May 1, 2017

Early Summer Wish List – South Moon Under

I stopped in at one of my favorite boutiques last week, South Moon Under, and it got me mentally making a Wish List for the Summer. Coincidentally, I have some events coming up as well that call for some possible new clothes so what better excuse to do some browsing, right?

One of the events I have coming up is a baby “sprinkle” brunch. So in my mind, a little summer dress would be perfect. So, first I went looking in the store at the rompers and dresses.  I think my favorite is the black dress and I love the peach romper. Peach isn’t a great color for me, but I love the style of it and I think it would get a lot of use at other times during the summer. Same with the black dress. Plus, it could be dressed up for down, which is a bonus in my book.

Another event I have coming up in calls for a cocktail dress. I haven’t started shopping for this event yet but I could see either of these dresses being strong possibilities. I do love blue…..

While shopping for a new dress is always fun, you know what else is fun – bathing suit shopping! Haha, totally joking! But, sometimes it’s a necessity, especially if you want a new one. You can’t just throw one on and head out the door. HELL NO. So, I braved the lights of the dressing room to try on a few that day (No, I didn’t take selfies to share!!). I did get the middle row left bathing suit below but I’m not totally set on it yet mainly because a) it’s a bikini and I was trying to get a new full piece and b) it’s base is white and that makes me a little nervous regardless of how well it’s made. LOVE the black one but it wasn’t in the store so I am going to order it online and see how it is in person.


Not to be forgotten is the simple shorts and tops. I don’t need any at the moment but I was thinking ahead to what I may want as the Summer gets closer and was making a mental Wish List. It may be hard to tell but the black pair of shorts are eyelet and really cute in person. I LOVE the white cold shoulder top and shockingly, I was drawn to both the white floral tank and the black one. I can’t begin to say how outside my comfort zone floral print is but I’m seriously considering one of them. I can picture how pretty either would look with white jeans for a date night. Or, for the event I have in early May. I’m still working on what I’m going to wear for that – it’s a charity dinner/auction I’ve never been to before and my understanding is it’s not cocktail attire so less casual then that but maybe a little bit nicer then just blue jeans and a top. In my mind, white jeans and a nicer top may fit the bill for it. TBD! Oh, and I have the camo shorts below, wore them to Disney (you can see my them in this post) so I know you can’t go wrong with them as an alternative to jean shorts.


I also loved these 2 tops, especially the sunglasses tee.

Last, I even browsed the jewelry and accessories to add to my Summer Wish List! How great is the palm clutch below?? While I was in the store I had some serious consideration for buying it that day. I held myself back for the moment though, ha!

Crazy that I could go in to 1 store and come up with such a big wish list for Summer, right? Or not crazy at all but great! Anyway, I guess you’ll have to keep checking the blog to see as we finish up Spring and Summer rolls around what I end up getting from this Wish List.

Happy shopping!
April 20, 2017

Mexican Cauliflower “Rice”

I have to be honest, this Mexican Cauliflower “Rice” is hands down the most favorite recipe I’ve made recently. I can’t take the credit for coming up with it though, I got it from here. What I can share though is how it went when I made it and the secret to making it in a flash (which is mentioned in the recipe).

If you’re like me, I eat a main course at dinner, plus a vegetable and then usually another side that’s more starchy, i.e. brown rice, farro, red potatoes, etc. When I saw this recipe I just about died – I could have a perfect side but with less guilt and more flavor. Yes please! 

When I decided to try this Mexican Cauliflower “Rice” I paired it with some grilled chicken (pre-marinaded from Wegman’s in the brown sugar bbq flavor) and roasted carrots. The secret though to simplifying the recipe? Using a bag of riced cauliflower!

Here’s how it went for this simple home cook.

My choice of cauliflower "rice"

My choice of riced cauliflower is from Trader Joes but I recently found that Bird’s Eye makes one, toofrozen cauliflower "rice" after cooking

Bag of frozen cauliflower after cooking it in the microwave (just followed directions on the bag)

vegetables ready to be chopped

Vegetables for the recipe ready to be chopped

cooking vegetables

Vegetables cooking
vegetables mixed with cauliflower "rice"

After mixing in the cauliflower rice
after the spices were added in to cauliflower "rice"

After the spices were addedfinal cauliflower "rice"

Tada! How good does that look for a non-professional!?

my plate for the evening with roasted carrots and grilled chicken

My plate for the evening

Even my husband loves this recipe and I’ve made it again since this first night already. So, why do we we love it so much?

