June 28, 2017

Latest Beauty Purchases

Every so often, I find myself buying a bunch of new beauty products. This time, it was all over the map. I was out of a few products at once, which prompted me to try some different ones. And another product I just decided to try for fun. So, keep on reading to find out what these new products are and if I’d even try them again.

#1 Charlotte Tilbury Skin Perfecting Micro Powder – Medium ($45) – I have been using Laura Mercier Mineral Sheer Pressed Powder in Tender Rose for a really long time now. But, when I recently found myself just about out of it and kept seeing and reading a lot about Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty line (which is now at Nordstrom), I decided to make the switch and try the Airbrush Flawless Finish powder instead (this product has multiple names by the way, ha!). The product description is: “Air Brush Flawless Finish is a super-luxe microfine powder with soft-focus nanoparticles that blur away lines and imperfections for effortlessly flawless skin. What it does: Its breathable technology acts like the finest cashmere veil on top of your skin for a bright, illuminating finish.”

This all came about when I was at Nordstrom at Tyson’s Corner in Virginia, aka not my usual Nordstrom, and I literally could not find the product counter for Charlotte Tilbury. I ended up asking the woman at Laura Mercier and she was able to answer my questions about the Charlotte Tilbury powder and then basically gave me a make over, mainly using Laura Mercier products of course. (#2 is from this makeover). What I found is that the Charlotte Tilbury powder is really similar to the Laura Mercier one I’ve used but it doesn’t come with a sponge applicator so you have to either use a brush you already have (I have this one) or buy one to apply it (like this one, which may be better then one I have). How am I liking it? It’s ok. I don’t actually love applying it with the brush (or maybe it’s the brush I have) so I think that when I’m done with it, I will go back to my Laura Mercier powder and try a different Charlotte Tilbury product for next time. Their blushes, like this one, look amazing.

Post Make Over (the breeze was all natural ha!)

#2 Laura Mercier Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter – .5 ($32) – From the makeover I got that day, I ended up buying the concealer. I love the brush applicator and the way it goes on so smoothly and you use a sponge or concealer brush to blend it in. Overall, I’ve been quite happy with it. My only concern is if the shade is right to offer the best coverage for the dark circles I have. I’m sticking with it for now but it is making me think about doing a separate post to compare all the under eye concealers I’ve tried and maybe even a few more. My under eye circles are my least favorite part of my face.

powder and concealer

Note: One item I wanted to buy from this makeover but couldn’t justify was this Flawless Skin’ Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil ($65). I am a HUGE sucker for anything that smells like roses (see my post here about the rose perfume I bought this year) but it just didn’t seem to make sense to buy this  that day.

#3 Bella Serata Face Cream, 1 oz ($4.95 for a sample) – Anyone else a huge fan of the show Shark Tank? My husband and I watch the show together so it was kind of funny one day when he forwarded me this email about a face cream that was on the show with a link to try it. According to the main product site, it claims “Bella Serata Skin Cream is a formula that is designed as a topical solution to aging signs. It is a lightweight cream and can be used directly on your face that can  reduce and reverse aging signs. Daily use of this magical cream eliminates dark circles, puffiness, aging spots and wrinkles.”


How I feel about this face cream, though, is quite complicated. If you read the reviews through the link, (this is the one my husband forwarded to me), it raves about it. This is actually how I came to try it – it cost $4.95 for the shipping so I figured why not?? So I got the product a few weeks later and took a “before” picture of myself that is too embarrassingly awful to share. Ha! Then, I proceeded to use the product day and night for a few weeks. Honestly, the results weren’t very noticeable which is why I decided not to share any pictures. And what I came to discover is that there was a fine print on the “order” I placed that day where I agreed to have the product shipped to me again for $89 after 2 weeks. WHAT!? I was none too pleased when I saw this charge on my credit card so I immediately did a little investigating and found out that there are bunch of complaints about this issue on the internet. I contacted the company and they agreed to reverse the charge. Therefore, that really affected how I felt about the product in the end. Also, I learned in my research you can get it through Amazon for a lot less money, $39.97 to be exact, and there is a serum, too. For now, I’m using up what I have but only at night time.

Do I actually like it? Well, it feels good and goes on nicely. It’s not too thick and there isn’t a noticeable smell. But, I don’t see any “magic” happening so definitely not worth trying in my opinion for the hassle I dealt with.

#4 Nu Skin AP-24 Whitening Fluroide Toothpaste ($17.95) – So this is another interesting product I have tried recently. I learned about it from social media and did my own little investigating. Like the face cream, it almost seems to be good to be true. There are raves about it out there, particularly on social media, but it’s true effectiveness and safeness are unclear since the product is not FDA approved or ADA approved. And let’s not ignore the fact that $18 for a tube of toothpaste is kind of steep (there are individual reps out there selling them for $20/tube). But, I was game to try it and my husband has been using it with me as well.

My opinion is that it started off feeling normal and minty in a pleasant way and that it possibly whitened my teeth for a day or two. But, now that it’s been a few weeks, it tastes less minty to me each time I use it and my teeth don’t actually seem any whiter. Maybe I’ve grown used to the flavor??

I actually went to the dentist the other day and asked about it. They didn’t know about this specific product but when then dentist saw that it was by the NuSkin company, he kind of chuckled. Not a good sign in my opinion. Interestingly enough, the dentist’s office has a very similar toothpaste they offer to patients to go along with the a teeth whitening system and it is half the cost! It’s called Opalescence Toothpaste. I actually compared the ingredients and there are a lot of the same ones. For now, I think we’ll finish up this AP-24 and call it a day on trying new toothpastes.


#5 Honest Beauty Everything Primer ($27) – When Target started carrying this line of beauty products in their store, I actually got a little giddy. And since I was just about out of my primer (Smashbox Photo Finish – Light), I was totally game to try it. The price tag though, made me hesitate a bit but I figured I should just try it or I’d always wonder. It goes on smoothly and there is a bit of this “luminous” color in the product itself but once it’s on my face, I see no luminosity. haha. And there is a bit of a faint smell that I don’t love. In the end, I will keep using it but I think I was happier with my Smashbox Primer.


So, that’s a wrap on my latest beauty products. Let me know if you have any products you’ve tried recently that you would recommend.

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