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October 30, 2017

Plaid and Gray Booties

Rails plaid

Oh how I love that it finally felt like Fall last week! And on a day that I didn’t end up in my gym clothes all day. I’m honest, it happens. #sowhat. #wealldoit. In any case, it was the perfect chance to break out the plaid shirt and to wear these new booties (or sneakers?), I got from Nordstrom recently. I was on the hunt for a cute gray shoe and when I saw this pair by Caslon, I knew they were exactly what I was looking for.

Fall Plaid

I don’t know about you but one of the patterns I think of year after year when I think of Fall is plaid. It took me many years to embrace plaid as something I could comfortably wear but I’m so glad I did! It’s perfect for going on a hayride, apple and pumpkin picking, or just sitting out by a fire. My top is by Rails and while this brand is on the pricier side ($148, ideally you can purchase on sale or with a promotion), they do make some of the best plaid tops out there. They are soft, lay well on pretty much everybody type, and come in the best plaid patterns I’ve consistently seen. So while mine is a year old, here are some new ones I’m liking:


Some other plaid tops I like as well that are under $100:


Boot or Sneaker?

As I  mentioned, when I saw this  Caslon Ezra shoe at Nordstrom, it was calling my name. While I’m not sure if it’s a boot or a shoe, I love that it will work in to the colder temps of Winter. Assuming I can bear to have a slight bit of skin exposed…..In any case, it comes in 2 other colors and is the perfect shade of gray in my opinion. Plus, it has a very comfortable insole and is reasonably priced!

Rails plaid

If you don’t own a plaid top yet, or you haven’t purchased one in awhile, I highly suggest going and buying one BEFORE Winter comes calling and you’re just throwing on a sweater. ?

By the way, here’s a cute outtake from this little session. It’s so hard to get pictures with my 2 “fur babies” so I took the quick chance while it presented itself. That’s Buster on the left and little Lucy on the right.

Also wearing: Kendra Scott ‘Cory’ necklace | Citizens of Humanity jeans (old) – similar here

Happy shopping!

October 27, 2017

Grilled Asian Salmon Cakes and Sauteed Baby Bok Choy

A food post for the day! Yup, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a food post and honestly, the reason is two fold. One is that I haven’t made much of anything new in awhile and second is that if I did, I forgot to take pictures.  ?

But here you go! I made these over the Summer and they were good! I paired them with baby bok choy because the flavor of the cakes was Asian and so, therefore, felt they went well together.

Good news is that besides them tasting good, this salmon cake recipe is easy AND it has a secret ingredient, so possibly appealing for kids. Read on to see how it went.

The ingredients seem easy enough, right? Canned salmon, panko breadcrumbs, zucchini (the secret ingredient!), toasted sesame oil, eggs, scallion, and soy sauce. Not sure about you, but I do like having canned (or a pouch) of salmon around for those last minute meals, like this night was for me. I looked around to see what I had in the pantry and fridge that I could make in a flash. And was on the healthier side. Most of the ingredients, minus the zucchini, I usually have on hand. But I’m sure if you didn’t have a zucchini on hand, the recipe would still work.

Here’s my prep – drained the salmon and rinsed the baby bok choy. (I used this baby bok choy recipe)

drained salmon

Salmon all drained and flaked.

ready to mix salmon together

I didn’t show the grating of the zucchini but it’s easy to do and goes fast with just 1 zucchini. Just put all the ingredients together in a bowl.

ingredients mixed together

And then mix them all together. ?

Meanwhile, I started working on the baby bok choy. Note: I happen to have a wok that I got like a zillion years ago right after we got engaged. I won it at some event at Bloomingdales. Hahaha. A regular frying pan would suffice.

I also took this chance to start the grill.

salmon cakes and sesame oil

Cakes formed and ready for the sesame oil.

salmon cakes to go on the grill

Now they’re ready to go on the grill!

salmon cakes on the grill

Just grillin’.

All done! That’s it!

Sorry I don’t have a more finished picture of the bok choy. I believe things got hectic in my house and I totally forgot. Just know that it was yummy and paired perfectly with the salmon cakes. However, my husband declared he’s not a big fan of the bok choy. His loss I tell you! Lol. Did I mention kids may even eat this?!! I’d give it a shot considering the recipe is from Parents Magazine!

Happy eating!

