September 12, 2017

What I Wore – August 2017

Yeah, I made it through August and kids are finally back in school – woohoo! I always have such mixed feelings when Summer comes to an end but yet I’m always relieved when the kids start back in school and the routines take over. This year, is particularly exciting for me because my youngest started Kindergarten and for the first time, I have 2 kids in the same school! #lifechanging

I’m actually going to admit that for once, the month of August did not go by fast. Whether that is a good or bad thing remains to be seen but I’m pretty sure my memories of this last month of Summer will be positive. Generally, my kids were still in camp so I know that helped. We had my older daughter’s birthday and party, celebrated my dad’s birthday and then actually went away for 2 days for a short family vacation, just the 4 of us. We went back to this hotel that I love for how kid friendly it is. The last time we went to this hotel my youngest was almost 1, so about 5 years ago. What a difference it makes once the kids are 9 and 6, let me just say!

Anyway, on to the outfit portion of this post. Ha!

Everyday Outfits

Outfit #1

Gap tank, Hudson shorts, Jack Rogers shoes

Gap burnout tank (I actually got this back in April and have gotten a lot of use out it, it is light weight so really perfect for some of those really hot Summer days) and will transition well in to Fall| Hudson shortsJack Rogers sandals | Bracelet | Necklace

Outfit #2

ATM tee Tory Burch sandal

ATM tee (so soft!) | Shorts – my are old from Gap, try these J. Brand for a higher end version or these by Blanknyc for a lower price| Sandals

Outfit #3

Most of this outfit is older but these navy shorts are the J.Crew boardwalk pull on short – 3″. I first got a pair from the regular store in a jacquard print a few years ago and then I filled out a little and had to get a new pair . I got these last year and they are still available!! I still love them because they’re easy to pull on, very comfortable, and wear well. They even have a 5″ version of them now. They are similar to the pair by Madewell I got this Summer in black but a different material. Tank is by Stateside and the sandals are little girls Sam Edelman – both are from last year.

Psst! Did you  notice I finally got a new phone case and pop socket?! Part of my birthday presents! 🙂 ‘

Outfit #4

Madewell tee hudson shorts adidas stan smith

Madewell tee – the infamous whisper cotton one that everyone loves, including me, ha! I also have it in black | Shorts | Shoes (really like the newer version with blue)

This day was slightly cooler for August so I broke out the sneakers and a tee. Honestly, I don’t love how my legs look in these shoes in shorts but whatever. I believe it was raining this day and how hard is it to figure out what shoes to wear on a rainy summer day, right?!

Outfit #5


Shoes | Tee (from the Spring) | Jeans – a favorite by Blanknyc, try these for similar

Meet a friend at the mall for lunch on another rainy day. This day must have been cooler, too, for me to wear jeans in August!

Outfit #6

Top – old Banana Republic | Necklace – Madewell from last Winter, a part of a trio | Pants – old from Athleta, newer version here (so thin and light!) | Shoes

Another cool August day! This was quite welcome from the heat I have to say. Gave me a chance to try out the shoes since I’d only gotten them a week or so beforehand. They’re a new favorite. 😀

Outfit #7

BP tee

BP Tee (on sale!) – Be careful when washing, the first time it shrank and was able to get it again (Have to love Nordstrom!) | Leggings

Wore this the last day of camp for my younger daughter where we were invited to watch their little dance performances. This day was, thankfully, was not as hot as the one when they did this in July. That time it was sweltering!

Spiritual Gangster, Hudson

Tank  – Similar| Shorts

My older daughter had her birthday party at the house with water games so I went for a really casual look this day. And no, my husband and I didn’t coordinate our tops. 😋

Evening Outfits

Outfit #1

Abbeline tank hudson A gold e marc fisher

Abbeline tank (see my post here about it from South Moon Under) | Shoes (You think I wore these enough this Summer??) | Jeans are old A Gold E – I would have worn my new Hudson pair but they weren’t the right length with these shoes, or my new AG pair would have worked but they were at the tailor.

This was for my belated birthday dinner!

