January 17, 2017

New Year New Gym Clothes

For most people, a new year means a time to reflect and make plans for the coming year. To some, that means starting a gym routine trying a new diet or vowing to eat better in general. For others, it means making an effort to change up their existing gym routine and for some, like me, it means just buying new gym clothes. Ha!

I was actually at the Athleta store on December 31 buying a new top for myself with that exact mindset – I’m starting the new year and what better way to get re-invigorated with my gym routine then by getting some new gym clothes.

With that in mind, I pulled together some of the newer gym clothes I’ve seen in the stores and online. And a few are even on sale so maybe not quite as new but hey, they’d be new to you, right? 

From below, I’ve tried on the last pair of leggings in the collage below. They are some new material that Athleta has made and I can attest to them feeling quite soft and comfy.  They’re likely next on a “buy” list for myself. Besides a sports bra on sale the day I was in Athleta, I bought the navy striped tank in the collage below as well. I love it but will confess it is SUPER long and I went back to the store to have it shortened (thankfully they offer free alterations).

However you like to start the new year, I hope it involves some form of exercise and the above will provide some motivation.
Happy shopping!

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