Grilled Asian Salmon Cakes and Sauteed Baby Bok Choy from Parents Magazine


  • 1 14.75 oz can skinless, boneless pink salmon, drained and flaked
  • 1 cup panko breadcrumbs
  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1/2 cup grated zucchini (about 1 zucchini)
  • 2 green onions, finely chopped
  • 1 Tbsp reduced-sodium soy sauce
  • 1 Tsp. sugar
  • 1/2 Tsp. black pepper
  • 1 Tbsp sesame oil
  • Optional: Serve on buns
  • Pair with: Garlic Baby Bok Choy
  • Recipe from: Parents Magazine, tested by me, Renee LeVine



October 19, 2017

Loft Friends & Family Event

Loft Friends & Family is here! In my book, it is always something to be excited about because 40% off everything is a great deal.

Why I Love Loft (#loveloft)

I really am a big fan of the brand because they make some affordable pieces that work for my lifestyle, i.e. one that goes back and forth all the time between casual and more polished. I also know that a lot of working women like this brand because the styles work for their job and are again, affordable. Also, did I mention the clothes wear well?! And, most of the styles come in petites, another big bonus for this short-waisted gal. And finally, their Lou & Grey brand always  makes the SOFT pieces ever!

Top Choices

After looking online and going through my own closet, here are the tops that I found to be good buys during the sale (Note: I usually wear an XS in Loft clothes, sometimes an XXS, or an XS Petite. I find the petite just hits me at my waist more often so if it’s a top that is more flattering in that size, that’s when I go for it. Usually with a top or sweater that doesn’t have a defined waist, I don’t bother with the petite). Notice lots of bell sleeves, cold shoulders and some ruffles, all trends that are big this Fall (see my post about my favorite Fall trends here).


See me wearing some of the pieces here:

Loft diamond smocked top

Just last weekend wearing the Diamond Smocked Top in Charlottesville, VA

Loft tie hem blouse

Also, last weekend going to a 50th birthday party at someone’s house wearing the tie hem blouse (necklace and shoes here)

The top with the short sleeve ruffles is really comfortable! I mentioned in my What I Wore post from September that I love that it’s a material that can be dressed up or down. It also comes in a gray I really liked. The diamond smocked top I’d been waiting to wear and finally got the perfect chance this past weekend. My husband and I headed to Charlottesville for a short get away and I couldn’t wait to embrace Fall scenery and the clothes that go with it. EXCEPT, the day we went it was supposed to be warm and sunny. So, the top was perfect – it had the Fall colors I was looking for but loose and pulled together for hanging out with my husband doing some shopping, eating and enjoying a stop at a winery. And the bottom top, it is loose and flattering on a stomach but the ties at the bottom create a shape that is overall very flattering. I also love the simple neckline to show off a pretty necklace or earrings.

Sweater Choices

With Fall here and Winter not too far off (if that’s hard to believe based on the weather we’ve had here in the Northeast), before we know it will be here whether we like it or not. So, now’s the time to stock up on any new sweaters if you haven’t already. There’s nothing worse then hearing the forecast and realizing you don’t have any sweaters you feel like wearing and and you missed a good sale, right?

I am loving the colors in the feckled sweater, so pretty! And the dolman sleeve is a nice change, too. The slit sleeve sweater is a slight twist on the tie sleeve that may be more comfortable. And this pretty button sweater with bell sleeve is such a pretty blue! While I love the blush pink that is everywhere right now, the blue is refreshing to see.  Plus, the sleeve is not too bell-ish (ha!). For a more casual look, the cuffed rim sweater is perfect. It’s got the throw on and go look that could make it a good “go to” sweater for the Winter.  For an update on a simple sweater, the sweater blouse is perfect! Sometimes I am one to err on the side of caution and go for more classic looks so I find this sweater a perfect combination of classic and trendy. And, I love that it can be dressed up or worn casually.


One last item, the shirttail open cardigan – it is so soft and versatile! I have it in pink and blue! ?

Loft shirttail cardigan

Shirttail Open Cardigan I wore to a girls dinner back in September

Don’t forget to use code FRIENDS at check out to get the 40% discount.

Happy shopping!

Fall/ Fashion
October 18, 2017

Fall and a Furry Vest

fur vest fur vest stella dot necklaceLoft tee fur vest

fur vest closet shot

Current/Elliott jeans (on sale!) | Booties | Tee – old Loft | Vest – old BB Dakota

Fur Vest – old Banana Republic | Necklace | Shoes | Jeans| Tee – Old Loft


When I think of Fall, I often think of outfits to wear with a vest, and my favorite vest is a furry one! Whether it’s shearling, faux fur, or some other material, I just love the idea of having something warm and cozy to put on when the temperatures drop, before they get freezing.

