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October 6, 2015

Latest Likes #2


Here’s my roundup of my Latest Likes.

1. My Nespresso Lattissima machine – My friends and family know my obsession with my daily Starbucks mocha latte. I don’t remember when it started exactly (before kids I know that and my older daughter is now 7) but it started because I needed some type of caffeine in the morning but straight coffee with milk would give me the shakes from too much caffeine, even the decaf.  From that, I got hooked on having a Starbucks mocha daily. It became a habit, one so bad that I would drag kid(s) with me every morning to get it. It was almost like my drug because if I had it for the day I didn’t care what else happened that day because it made me THAT happy. And then, one night last winter, we were at our friends house and randomly, the company Nespresso came up. I learned that my friend had this Latissima machine and how it makes lattes at home, with the push of one button. I’m pretty sure my reaction was WHAT?! GET OUT! It wasn’t until March that I finally went ahead and purchased my own Latissima machine. And now, I use it pretty much daily. No, I haven’t given up my Starbucks habit completely, I’m not crazy. But it has significantly cut back and let me say how great it is to just go downstairs for my latte in the morning instead of getting in the car. Ahhhh. the little joys of life. 🙂

2. Old Navy hair ties – I know the Kitsch and Emi-Jay hair ties are both really popular. I tried the Kitsch ones and well, while they were cute, they were just too big for my wrists (they hung loose) and weren’t tight enough for holding my hair back well.  And then one day last year I was standing in the check out line at Old Navy and saw some hair ties. They were $4 and I decided to try them. What did I have to lose? Certainly not a lot of money! And since then, they are the my “go to” hair ties (I use regular pony tail holders for the gym tho). They come in good colors, occasional designs and if they get stretched out, it’s not a lot of money lost to replace them. But I will say, they don’t stretch out nearly as fast as you would expect. 🙂 So, there’s my little secret – save your money and get your hair ties at Old Navy. Sadly, they’re only sold in stores.

3. Random Crap Bag – So a friend of mine gave me this bag for my birthday and I just loved the saying because it is so true!! Sometimes when you travel, you just have random things that get thrown here and there. This bag helps tame those items and helps you stay organized while being funny at the same time. What’s not to love?!

4. Favorite drug store mascara – I’m always trying different mascara’s from the drug store. With the price (or a coupon), it’s the best way to try out different ones because there is less guilt if you don’t like it. I actually tend to use 2-3 mascara’s – 1 for going to the gym (yes, I admit it!), 1 for every day and 1 for evenings. This one I found has become the one I’m using for everyday. I love the brush and the volume without it looking like it’s too much for daytime.



So there you have it. The little things that are exciting me these days.

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