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November 25, 2015

Latest Likes #3


While you are hopefully relaxing with family and/or friends this Thanksgiving, hope you enjoy this quick little post about a few things that have gotten me excited lately.

  1. Essie nail colors : Comfy in Cashmere & Frock n’ Roll –  Normally I wear gel nail colors on my fingernails but every so often I break from that and go back to regular nail polish. When I saw Essie’s Comfy in Cashmere color in the store, it had me excited to try it and it did not disappoint! It is a beautiful mauve with some deep velvet undertones and is from their Cashmere Matte Collection,  meaning the colors have a soft matte finish with reflective pearl color. As for Frock n’ Roll, this is from their Fall 2015 line. It is described as a rich espresso and is pretty dark but once it’s on I see deep purple undertones. Since it is so dark, I decided to put it on my toes. and while I like it, I don’t see it being a long term keeper. These 2 colors can be found at your local Target, Walgreens, Nordstrom, and more.
  2. IMG_8168 Super Lip Gloss from Emily Cosmetics, LLC – Emily Cosmetics is a local make up artist who used to work for Trish McEvoy as a national make up artist before deciding to try her hand at her own cosmetics line. I actually first tried one of her lip glosses back in the summer and I have been in love with it since. And the great news is that she finally has her website up and running so you, too, can buy this amazing lip gloss online (and her other products are great, too, I have tried them and own a few more, so I can attest to it!). The one I have is the pink one, Super Candy.
  3. lipglossThe latest video from The Holderness Family – this family makes the most awesome and appropriately timed videos about holidays, back to school, and more. This one about Thanksgiving is their latest and I especially find the part about the jello to be hilarious and Chardo-nae-nae will be hard get out of your head.
  4. Limetown Podcast – I forget where I originally read about this but having thoroughly enjoyed the Serial podcast and currently working my way through the Undisclosed podcast, I have found unsolved stories to be quite intriguing. Limetown is a 7 part story about a town of people that go missing. This story, unlike the story behind Serial and Undisclosed, is all made up. So, keep that in mind because some of it does sound very fake but the story itself is interesting enough to check out.
  5. Ring dish from Etsy – I first found this on Etsy awhile ago but decided to save it as a present idea for the holidays. So it’s on my wish list and I sure hope someone buys one for me because it is a perfect little personalized keeper for my rings (which I take off as soon as I get home).


We are off to my in-laws in North Carolina for the holiday so I’m hoping to get a post out there with some of the big sales going on online over the holiday and the weekend so cross your fingers I have time before we leave so that all your shopping codes and links will be in one easy place to find. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to those traveling!


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