December 5, 2016

My Stitch Fix 

Stitch Fix is a company that, if you haven’t heard of it, I’d be surprised. It’s one of the most popular subscription boxes out there and is basically a box of items (clothing, shoes, and accessories), curated for you by a stylist based on a personal style profile you fill out. Once a month, you receive a box with 5 items for a $20/month styling fee. You try on the items, keep what you want and will be charged for the items you keep, minus the $20/month styling fee, which goes toward whatever you keep. If you decided to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off. Whatever you don’t want, you send back in the pre-paid envelope within 3 days. Each fix comes with a breakdown of the items and cost and a separate little page of images with ideas of how to style the items. There are also Pinterest boards you can check out for more style ideas.

So, why did I decide to finally try it? I think one part was curiosity and the other part was hope that I’d be exposed to some items I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable picking out for myself but if someone picked it out for me, hey, I’d be willing to try it.

Here’s my review of 3 boxes I received. I wanted to wait until I had really given it enough of a try before providing my thoughts.

Here goes!

Box #1 – September



  1. Brixon Ivy Cap Sleeve Blouse ($68)VERDICT: RETURNED. I thought this top was spot on for my taste. The fit and material were nice. But….I didn’t keep it because I already own a really similar top from French Connection I got Summer 2015. Couldn’t justify keeping it going into Fall.

img_2544 img_2545

2. Papermoon Heather Lace Blouse ($48)VERDICT: RETURNED. While I’m a huge fan of the color navy and generally liked the cut of this blouse and the lace detail, it was very thin and feel like I have enough navy in my closet already. And I didn’t like the 3/4 sleeve. I find them annoying once you have to wear a jacket.

img_2547 img_2548

3. Loveappella Zola Knit Dress ($58)VERDICT: RETURNED. This was the exact type of item I was hoping to get because I’m kind of afraid to embrace a striped fitted dress. This one was really comfortable and I tried to see how I liked it styled with the jean jacket and booties. But, first, it was obviously too small (Ha! You can exchange items for size, FYI). Second, I realized, it’s just outside my comfort zone. Maybe in the Spring I’d be more comfortable trying it but knowing once the temps dip, I’m just not comfortable with bare legs and booties.

4. Romolo Starburst Necklace ($34)VERDICT: KEPT. This is the necklace I am wearing in the photo’s above. It was just what I needed for something new in my jewelry. I would have shied away from this type of “statement” necklace but I realized this one was the perfect amount of “statement” for my taste. Easy decision to keep.

5. RetroD Fonseca Cable Pullover ($68)VERDICT: RETURNED. I didn’t try this one to show a picture of it. The sweater was nice but wasn’t a fan of the material, particularly for the price. It was an open knit and a little itchy. Plus, I do have a bunch of cream/off-white sweaters already.

Box #2 – October img_2932

When you return items, you fill out your thoughts on all the items and then are allowed to leave some style tips to your stylist. I felt this month was more along the lines of what I was looking for based on last month’s feedback I left. I also made sure I had pinned some new items to my Stitch Fix style board on Pinterest, which they recommend you create. I was much happier with the items this month.


  1. Lusso Cashmere Cowl Neck Pullover ($148)VERDICT: RETURNED. Sweater was really soft and felt decent quality cashmere, especially for the price. I was a fan of the length and even didn’t mind the sizing (wearing a Small) and loved the gray color. But, I have a skinny neck and a small head and I’ve learned over time that a cowl neck is not the best style on me (I even had my sister weigh in on her opinion about it) so that’s the only reason I returned it. 
  2. Lysse Keeley Faux Leather Legging ($108)VERDICT: KEPT. Wearing in photo above and all the other photo’s from this month as well. The interesting thing about the timing of receiving these leggings is that I was already trying to find a good pair.  Based on having recently tried the really cheap version from Nordstrom’s BP that are $30, I can attest to this pair’s good quality and fit. The BP leggings I tried in 2 sizes and just are really thin and VERY high waisted. Like 11″ rise. No bueno on this short waisted girl. Anyway, I wouldn’t normally be comfortable spending $108 on faux leather leggings but these just fit so well and were a perfect fit for updating my wardrobe.  I will note they run small – I received an XS and decided to exchange them for a Small. They still fit well and I did go to a local tailor to get them shortened.  And they are also high rise. 


