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November 7, 2016

Loving Wine

So, yes, I love wine and drinking it. But I’m also loving it in clothes and accessories right now. Lol. It is a color that completely epitomizes Fall but is especially versatile because it looks great with black, brown and blue.

The irony of me doing a whole post about loving all clothing and accessories in this color scheme right now is how much I’m not a fan of red. I think red is just too loud for me but wine, well, it’s like red’s soft spoken cousin. Ha!

Here are my picks for what I’m into right now.

UPDATE: I was in H&M with my daughter shopping for her and totally randomly, we walked by this top and it was wine colored and $10. So of course I had to have it. I sized up 2 sizes for a looser fit and went with a medium and can’t wait to wear it. They call it a sweatshirt but it’s not the kind with fleece inside.


Sorry for some gaps again in post. Unfortunately, I had a lot going on again in my personal life. My Grandmother, who was 96 years old, passed away at the end of October (Hoping to dedicate a post to her soon since her love of fashion was definitely an inspiration to me). Plus, it was my husband’s birthday and we took a short family trip out of town. Honestly, losing 2 loved ones just a few months apart is something completely unknown to me at my age. But whereas my mother’s in laws passing has been much harder to process because she was so young, my Grandmother lived a very long and full life.  The past few years she had very little memory, terrible eyesight and hearing so her quality of life hadn’t been much. Thankfully, my family knew a few days prior that her passing was imminent so even that little bit has helped me process her passing a bit easier. Nonetheless, my Grandmother was an extremely large presence my whole life and my last living grandparent so it’s still had me in a little funk and therefore, I’ve been less motivated to do a new post.

But, it’s the start of a new week – albeit a long one since my older daughter has a really funky school schedule this week [insert big sigh] – so I’m trying to move on and find new inspiration to get me excited. Apparently, I’ve found it in wine.  Hope you do, too!



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