Outfit #2

Rebecca Minkoff

Purse – This is a suede Rebecca Minkoff ‘Love Crossbody Purse’ that was a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This purple/lavendar color seems to be no where else anymore so try this color instead | Tank | Jeans

This was for a casual BBQ one Saturday night

Outfit #3

Old Navy dress

 Dress – Similar (on sale!) | Shoes | Necklace – Old Kendra Scott,  loving this one

My dad’s bday dinner – pretty simple

Outfit #4

Tank (I ended up tucking the tank in a bit before we left, it just looked better) | Jeans | Shoes – same as above

Casual dinner on vacation. See the floats in the background, best part of the hotel for my kids is that they allow floats in the pool, unlike our regular pool.

Outfit #5

Dress – AGAIN! Wore it with different jewelry this time – last time I did rose gold, this time I went for regular gold to change things up| Same shoes as before, too | Jean jacket

2nd night of vacation dinner. By the way, I didn’t even realize my daughter was wearing her Adidas slides in the picture. I didn’t let her wear them to dinner, I’m not THAT laid back, but this picture was taken after dinner so she had changed them and I didn’t even notice. Ha!

So, that’s a wrap on August’s What I Wore. We’ll see if September will turn out some good outfits to share. Sometimes it all depends on the weather and what I’m up to.

Happy shopping!


September 1, 2017

White Tee Love

Good morning! Today’s post is all about a new favorite tee I’ve discovered and it’s by this brand called Amour Vert.


I first learned about Amour Vert on the Revolve Clothing website and from the catalog I received from the company directly (No clue how I got the catalog of course but I wasn’t complaining!). I always love a good catalog (yup, I’m a little old school sometimes) to breeze through and I found that this catalog really had some pieces I liked, particularly the tees. From there, I went looking online and it popped up that they sell Amour Vert on Revolve Clothing. Well, lo and behold, I actually had a top from Amour Vert already saved in my ‘Wish List’ on Revolve Clothing’s site. And guess what? Nordstrom is now carrying some tees and tops, too!

amour vert tee tucked under

The Tee

Deciding what tee to start with wasn’t easy. And which site to order it from – directly from Amour Vert, which has the largest selection obviously, Revolve Clothing, which currently has the smallest selection, or Nordstrom, which has a good selection right now. I finally narrowed it down to this tee, called the ‘Lief Slub Tee.’  It seemed the most simple to start with and would be a good gauge of the quality, fit, and style of their tees. The tee also comes in black, too, so I went back and forth on which color to order. White won, obviously. Lol.  I realized I already have a good basic black tee, the Madewell Whisper Cotton tee that I love (and a lot of others, too!), so why bother with another for now.

What’s To Like

So, do I like the tee? Yes, very much!! Why do I love it?

  • Well, it is really soft. It’s made from organic cotton and modal. The material actually reminds me of the slub material in the ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo tee that I bought in the Spring.
  • The Price. This Amour Vert tee is only $42, the ATM tee was $85!
  • It’s not see through when worn with a good nude bra (I’m wearing this ‘Understated Under Wire T-Shirt Bra’ by Natori)
  • It’s a good length – not too short or too long, keep in mind I have a short torso so this is important to me, and I’m only 5’1
  • Not too thin to feel flimsy and show off any body flaw, i.e. it lays nicely
  • Added bonus – the side slit

Here are some other pictures of me wearing the tee.

amour vert tee

side slit

amour vert tee

close up and still can barely see my bra

amour vert tee straight

Letting the tee hang straight

What I’m wearing with tee: Jslides Sneakers and AG Jeans, old Madewell necklace.

What Else

Well, not surprisingly, I’m a bit hooked on the brand. I plan to try some other tops and tees by Amour Vert soon. Meanwhile, here’s a peek at what else I’m loving right now by the brand.

Happy Shopping!

