for Fall.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy shopping!



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