I got my first fur vest a few years ago, the one seen in the bottom picture from my closet. I was always afraid it was a style that wouldn’t look good on me and I’m  not saying it truly does, but I think the idea was just about embracing something outside my comfort zone. And I’m so glad I did! Since then, I’ve gotten 2 more furry vests, the shearling one worn in the other photo’s and also a black furry one, too. I have told many friends who feel the way I used to that it’s just about finding the right furry vest to try but that everyone can wear the style.

How to Wear

I find pairing a furry vest is best with more simple tops, like a long sleeve tee or a simple blouse. It doesn’t have to be a neutral top, that is just what I’m more comfortable with. For shoes, booties or tall boots look better to me then casual sneakers but to each his own. ? Also, I find wearing a pair of bigger earrings or a pretty long necklace are the best accessories to go with the vest. Just be sure that if you’re going the earring route, they’re not too long to get caught on any fur. Ha!

See my other favorites here

Happy shopping!

Fall/ Fashion
October 11, 2017

What I Wore – September 2017

Hi, and happy October! Anyone else feel like September flew by? For me, it was such a whirlwind of a month I’m kind of happy to have it behind me except…..October isn’t shaping up to be any quieter. Ha!

What I noticed for September is that there were some definite highs and lows of temperature so my outfits were a bit all over the place. The month started off cool, got really hot, cooled off again for a short bit and then ended with more warm temperatures. Hello Fall – are you out there?! In any case, I had some random events for the month besides my usual gym and errands. One night we had both a 40th birthday party and a housewarming party to go to, plus, we had our anniversary and two Jewish holidays. I also went apple picking with my daughters. Let’s get to it!

Casual Outfits

Outfit #1

Terez leggings (XS) – Bloomies also has them | Jslides sneakers | Hoodie is really old

 So this pair of leggings from Terez, I hemmed and hawed about getting, but once I got them and wore them, oh my gosh, I’m so glad I got them! They are really comfortable (this pair has a higher waist then my other cropped pair) and I decided the print is a lot of fun to wear. This was one of the last days of Summer before my kids were back in school, it was cool out and cloudy and just called for being comfortable. And I didn’t have time to take a picture before we ran out of the house….to get coffee. And go somewhere important I’m sure. ?

Outfit #2

Athleta legging | Jslides sneakers (these are the Ariana, but there is this other version that is similar and I just ordered the Anteek style for something different!) | Loft tee (old)

This was also right around Labor Day weekend like the picture above, so it was still quite cool out but was also now a Saturday and rainy. In my book, it called for comfort again but I wanted to look a bit more pulled together because this was the day I took my almost 6 year old daughter to get her ears pierced! I got these leggings because I love how they basically are leggings and feel like them, but the zippers make them a bit more polished looking.  I took 2 pictures to try and show the side zippers/pockets. By the way, these leggings  will definitely be a new favorite to travel in! My pair of Jlsides I got this past Spring. They’re just a very simple black slip on sneaker but they came in my size, which is hard to find, and have a soft back at the heel, which is a huge issue for me. I am very narrow and bony there so a lot of shoes give me blisters. These babies do not!

Outfit #3

Madewell Tee (Small)| Current/elliott jeans (TTS)| Tory Burch sandals

Can’t say I remember what I wore this for so I’m going to guess I was running errands, or something like that. I got this Madewell tee at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’ll be honest – I like it a lot. It is linen, though, and I originally got it in an XS, washed it and it shrank. Took it back and got the next size. So, buyer beware! Meanwhile, the slight peplum is a bit different of a style for me but I really like it in this tee. And these jeans are also from the sale – I’ve worn them a bunch of times and really am loving them.

 Outfit #4

Gap Shorts (TTS) | Old J.Crew tank | Tkees Duos sandals

This must have been when the weather got quite warm again. Lol.

Outfit #5

Tank – old | Athleta Bra (a favorite of mine – can you see the stripes? I have it in white, too) | Alo Leggings (sold out, most similar style from Alo) | Nike Juvenate Sneakers

Feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any gym outfits and I think it’s because I didn’t really buy much over the Summer (I have since remedied that, though, hahaha). BUT, this pair I got at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I’d been patiently waiting for it to cool off again so I could wear them. And it had to be a day I wasn’t doing yoga since I like to wear cropped leggings for that. The perfect day rolled around at the end of the month, FINALLY. I went to the gym to do some cardio and ended up taking a walk outside with a friend instead. In any case, the leggings are really comfortable, my first pair by ALO! There are 2 similar versions I really like, ‘the elevate’ and ‘the airbrushed,’ of course, the very popular ‘moto style’. Honestly, the only reason I haven’t bought the moto style is from my own personal experience with the BP moto leggings last Winter. My legs ended up with indents from the “moto lines.” And while no one could see them, it just felt odd once I took them off. So, I stay away from leggings like that.  But, maybe the Alo ones don’t do that?? Someone enlighten me! ?