August 28, 2017

South Moon Under – Some Random Selfies

South Moon Under is a favorite, and hugely popular, East coast boutique that originated out of Maryland’s eastern shore, in Ocean City, Maryland, many years ago. Thankfully, one of the original outposts of the store besides the beach  location is nearby to where I live, located in Bethesda, MD. For many years now it’s been a favorite boutique of mine, and many others, to shop at for its large variety of clothing styles at various price points, accessories, and shoes. I particularly love going there when I don’t know what I feel like buying but I know I’m in the mood to buy something (this “mood” strikes all of us at one point, right?!). Or, I have an event coming up but can’t quite find the right top yet and need to look in person. Sometimes when I stop in and try on a few pieces, I takes pictures because I want to see how it looks on. Or, if I can’t decide whether to buy the item that day, I have time to think about it and can refer back to a picture to remind me of how it looked.

Now that I realized I have a bunch of random selfies on my phone from various stops in at the store, I figured I’d gather them up in a quick post to share.


The tops below I tried on back in the Spring/early June when I was thinking ahead to having a few good tops around for upcoming events and evenings out. These were my favorites. And guess what – some of these are now on sale – yeah!

Jeans I was wearing that day are by AG – similar, Shoes are Marc Fisher wedges

Splendid (on sale now)

patrons of peace tank, marc fisher wedges

Patrons of Peace (on sale now! Wore it in July, see my post here)

Mid Summer

When I was at the beach on our family vacation, I stopped in at the store in Rehobeth Beach. I have found that each stores carries different pieces so it’s fun to check out what the store there carries vs. what’s in the store closer to home. I barely had time this specific day to try much on but was in love with a lot of the jackets and particularly the necklace I tried on. I saw enough good pieces that I plan to go back later in August (or after kids are back in school) and try on more jackets.

sanctuary jacket

Jacket (perfect for Fall!)| Necklace – can’t find it on the website, hmmm, but I bought it that day in July!

Wearing Madewell shorts, Free People tank and Jack Rogers sandals and the bracelet is actually from South Moon Under, too!


I had a belated birthday dinner with girlfriends planned and wanted a new top to wear for the occasion. So I stopped in to the store again, focusing only on tops that would work for this birthday dinner. However, I often get distracted by jeans so no surprise that this day that I grabbed a pair to try on with the to. I was drawn to this particular pair by Hudson that are a darker wash because after deciding to return the rag & bone pair from the Nordstrom sale (see me trying them on here), I was still on the hunt for a new darker wash pair. Turns out the Hudson pair is perfect in every way! Soft, unfinished hem, and a good mid rise.

Note: Sorry the pictures look funky but the lighting in the dressing room was so bright it was making them come out this way and can’t figure out how to fix it! 🙄

Abbeline tank Hudson jeans

Tank – LOVED. The straps laid well, the material was comfortable, the pattern wasn’t too much for my taste and I’m a big fan of blue. Sold! Wearing XS| Jeans | Shoes  (Tkees Duos)

Chloe oliver tank

This tank was really pretty with beads and is fitted at the waistband. The fit was also comfortable and I liked the higher neck but the sides are very low and open so I’m not even sure what the right bra is to wear with it. A strapless bra would still show on the side. I am wearing an XS for reference.

abbeline tank pinkThe color of this Abbeline tank is a pretty pink and the material is light. There’s a bit of slight detail on the armholes and it crosses in the front. However, it gapes open quite a bit! Had to pass on this one, just not right for me. Wearing an XS. Note: The link is actually to this tank in blue because I can’t find the version pink online.

I plan to do a more specific round up of Fall clothes from South Moon Under in the next few weeks. Keep you posted!


August 14, 2017

The 2 Kiehls Products I Use Religiously

Kiehls eye and face moisturizer

Like everyone else, I have my favorite beauty products that I use over and over.  For me, two of those products are by Kiehls. Yes, I have tried, and am always open to trying, other beauty products but in recent years, I’ve found that I always come back to Kiehls, particularly the Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream and Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizer. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even really try other products in these 2 categories.

Product Details – Kiehls Eye Cream

The Eye cream ($43 for .5oz) came in to my life when I was feeling self conscious about the wrinkles around my eyes. Yes, I’m human and like everyone else, I do have crows feet. I just feel mine are worse for my age (ugh, I just turned 39 in July) then others. Blame it on the years I spent in college in sunny Miami without wearing sunscreen daily, but without resorting to Botox (yet!), I think it’s important to use one daily at this point in my life. After trying a few different eye creams, I ended up with the Kiehls Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream and have been a convert ever since.

