April 20, 2017

Mexican Cauliflower “Rice”

I have to be honest, this Mexican Cauliflower “Rice” is hands down the most favorite recipe I’ve made recently. I can’t take the credit for coming up with it though, I got it from here. What I can share though is how it went when I made it and the secret to making it in a flash (which is mentioned in the recipe).

If you’re like me, I eat a main course at dinner, plus a vegetable and then usually another side that’s more starchy, i.e. brown rice, farro, red potatoes, etc. When I saw this recipe I just about died – I could have a perfect side but with less guilt and more flavor. Yes please! 

When I decided to try this Mexican Cauliflower “Rice” I paired it with some grilled chicken (pre-marinaded from Wegman’s in the brown sugar bbq flavor) and roasted carrots. The secret though to simplifying the recipe? Using a bag of riced cauliflower!

Here’s how it went for this simple home cook.

My choice of cauliflower "rice"

My choice of riced cauliflower is from Trader Joes but I recently found that Bird’s Eye makes one, toofrozen cauliflower "rice" after cooking

Bag of frozen cauliflower after cooking it in the microwave (just followed directions on the bag)

vegetables ready to be chopped

Vegetables for the recipe ready to be chopped

cooking vegetables

Vegetables cooking
vegetables mixed with cauliflower "rice"

After mixing in the cauliflower rice
after the spices were added in to cauliflower "rice"

After the spices were addedfinal cauliflower "rice"

Tada! How good does that look for a non-professional!?

my plate for the evening with roasted carrots and grilled chicken

My plate for the evening

Even my husband loves this recipe and I’ve made it again since this first night already. So, why do we we love it so much?

  • Great flavor
  • Healthy and low carb
  • Easy recipe to follow
  • Doesn’t take too long to make
  • Not too many ingredients
  • Could be made ahead and/or tastes good still has a leftover

Do you have any cauliflower rice recipes you love? Feel free to share, I’d love to have more like this.

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