July 7, 2016

Kiwi (and Koala) Crate Review

If are a mom like me who wishes she was crafty but is the furthest thing from it and you’ve never heard of Kiwi Crate, then let me tell you about it. It’s basically a company that sends a craft to your kid(s) once a month via a subscription and includes directions and all the items they need to make the craft.  Sounds amazing, right?!

It all started a few months ago when I was feeling rather frustrated at my children. What?! That’s crazy?! Yeah right! Who doesn’t get fed up with their kids, especially when they say (in a whiny voice), “I’m bored.” Like as if there are NO toys in the house to play with. Plus, my kids are really into arts and crafts and this mommy, well, it’s not that I’m just not crafty it’s that I don’t really enjoy it either. I’m pretty sure they get this interest and talent from my husband who is THE handiest, craftiest person I know. So, the idea of sitting down to do a craft just isn’t my cup of tea but who am I to keep my kids from enjoying their passion?

Plus, on top of the girls whining I realized that sometimes I need “special” activities to keep one kid busy while the other has a play date so that the kid with the friend can play in peace. Finally, one night after the girls were in bed, I went to the website to learn more. I’m not going to lie – it isn’t THE cheapest company out there but I was feeling it was the perfect time to give it a try. By the way, the actual “Kiwi Crate” is for ages 5-8 and the “Koala Crate” is for 3-4 (Note: My older daughter is 7 and my younger one is 4).  There is also a “Doodle Crate” for ages 9-16 and “Tinker Crate” for 9-16+ so there is a version to appeal to practically every age. In any case, I started with a 3 month subscription for each of my girls.


Directions for Project – Kiwi Crate


Finished Project


My daughter with the project

What I Liked:

  • The directions were extremely easy to follow for my 7 year old and didn’t require my supervision or help
  • Sense of accomplishment when the project was done
  • The images with the directions were vivid and helpful
  • The pieces were easy to identify and work with
  • It comes with a little “magazine” that has some other ideas of what to do with some of the items
  • The crafts were age appropriate for the Kiwi Crate and different from other crafts I’d seen on Pinterest
  • There was excitement regarding the arrival of the crate
  • Award winning company

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The cost (You can get a discount when you first sign up) – $19.95/month
  • The Koala Crate required a bit more hands on help from an adult (Sometimes my older daughter stepped in for me)
  • The Kiwi Crate activities were a little bit more interactive and the “fun” lasted longer
  • The Koala Crate activities were less engaging after the project was done

In the end, I stuck to the 3 month subscription only because I think it would be a situation where the fun would get old fast if it came every month. I almost think every few months would have been a better option. Plus, with the cost, I couldn’t justify the expense. It could make for a great gift from Grandparents though! My girls did really enjoy their crafts so it wasn’t an easy decision to cancel it after 3 months. But, alas, I did. Maybe we’ll try it again next Winter because in the end, 1 un-crafty mommy + project for kids = happy mommy. 

If you’re looking for some new projects to keep your kids busy with, then Kiwi Crate is an excellent idea.



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