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November 16, 2015

Jamberry Nails – Do or Dud?


Jamberry Nails is a cool idea – basically it is fancy nail stickers, or wraps, that have cool designs that once applied (correctly) to your nails, can last as long as a good gel manicure, i.e. 2 weeks. I first heard of them over a year ago but never was really presented with the opportunity to try them. Then, lucky me, an out of state friend was hosting a party as a fundraiser in which I could shop online to contribute to the cause and so I decided this was the perfect chance to try them. The deal was if you bought 3, you got a 4th free. I picked 2 regular patterns (Champagne  Toast and Silver Chevron), 1 “fun” pattern which was the Halloween Jack-0-Latern face (called Pumpkin Pals), and 1 Junior set for my girls (Shine Bright).

First up was the Jack-o-Latern wraps because well, this was the month of October when I tried it. 🙂 I decided since these were “clear” wraps (which means they will show whatever color your nail is below whether it has a color on it or nothing),  I would first get a regular colored gel manicure as my base. Not sure if this was a good idea or not but to me, it seemed like one at the time. When I went to apply the nail wraps I did my best to follow the steps but I’ll be honest, I was tired and it was 10pm at night, which is usually my bed time. So, not probably the best time to try it but it’s all I had and I was running out of time for the Jack-o-Latern wraps.

How my nails looked before

How my nails looked before


How it looks in the package


How they appear out of the package

In short, I may have not completely applied them correctly due to a) I had the gel manicure on already so didn’t prep the nail correctly b) was tired c) didn’t have the right tools (apparently they make an application tool set but basically the only tools I didn’t from the set already were the orange sticks and rubber cuticle pusher) d) user error. Either way, let’s just say they didn’t come out great. #nailfail. Here’s how they  looked that night and then next day.

How they looked that night

How they looked that night

How they looked the next day

How they looked the next day

Honestly, they looked so ridiculously bad – you could see the edges of the wraps and not all of them were smooth – that I couldn’t even make it a full day with them before peeling all of them off (well, I kept one thumb because that one at least didn’t look terrible and figured it’d be a little kitschy to just keep the 1).


Close up of the one decent looking nail I kept

Not to give up, I decided a few weeks later to try one of the regular sets and crossed my fingers that this time it went better and I followed the guidelines more precisely for application. Well, this didn’t go well either. 🙁 I started off with clean nails, prepped them with rubbing alcohol per the instructions and then for whatever reason, this application didn’t go any better then the first. I just couldn’t figure out which way this design went, then, I couldn’t get them to stick (even with the heat) and still couldn’t get the edges smooth. I tried 2 nails and threw in the towel. I didn’t even take a picture because it all happened so fast.


So what’s my overall take? Well, I have seen the photos other people have posted on Instagram and their nails look great. Maybe it’s just me and my faulty application that I can’t get them on right. I have 1 more set for me and the set for the girls so I’ll try again at another time when I’m feeling confident I can get it right. But for now, I’m headed back to my regular nail salon this week. 🙂

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