  • Great flavor
  • Healthy and low carb
  • Easy recipe to follow
  • Doesn’t take too long to make
  • Not too many ingredients
  • Could be made ahead and/or tastes good still has a leftover

Do you have any cauliflower rice recipes you love? Feel free to share, I’d love to have more like this.

April 18, 2017

What I Wore – March 2017

This month of What I Wore may be the most wide ranging version I’ve done of this type of post yet. It runs from a family trip to Disney, to a girls birthday dinner/night out, a Gala, gym time (like usual), a few regular Saturday night dinners out with my husband and a morning  women’s entrepreneur networking event. I think I mentioned last month this March was going to have a lot of different kinds of outfits from me so I hope this actually lives up to what I promised.

Here goes…..

Loft blouse, Via Spiga bootie

Dinner out: Top (in Navy) | Shoes are Grey booties from last Fall

Gucci tote, Nike, Chaser, Blanknyc

En route to Disney: Tank – old Chaser, newer version |  Jeans – old Blanknyc, similar | Sneakers | Jacket – old, similar |Purse – similar version by LV

(Who doesn’t love a good airport bath room selfie! What I am wearing is a similar version of this outfit I wore the previous month en route to Boca seen here)

Nike, Citizens of Humanity shorts

First day in Disney: Shorts | Sneakers

Got the girls custom tanks from hereReef flip flop, Louis Vuitton Mabillon

Dinner out in Disney: Jacket and jeans are same from airport bathroom picture | Flip Flops | Purse (hard to see I realize)

(Literally threw on the jeans, simple white tank and grabbed the jacket since it had cooled off and got dressed in less then 5 minutes)

Sanctuary shorts, Vintage Havana shorts, Nike

Mommy & Me Camo in Animal Kingdom: Shorts | Tank – old Feel the Piece, similar |  Sneakers

On my Daughter: Shorts (FYI, my daughter is really small, and is wearing a 7-8), similar| Sneakers

Loft blouse, Kendra Scott necklace

Girlfriend’s Birthday Dinner: Top (yup, worn earlier in the month) | Jeans | Shoes – old | Necklace – Kendra Scott Lizzie in Rose Gold

Tory Burch clutch, lace dress, Black heels

Gala the next night: Dress – old, similar| Shoes | Purse |

(This was just 2 nights after coming back from our trip and being away for 7 days so I did plan ahead and made sure I had a new pair of heels to wear before we left. With my small feet I can’t scramble last minute for heels very easily. The dress, however, is really old! And the clutch I snagged when Bloomingdales was having a promotion a few weeks prior knowing I would use it for this event)

BP Moto Jacket and Toms booties

Another Saturday night dinner: Jacket (I saw this randomly one day when I was walking through BP and grabbed it fast – it is super comfortable and the color is perfect for the Spring!) |Shoes – mine are old version, newer version here, can try here | Top is a simple high lo white tank

Lululemon and Athleta

Gym, after weights class: Leggings | Tank |Bra |Sneakers

Blouse, Espadrille Toni Pons

Networking Event: Top – old, similar (Also, keep debating whether to buy this Lilly Pulitzer version to have on hand since I already have it in pink I know I like it)| Shoes | Jeans – old, similar

(If you’re wondering why I’m wearing ripped jeans it is because the event was for a women’s entrepreneur group where the topic was social media  so I felt “trendy” but classically pulled together was appropriate so I paired them with a silk blouse and simple espadrilles)

Yosi Samra and Utility JacketSince I headed to the mall after the event, I did a quick switch up of my shoes to a more comfortable pair for errands Shoes |Purse (Mine is Navy), similar version here| Jacket – old, similar (newer version of mine) or similar

Vans and Necklace

Back to the usual: Shoes | Necklace

Hope you had a good Spring  Break like us, if you were off this past week.

It’s always good to have a break but it’s also great to have a schedule.  Back to the routine we go….