Kiehls Powerful Eye

What I Like

  • It’s unscented
  • Thick and absorbs well
  • A little goes a long way
  • Mid price range
  • Moisturizing
  • Contains a combination of micronutrients, Copper PCA and Calcium PCA

If you are younger then me and lucky enough  not to have crows feet yet, the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado ($29 for .5oz) is extremely popular and just as moisturizing. The difference is it doesn’t have ingredients that are targeted for wrinkles. 

Product Details – Kiehls Moisturizer

I starting using the Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream SPF 30, ($54 for 1.7oz ) last Summer when I couldn’t find a moisturizer I felt had enough moisture and SPF. Some of my other beauty products contain SPF but I felt it was important for my moisturizer to have it since it’s the first product I put on every morning (after my serum – I currently use this Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum but I have used this Kiehls Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate during the Winter and liked it) and therefore, the first line of defense against wrinkles. You could use it at nighttime as well.

I should mention I’m in between nighttime moisturizers but I’m seriously considering switching to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil ($46 for 1oz). It can be used with a moisturizer or on it’s own. I gotten a bunch of samples of it before and thoroughly enjoy it every time I’ve used it. I particularly like the smell – I find it really calming at night time!

Kiehls moisturizer SPF

What I Like

  • Thick but not greasy and absorbs well
  • Moisturizing
  • A little goes a long way
  • Mid price range
  • Formulated with a combination of micronutrients, Copper PCA and Calcium PCA
  • Significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, smooths skin texture, and improves firmness.
  • Clinically shown to improve elasticity by 19.75%
  • High level broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • It does have a smell of suncreen, FYI, but this doesn’t bother me
Kiehls moisturizer with spf

The moisturizer

Last Bonuses

  • The products are available at other retailers besides the Kiehls store, like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and a more local beauty boutique called Blue Mercury
  • Each purchase comes with samples – woohoo!
  • Rewards program
  • Good return policy

Kiehls samples

Happy shopping!

Fall/ Fashion
August 10, 2017

Stripes and Gray for Fall

Hi all! I can’t believe we’re finally in to the month of August. The Summer has really flown by! And oddly, the other day here in the Northeast, the temps took a nice turn for the better where the humidity dropped and it had me feeling a bit lustful for the Fall. So, with Fall on my mind, and a new pair of shoes in my closet, I figured this was a good time to post an outfit idea and what better idea then stripes and gray. Yeah! I know this isn’t a new combination, but I think the shoes add a modern feel to this classic pairing.

stripes tee ag denim jslides stripes tee

stripes tee ag jeans jslides

Closet version

What I’m Wearing

Stripes Tee

The stripes tee I’m wearing is from the J.Crew Factory store, called a Studio Tee (Of course, I stopped at the outlets near our beach on my way home from our vacation). I did size up to a small so it was a bit less fitted. Here are a few other versions of a stripes tee to try as well – J.Crew, Madewell, or even this fun style from BP (I actually bought this the other day!), or this long sleeve version.


I got my first pair of Jslides back in the Spring (I got my black pair back then – see my post here) and have been a convert ever since. Not only are they comfortable, stylish, reasonably priced, they come in my small feet size, 5!!! After being on the hunt, STILL, for an easy to throw on pair of gray shoes since I wear a lot of navy blue and gray, I think I found the perfect pair in these Jslides Alara Slip On Sneaker. I like the look of these because they are  modern and casual but still pulled together.


You could definitely wear any medium to dark wash denim pair of jeans, distressed or no distressed, with this look. I am wearing a pair of AG denim that I got at the Nordstrom sale. They have slight distressing at the pockets. If you prefer, more distressing I also like this pair of AG.


My necklace is a long silver necklace from South Moon Under. Of course it’s not the website (insert sigh), but I literally bought it in July at the store in Rehobeth Beach, DE. Any long silver necklace would do, like this one by Kendra Scott.

Happy shopping!

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