July 20, 2015

New direction for my business: Welcome to my lifestyle blog!


Today is a big day for me. I have been trying to decide what direction I wanted my life to go in now that my youngest daughter is in camp full time and will be in school full time in the Fall. It dawned on me that I have barely focused on my stationery business in over a year and well, fashion is, and has always been, a passion of mine so why not take the leap now? 🙂 I started thinking about doing a lifestyle blog a year ago but never had time to think it through and whether I had the time or energy to focus on posts. It didn’t help that in the Fall of 2014 my husband left his job to start his own residential contracting firm full time. That truly affected our life in many ways, as you could guess. The good part (besides him finally being home more, yeah!) is that doing the book keeping for his business allowed me to use my brain again in a constructive and challenging way that I haven’t had the chance to do since I had my first daughter almost 7 years ago. And the more I’ve done for his business, the more it reminded me that there is more I could do with myself and my passions.

Anyway, so here I am now – ready to go with my lifestyle blog! Since I’m just a regular modern mom, like you, who enjoys the small things in life, like trying to look good without breaking the bank while running around town (I especially love a good deal!), keeping a healthy lifestyle with exercise and good food, reading a good book and sometimes obsessing over what kind of parent I was that day. What type of posts can you expect to find here you ask? Well, I love shopping. And shopping some more AND sharing what I’ve found. You’ll see posts about what I wore to run some regular mommy/housewife errands, maybe what I wore for an evening out with my husband or girlfriends, what I’ve bought and any discounts I scored (who doesn’t prefer to buy with a discount, right?!), what jeans you may want to add to your closet (insert tee, sweater, boot, sandals, etc), what I’m coveting in general, and what I’d buy if I had an unlimited budget. 🙂 I will also focus on make-up and food/recipes. I may also sprinkle in some posts about books, parenting and home-related purchases. And a stationery item or two of course. 😉

So, there we have it! Hope you join me along on this ride, wherever it may go!

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