April 14, 2017

Shopbop Sale Picks

Hi All,

Shopbop is having an awesome sale right now so even though I’m currently enjoying my Spring Break, I wanted to do my quick round up of some of my picks from the sale. Today is the LAST DAY so get the items while they’re still available at these great discounts!

Sorry the list isn’t longer, it’s hard to pick when there are so many great pieces on the site so these were some I had in my “wish list.”
Happy shopping and happy holidays!


April 7, 2017

Sandals, Soludos, Sneakers and More

Sandals, Soludos, sneakers and more! I’ve been doing a bit of Spring shoe shopping. It’s a little out of character for me to be buying so many shoes in a short period of time but let me tell you that there have been a lot of shoes, sandals, sneakers and more out there tempting me. And when they have my size, it’s almost as if I’m supposed to buy them. Like the shoe g-ds are talking to me or something. Ha! What is most unusual for me though is that they’ve all pretty much fit. And how do I justify all this right now? Well, they’re all quite different styles so I’m covering my bases in a lot of different departments and I don’t plan to do much more shoe shopping for awhile. I think….

So what sandals, soludos, sneakers and more have I bought recently?

Sneakers: Well, I started with the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (mine are Kid’s size and I sized down based on reviews. I believe same applies for Women’s sizes). These have been around for awhile, yes, but I was hesitant to buy them since I already have the Adidas Campus 2 (again Kid’s size) and Superstar sneakers. Did I really need another pair? Well, now that it is Spring, I decided the answer is YES. I prefer to wear comfortable casual sneakers most days so why not have more? And white is perfect for Spring anyway.  PSSSTTT….I saw this pair of Superstar Slip On sneakers in the store recently and wouldn’t be shocked if they gain popularity.

Adidas sneakers

Guess I like Adidas, huh?

Sandals #1: I ordered these pair of cage sandals to start but sadly had to return them. I like the cage style and tan color so that’s what drew me in. But, they ran a little long in the toes so for me, that was no bueno and back they went. I do have this pair of Ugg cage sandals on my wish list as a similar pair I’m considering instead.

cage sandals

Sandals #2: I’d seen these Marc Fisher LTD wedge sandals in a few other blogs and decided to try them for myself. Originally, I ordered them a month ago in the blush and immediately returned them. The color was AWFUL on me. They matched my skin tone but not in a good way. Thankfully, they had them in my local Nordstrom in brown/tan so I was able to try them on and came to see their beauty. Color mattered apparently. They are actually quite comfortable, too! And know these run TTS. (BTW, I used a Nordstrom note on these so that helped a little bit with my spending).

Marc Fisher wedge

Soludos: So, if you don’t know Soludos, they’re a company that makes adorably cute espadrilles. I’ve known about them for awhile now but never felt it was the right time to try them……until I saw the pair I bought, the ‘Smoking’ Espadrille. I just decided to bite the bullet and try them and see how I felt about them. I did thankfully, read the reviews first so I knew to size up in them. Smart idea – these shoes definitely run small and a bit narrow!  I’ve kept them for now thinking they just need some breaking in. (Note: they’re on sale right now at Nordstrom). Also, they have so many other adorable styles of them that I’m dying over!! See the options here. My favorites are all the ones in the Soludos x ASHKAHN line.

Soludos Smoking Espadrille

More: Since it is going to be on the cool side for the holidays this April, I decided I wanted to try out a new pair of closed toe flats. I went with this pair of flats in pink. This brand tends to run big for me so I am sizing down and seeing how they work. Also, I went for this Vince Camuto bootie in black while it was on sale, too, because I don’t already own a pair of Spring booties in black. I did size down because all reviews said the ankle strap ran big. This pair just came in the mail the other day and I’m excited about trying them. I may not keep both the flats and the bootie, just depends on what I decided to wear for the holiday. Decisions, decisions!

black bootie and pink flat black bootie

Slip on Sneaker: I can’t forget to mention my Vans. They fit TTS or a little big (post about slip on sneakers where I mention them here and wore them in this post). I love the pink color for the Spring and I’ve been able to pair them with a lot more then you would think. I love that they also come in Men’s sizes – my husband has agreed he’d like to try them in gray!

Have you bought any shoes for Spring that you’re excited about? Let me know!


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