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January 11, 2016

Keep Collective #Isakeeper

keep_livehappyA girlfriend of mine who has been a Stella & Dot rep recently decided to start selling Keep Collective products. If you’re not familiar with the company, they are a sister company of Stella & Dot.

As a lover of clothes, jewelry and all things fashion and personalized, I was happy to host a small gathering back in December for some girlfriends and I to check out the Keep Collective line. They call this a “Social.” At the social, there are the various “keepers” to check out (i.e. bracelets, necklaces or key chains) which come in an array of variety of colors, a few different styles, and materials. Then, there are all the “keys” (i.e. charms) that you use to personalize the keepers to your own taste. There are enough keys to choose from that will appeal to every taste and budget and most of them come in silver, gold and even rose gold! The keys range from initials, hobbies, birth stones, pave bars, a few gem stones, and more. The quality of both the keepers and the keys is clearly quality.

A few of the reasons I am loving this product line is that not only is it personalized but the keys can be moved from one keeper to another. Plus, you can always add to your collection by adding a new keeper and move some of your existing keys onto it, or you can add or swap the keys between the keepers. Also, while you are at the Social shopping, the hostess has the ability to show you, online, how your bracelet would look with the keys and keeper you are mulling over so that you can truly envision what your bracelet, necklace or key chain would look like.

Here is the set I started with. It’s the blue silicone keeper ($19) with the mother of pearl geo bar ($24). Notice it has a little pave around the top and bottom. I think it is so pretty! (Sorry the picture isn’t as good as I hoping).


But, I also got some other keys to swap the geo bar with for a different look. And I plan to add a new keeper to my collection in the spring. The other keys I got were pyramid wishing stone in rose quartz ($19) and 2 pyramid bars in rose gold ($9/each) as accents to go around the pyramid wishing stone.

Here are a few photo’s of other people’s Keep Collective jewelry that I found online.

If you want some more ideas/inspiration, check out #keepcollective on Instagram to see the possibilities!

If you’re interested in shopping the collection online, you can find it here. If you’re interested in hosting a “Social” please contact my friend Sheila Markowitz at

Happy shopping!

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