December 8, 2016

Shoes You Want Right Now

It’s not that often that I buy new shoes. Crazy, I know. But with my annoyingly small feet, the shoe world is not my oyster, sadly. So the fact that I have 3 new pairs of shoes I’m loving right now and want to share is rather unusual. And they’re all completely different from each other.

  1. Bootie

First, I don’t know why I felt I needed a new pair of booties – wait I lied. I do. Lol. The brown pair I’ve been wearing are only so comfortable until……they’re  not. They are from the kids department and I had to size down in them to make sure my heel wasn’t slipping. In hind sight, maybe buying them was a mistake because after wearing them for awhile, my heel actually starts hurting. My guess is they’re too small or it just wasn’t the right bootie for me. However, I love how they look except my foot looks extra small in them, but in any case, this all led me to consider buying a new pair of booties this Fall. And the new pair I bought are not the same brown so I could totally justify it, right? RIGHT. And guess what!? This pair of booties is under $100 and are from the adult section and fit well for my actual size. Yeah! They are the BP ‘Tripp’ Bootie. They come in 5 colors and I went with the Chestnut Suede Color. I’ve worn them a bunch of times, a few examples below.


2. High Top

I was on the fence about getting a new high top black sneaker. I bought a pair from the girls section last winter from Target and they were ok. Certainly couldn’t beat the price. But I had been re-thinking this purchase as well and had put 2 pairs into various shopping carts online while I waited to decide. One pair was the Toms ‘Camila’ high top that I could only find online now at Amazon. But at least they came in my size. The other pair was the Ugg ‘Gradie’. This pair I put in my Zappos shopping cart. Then I just waited on it. So, why did I finally pull the trigger? Well, I had 2 friends who had them already and love them. Between that and the reviews and how many pairs were supposedly left on Zappos in my size, I finally decided to go for it. And guess what? Everyone was right. I love them. I can even wear my arch inserts inside them which make them particularly comfortable for me.  In the picture that I’m wearing them in below, I have on my slightly longer jeans but I just let the jeans bunch up and didn’t care. ugggradie

3. Sneakers

Does a new pair of sneakers ever really need to be justified? Well, I guess sometimes. But in this case, my old pair of sneakers, which were the Nike Free Run 5.0, were seeing better days. I’d had them about a year so recently I began my quest of finding a replacement pair. Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of Nike’s, or other brand of sneakers, on the market to try. Personally, I was sticking with Nike since I’d had good luck with them recently. I happen to buy a pair of Nike ‘Juvenate’ in gray at the Nike outlet near me and LOVE them. (Pure luck they had one random pair in my size). Before pulling the trigger on a new pair in black & white though, I tried on a bunch of the other styles out there and none compared to how my feet felt in the ‘Juvenate’. They’re light weight, good arch support (really important to me with my high arches), wide enough toe bed, and they have this almost sock-like fit where there is no tongue making them really easy to get on. So, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new pair from Nordstrom (Psst, the link above also shows the gray pair and you can see the 2 pairs in the photo above of me in the high tops. Ha!). 


4. Ugg Boots

Now that we’re fully in December, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention buying a pair of Ugg boots. I’m not in the market for any at the moment since I currently own 4 pairs (silly I know, they’re mostly diff colors and all diff styles) but if I happen to be looking, I’d probably be buying one of the pairs below. One is a new take on their classic boot with a similarity to the ‘Bailey Button’ minus the button and is just called the ‘Classic Cuff Short Boot’ (Note: It comes in a bunch of colors) and the other is one I’m keeping an eye on as an option for a snow boot that isn’t black, kind of similar to the popular Sorel’s on the market (Note: It does come in black and a few other colors, too). It’s called the ‘Adirondack II.’ Pretty sure the reviews of both make it seem like they are ones to buy.

So, that’s my run down on shoes for the moment.

Happy shopping!


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