February 23, 2017

Slip on Sneakers

Is anyone else getting Spring fever even though it’s only February? I’m guessing it’s this roller coaster ride we’ve been on in the Northeast with the weather where one day it’s freezing and the next it’s 60. I’ll take it and any excuse to get excited for Spring.

I took this temporary (?) warm up as motivation to finally get myself a pair of black slip on sneakers that fit all my particulars: size (I’m a 5, so this is the hardest!), price (ideally $150 or less, $100 or less even more ideal), comfort (no rubbing), and style.

What I discovered, of course, is that there are a bunch of these slip on sneakers styles out there, most that there are some updates and new brands offering the styles now. Here are the brands that I found on Nordstrom’s site all offering these slip on sneakers:¬†Jslides, Steve Madden, Vince, Via Spiga, Vans, Naturalizer, and Caslon (sorry if I missed any). I started my search with a brand I’d never tried before – JSlides – had immediate success!

Wearing: Jslides | Cardigan | Jeans | Tee (see post about it here)

JSlides again

For the rest of the shoes, I took a trip to my local Nordstrom to do a little more “research”



Caslon on top, Vince on bottom

Vince on left, Caslon on right – so similar! Totally splurge vs steal!

Gray Vans

Steve Madden

Here’s my take on what I tried on:

Vince – it did run big, fit was ok otherwise, insole was so-so comfy but price was definitely high

Caslon – I mean….almost identical to the Vince pair but half the price!! These fit me big as well but the insole is very comfy

Vans – LOVED them. Really comfy and can’t beat the price. Plus, LOVED the blush pink and gray, ordered the pink for now

Steve Madden – eh. I’ve tried these before and in the end, the silver “button” on the back of the heel, ended up being uncomfortable enough not to buy them, even for the price and color options.

Others to try that weren’t in my local store:


My friend wearing the Via Spiga pair

If you’re in the market for slip on sneakers, I hope this helped you narrow down a few worth trying.

Happy shopping!


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