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December 3, 2015

Shopping Lesson – Buyer’s Guilt


Have you ever bought anything and not immediately regretted it but after you’ve gone home and realized that a) you have something similar to it in your closet already and b) jeez, you may have done a lot more shopping in recent weeks then you realize. Or c) you didn’t really want it but wanted to buy something.

Well, every so often this happens to me. And it’s usually because of something like the item was more money then I needed to spend on it, maybe it’s too similar to something I already own that I’m still completely happy with or I’ve realized that it’s not the right time to spend the money at all.

Buyer’s guilt sucks. Every so often it has kept me up at night. But I see the bright side of it – it puts life into perspective. Do I really need to buy something to make me happy right now? Maybe another black long sleeve shirt just doesn’t make sense right now when I have to pay for an emergency visit to the vet for my dog. Or I realize that it’s more important my kids have presents for the holidays then for me to have one more sweater. ¬†Either way, it happens.

My lesson here during this holiday season: Keep in mind what you really NEED, or what those around you need. More is not always better. And shop at places that have an easy return policy ¬†OR don’t shop at all.

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