Outfit #6

Athleta Girl Top (XL) – Similar Women’s version (I like the back of both tops) | rag & bone Jeans | Steve Madden Sneakers

Thankfully, we really did have some great weather in September even though the temperatures went up and down. It basically didn’t rain the whole month, minus that first Saturday of Labor Day weekend. This meant I was lucky enough to have perfect weather to go apple picking with my girls.

Dressier Outfits

Moving on to when I got to get dressed up and looked a bit prettier. Hehe.

Outfit #1

Loft Sweater (Petite XS) | Tank | Jeans – I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t even know which pair of jeans these are. I have a lot! I think they’re an older pair but let’s say this pair of AG’s are similar, ok? ?  | Booties

That same weekend of Labor Day right before school started, I got out to dinner with some girlfriends. It was MUCH needed after those long last few weeks of Summer. I think we all felt relieved that we made it through, like we survived our kids. Ha! In any case, I had to get dressed quick and since it was cool out, I really had no clue what to wear. So, I took a quick look around my closet and made the outfit work so I could wear the new pink sweater. It is so soft that I actually went back later in the month and got it in navy, too. It is a good staple to have, I promise! Pairing it with a simple white tank and booties just made sense for my mood that night. I wanted to be comfortable and laid back.

Outfit #2

Dress, 2 pieces and old – it’s a tank dress with a top that layers over it| Booties – old, Similar

 Our anniversary dinner! We actually went out the night after our anniversary since it is the day after my daughter’s birthday, which was the 2nd day of school. Yup, pretty busy timing. It just made sense to wait until that Friday night to get out. We went to the same place we went to the previous year because we enjoyed it so much, Eddie V’s. My mouth waters just thinking about our meal and then….my stomach starts to hurt thinking about how full I was after. Hehe. In any case, this outfit is actually old. The dress is 2 pieces and the reason I’m including it is because I wore it on our anniversary 2 years ago. Yup, I recycled! But, I had the top piece shortened and then this time I wore it with booties and different earrings for an edgier look. And hey, my hair was also straighter, too!

Old way I wore the dress and showing how it’s 2 pieces

All smiles at dinner

Outfit #3


Tank – Old (Yup, I have it in black and white!) | Steve Madden Sandals | Hudson Jeans | Rebecca Minkoff “Love’ Purse – similar version | BB Dakota Jacket

This was the night we had both the 40th birthday party and the housewarming party. I really debated about what to wear since the two parties were so different AND I expected to be standing a lot. For someone with a bad lower back, I had to consider heel height so when I saw these shoes in the store a few days beforeghand, I just immediately bought them. Plus, the material seemed perfect for transitioning to cooler weather.

Outfit #4

Loft Top (TTS) | rag & bone Jeans | Toms Booties | Necklace – old Stella & Dot

Out to dinner with some friends. Bought this ruffled top the same time as I bought the pink sweater cardigan. I liked that the ruffles weren’t too much. Meanwhile, I was just hoping the weather would be perfect enough to wear it when we actually plans to go out and thankfully, it cooperated. It’s a really comfortable material and also comes in gray. I like that the top can be worn dressed up or down.

Outfit #5

Top (actually a bodysuit! Haven’t worn one since I was in middle school but this one is way comfy!) | J. Crew Skirt (wearing a 2)

Are you wondering how I could wear this type of outfit with FLIP FLOPS?! Well, what happened was that my family was coming to dinner at my house for Rosh Hashanah and basically, I was rushing. I got dressed but they came when I was putting my make up on. So, by the time I was done I felt I couldn’t justify going through trying on which shoes to wear that I could both comfortably host in and not kill my feet or back. You see what won out. ? Thankfully, it was just close family and they didn’t judge. Next time when I wore this outfit out of the house to go to services, I made sure I had the right shoes to wear.

See here

Shoes – Much better, right?

Outfit #6

Aqua dress – It was on sale so not surprisingly, I don’t see it anymore. This one is similar or this one| Shoes

Another dress I randomly got because it seemed hard to say no to, I mean it was on sale! I liked the updated sleeve  and felt the dress may come in handy for various occasions. In the meantime, I wore it to services but I do plan to have it taken in a bit so it’s a little less loose on me.

That’s a wrap on September.

Happy shopping!

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