January 27, 2016

Old Navy Active – New Favorites

OldnavySo, we’ve had this wonderful blizzard here (#blizzardjonas) and it’s completely distracted me. I’ve done more shoveling then I remember doing in many recent years but on the flip side, kids have been outside more then ever playing in the snow. We got close to 3′ here outside DC and yesterday was the first time since Friday that I’d been out in the real world (i.e. Starbucks and grocery store) and it was glorious! I’ll be back to normal soon – or as soon as kids are back in school! Today, I was finally able to focus enough today to get this post finished up…..

I hadn’t been to Old Navy in quite a long time when I decided to go in the other day because I had a few minutes to look around. Plus, I knew this is the time of the year they have a huge sale on all their active wear and I’d kind of seen a tank online I was curious about.  Since I’m always in the market for new active wear and I’ve had a few successes at Old Navy in the past (I own a tank and cropped exercise pants) I figured seeing the tank in person before buying online was ideal. I ended up walking out with 2 tops – and one only cost $2.97!

The two tops I bought both had higher necks because recently, I’ve found myself wanting the ‘girls’ to be a bit more covered up once in awhile.

The first tank I looked at and the one I went looking for was this one – It turned out to be everything I was looking for! Plain black – check. High neck – check. Not a heavy material – check. Moisture dry – check. Good length on a petite frame – check. Needless to say, I have already worn it to the gym 2x. It does come in some other colors with graphics/text so there are some other options. Right now, it shows the price as $4.97 (I paid $10) so if you get any additional discount, luck you!

Here I am wearing the tank on a recent frigid morning when I was headed to the gym to take a weights class. Wore my comfy Nike top as my warmer layer and off I went.


Tank (wearing xs) | Leggings (old Athleta Odyssey Chatarunga Tight – similar)| Shoes |(Similar Nike Top I wore over the tank here)

The other tank I saw randomly and since it was my size, I grabbed it. I liked the style and was curious to see what it was going to ring up as at the register – this is the one that came to $2.97! And similar to the first one, it has the high neck but also it is a little tighter and thicker material. And the color is really pretty, too! 

If you’re in the market for new active wear, I highly suggest stopping in at Old Navy while these tanks are still available.

Also, here are a few other higher neck tank options:

Happy shopping!

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