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October 22, 2015

New Favorite Sneaker



I have my good friend to thank for this latest purchase. When you have feet or foot problems as we both do, your discussions often revolve around shoes and not for all the fun reasons you’re thinking. It’s more because we’re both always on the hunt to find best stylish AND comfortable shoe that meets our standards for our particular issue. For me, my main issue with shoes is that I a) have a really high arch and that makes also for a really high in-step (i.e. the stop of your foot) and b) I have annoyingly small feet – I wear a Women’s size 5. Plus, I always have a budget in mind of what I’m comfortable spending on a particular shoe that is sometimes, but not always, relates to the practicality of the shoe.

Anyway, when she told me about these New Balance L555 sneakers she discovered I immediately checked them out online. Let me back up a second – I have been on the hunt for a BLACK casual sneaker for awhile now. I missed the boat on ordering the Nike Internationalist sneaker that was available during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Then, I tried a different Nike in early Fall but it just didn’t feel comfortable. Back it went. With a small foot, you just don’t have a world of options all the time. So back to this new shoe – they looked perfect, HAD MY SIZE and the price was right. SOLD!!! I was so excited when they arrived the next day (got to love Zappos VIP = next day shipping), so that I would have¬†time to try them out before an upcoming trip they’d be perfect for.

At first, they felt slightly snug in the width but I adjusted the laces a bit, walked around in them shortly and discovered they felt fine. The BIGGEST deal for me with them was that I didn’t have to put my arch insert inside to make they feel more comfortable. The insole it came with (it has a memory foam) was THAT comfortable plus I think the shoe fitting a bit narrow gave me the arch support I need once I tied the laces.

I wore them to the gym the 2 days I was doing yoga and then went on the trip and thankfully, I had no issues with them after spending a day wearing them in which I did more standing then usual for me.

In the end, grab these shoes while they’re still available. You won’t regret it!


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