3. Skies are Blue Hyoni Lace Detail Blouse ($58)VERDICT: RETURNED. So, I normally hate prints, particularly flowers. So I was a little taken aback that this blouse was a pick for me. I tried to approach it with an open mind, I was trying to branch out a bit, but in the end, I just couldn’t embrace this print. It was TOO floral and bright for me. Plus, it was a thin material again and 3/4 sleeves, 2 things I am not a fan of going into cooler temperatures, especially at night time.

4. BlankNYC Lettie Faux Leather Drape Jacket ($98)VERDICT: RETURNED. So, an unexpected problem here – I like this jacket and am very familiar with it but I OWN the newer version that I purchased at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If I didn’t own it already, would have kept it.


5. Market & Spruce Fiores Side Slit Knit Top ($58)VERDICT: RETURNED. Ugh, hated pretty much everything about this top. The stripes, the colors are too dark for me together and the style with the shirt tail hem (I just don’t like it on me). It was an easy decision to return this one. I do already own a black and white stripe top I like and that’s really enough for me. One positive about the top was that the material was really soft.

Box #3 – November

I had high hopes for November, especially after leaving feedback again for my stylist that I was really looking more for comfortable tops that are warm enough for late Fall/Winter. No thin tops and no 3/4 sleeves. Not sure what else I could have said but this month my stylist totally missed the mark for me. I was totally bummed. (Sorry if this image looks oddly light, it was hard to edit the photo to show the color).


  1. Lysse Jolylyn Ponte Legging in Burgundy ($78)VERDICT: RETURNED. After just receiving a pair of leggings the previous month, from the same brand, not sure why my stylist thought I’d want another pair this month. And while I do like wine color, I consider burgundy to be different and I like it less. However, these leggings were really comfortable and well made.img_3191_2

2. Marc New York Aleksai Puffer Vest ($78)VERDICT: RETURNED. So, had that same issue again with being sent something I essentially own, a black vest. While the one I own is from Old Navy and doesn’t have a hood, I certainly don’t need another that’s really similar in style. This one did have a nice shape and I think Marc New York coats are nice products (I own a brown puffer coat from the brand).


3. Coin 1804 Teagan Pullover Top ($58) VERDICT: RETURNED. Not much to say about this top other then I HATED IT. The pattern, the colors, the 2 tone sleeve, the fit. Ugh. Not even comfortable on me. Hesitated to even try this one I hated it so much.

4. Skies are Blue Cristobal Embroidered Mix Material Top ($58)VERDICT: RETURNED. Didn’t like this one much better at all. I get that the stylist was possibly trying to help me embrace a pattern but on my petite frame, this was not good. The size, XSP, was probably right for me, though. Also, I was pretty frustrated at this point because the top was a thinner material and 3/4 sleeve length. Remember how I said in the previous month I put in my notes for my stylist I didn’t like thin tops and 3/4 sleeve length? Made me question if those comments are read much because why was I sent one again? Sigh….


5. Emily Rose Aleesha Open Stitch Pullover ($58)VERDICT: RETURNED. Now I’m a fan of a green color but this one was so blah it reminded me of vomit or olives. Not a good color choice on almost anyone. Plus, it was an open stitch again which I’d said previously I didn’t like for the winter. Just because it’s a sweater doesn’t it mean it’s warm if there are big holes in it for the cold air to go through. Just sayin……..Oh, and the XS on me wasn’t great either.

Just a note for this month – Since I didn’t keep any of the items, I basically spent $20 on nothing. A bit of a disappointment but I just couldn’t justify keeping any of the items right now to apply the $20 styling fee towards.

My Take

So, my overall opinion on Stitch Fix is IT COULD BE WORTH IT. For me, I do have the time to go shopping and I have a pretty good sense of my own style and what fits work well for me. Maybe I’m not their ideal customer. However, if you are a working parent or have young children at home  making shopping in stores very difficult or just don’t have time to go shopping in general or browse online, then I would definitely give this a shot. Especially if you feel you are in a style rut.

For now, I froze my box for December (you are allowed to do this) and need to decide whether to continue with it or not. After this last month and how disappointed I was, I don’t think it’s the right time for me to continue. I may try it again closer to Spring. Plus, it turns out I may have more in my own wardrobe then I think to wear. Not a bad problem to have. Ha!

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix, please use my referral link here.

I’m going to try putting together some Holiday Gift Guides but we’ll see if I can get to them like I’m hoping. First up may be lounge wear so if you’re big into being comfy, stay tuned! I have another crazy week coming up with my younger daughter’s school schedule including 1 day with no school so it may be tough. Also, I have a Latest Likes post I’d like to get out since it’s been awhile since I’ve done one.




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