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October 27, 2015

Philly with the Family – 2 days, 1 night 


A few weekends ago, my family took a trip to Philadelphia just to go somewhere new and enjoy the great museums there for kids. The weekend consisted of 2 museums, a little sight seeing, and of course eating. I picked a color palette and worked around that (black if you can’t tell from the picture below. ha!). I had an outfit for the car ride/first day, a change of shirt and shoes for dinner that night, and then an outfit for the second day/car ride home. Plus an extra shirt and some Uggs.  Below is everything I brought (minus pj’s) for the weekend. FYI – The black cross body bag and vest in the picture I actually didn’t pack.


Everything I needed for the weekend

We left on a cool Fall Saturday morning and drove straight to our first destination, the Please Touch Museum. The girls loved it! I wore a simple pair of comfortable jeans, my new casual sneakers (see recent post about them here) and this top from Free People. Plus, the vest and my cross body purse.

Atrium of The Please Touch Museum

Atrium of the Please Touch Museum


Abby having a good time filling up her shopping cart in the “grocery” area

Selfie in the Alice in Wonderland area

Selfie in the Alice in Wonderland area

Playing doctor and patient

Playing doctor and patient

From the Please Touch Museum, we headed into the city and checked out the Reading Terminal Market. I don’t have any pictures from this because it was insanely busy. Going on a Saturday at 1:30 wasn’t probably the best idea but it was definitely an experience. From there we took a pit stop at Big Gay Ice Cream because what trip would be complete without delicious ice cream??


Someone was a wee bit tired at this point

Salty Pimp

The delicious Salty Pimp

We did try to go to see the Liberty Bell after the ice cream pit stop but there was a long line to get in and everyone was quite tired at that point. Executive decision was to skip it. And no pictures from dinner because it ended up being impromptu due to the exhaustion of my youngest daughter. But, I wore the same pair of jeans (new version of mine) I had on all day but changed to this top in black (a new favorite) and these shoes.

I debated about trying to see the Liberty Bell again but when my older daughter said she really wanted to see it, I did a little research and thankfully, the Liberty Bell opens at 9am, even on Sunday mornings. So, after a quick breakfast at the hotel, just Rachel and I raced over to see it shortly after the exhibit opened. Here’s the little selfie we took. Ha!

Selfie with the Liberty Bell

Selfie with the Liberty Bell

Rachel and the Liberty Bell

Rachel and the Liberty Bell

After we got back from our short outing, we packed up and checked out of the hotel and then headed over to the Franklin Institute. This museum was fun for all of us (husband included!) and quite interesting! I wore my leggings (mine are an older version that have a lower rise but the material is just perfect and IMO justifies the price), new sweater in red (no longer available online), with a black tank underneath, simple boots (I kind of need an update on my tall black boots but a post for another time) and the cross body purse.


Ready to tackle the Franklin Institute

Best pic of myself on Sunday at Franklin Insitute

Best pic of myself on Sunday at Franklin Institute

Cool climbing structure in "Your Brain" exhibit

Cool climbing structure in “The Brain” exhibit

By the end of our time at the Franklin Institute, my younger daughter was so tired she was asking to go home. So, home we went. All in all, though, a successful trip for us. 🙂 If you’re thinking about an easy family getaway for a weekend, I highly recommend Philadelphia.

Disclaimer: If you’re wondering why I don’t have better pictures from the weekend despite my husband being with me, it just turned out that there weren’t many great opportunities to take pictures of all of us and besides, my husband isn’t a huge picture guy. So, I focused more on pictures of the girls and the fun they were having. C’est la vie! 

PS Here are quick links to everything I wore and brought with me. I was really proud of myself for fitting it all in the Le Sport Sac bag, including pj’s, toiletries, and make-up, too! I didn’t end up wearing the Uggs or Splendid top but options are sometimes necessary because you never know when traveling, especially with kids. For jewelry, I stuck with just this pair of earrings for the whole weekend, this bracelet and threw on this necklace for dinner and Sunday. Was really trying to keep everything simple!

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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