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July 11, 2016

What I Packed – Girls Weekend at the Beach


Back in June, I got the pleasure of going to our local beach for a quick getaway with a girlfriend. The agenda was to eat, shop, and relax. We left on a Saturday morning and came back on a Sunday evening so I really didn’t need a big bag or much to bring at all. As I’ve gotten older and traveled a bit more, I have gotten pretty good at editing what I bring on a trip, especially for such a short one. Here’s what I brought and my process:

For this quick beach getaway I brought 3 bags – 1 with my clothes, jewelry and make-up (blue LeSport Sac Large Weekender duffel), 1 with a beach towel, bath towel and a small pillow (black and printed LeSport Sac Large Travel Tote), and 1 with reading materials, purse and snacks (Stella & Dot printed purse like this one).

First, I started by picking a general color theme for what I was going to pack (for ex. black, blue, brown)

Then, with the color theme in mind, I figured out what clothes I needed for the trip and mentally put them into categories as I pulled out the items and put them into piles.


Here’s What I brought:

Top Row, from Left to Right

  1. PJ’s – shorts, tank, long sleeve top
  2. Lounging clothes for getting coffee in the morning and just hanging out after the beach – cropped leggings, a tank, and a hoodie (I have this in the pink, too)
  3. Day clothes for Sunday – white cut-off’s and a tank
  4. Beach clothes – wet suit bag, bathing suit, and cover up
  5. Evening sandals
  6. Evening clothes – 2 options for tops because wasn’t sure how warm/cool it would be

Bottom Row, from Left to Right

  1. Clean/Dirty Underwear bag
  2. Evening clothes – this topthis top and a pair of jeans
  3. Flip flops (with shoe bag) – to wear to get coffee and home on Sunday
  4. Flip Flops (with shoe bag) –  old pair for wearing to the beach (I always have specific flip flops I wear to go on the beach because the toes of them seem to get stained from the sand over time so I don’t like to use my good ones. Look closer and you can see the toe stain on this pair. Ha!)

My straightner and make up also fit into the duffel

Next, keeping the color theme in mind, it also helped me narrow my focus on which jewelry to bring. For this trip, I brought the bare minimum since I wore most of what I needed on the way there and just threw in a different necklace to wear for Saturday night, which I packed in the make-up bag.

Last, was deciding on what purses and bags to bring and how I could minimize how many I brought. Since I knew we’d be doing some walking Saturday night and on Sunday, the cross body bag made the most sense as a main purse. Then, I realized that bringing a bigger bag/tote to put that bag in would allow me a place to put my other items like my reading material and snacks that didn’t fit elsewhere. Plus, it could be used as a beach bag, too. That’s how I decided on the Stella & Dot bag. 

This is what I shoved into the Stella & Dot bag:



From Left to Right

  1. My ipad mini
  2. Reading material
  3. Mini bag of odds & ends
  4. Wallet
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Snacks, including these Curate bars I’m currently obsessed with because they’re so delicious and easy for on the go
  7. My crossbody bag

That was it! Pretty proud of myself for this trip. I think it was my best packing yet. Hahaha.

If you have any packing tips, let me know in the comments. I’m always happy to learn some new ones.




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