March 28, 2017

How to Try Perfumes

How many perfumes do you own? Of those you own how many do you actually use? I used to own a few and use 1. Now I have 2 perfumes and a few in the travel size. The 2 full size perfumes I have I use all the time. I no longer have perfumes I don’t use or like. So, how did I narrow it down to only having perfumes I actually want to wear?

About 2 years ago, I really wanted to buy a new perfume. I was over all the ones I had and was barely wearing any. I don’t like strong scents but tend to gravitate towards sweet or light floral. I couldn’t decide how to figure out a new scent to buy since trying them with a few sprays in the store didn’t seem like enough for me to decide how I’d like the scent long term. One day I was looking at the travel sized perfumes in Ulta and tried Chloe ‘Chloe Eau de Parfum’. I decided I really liked it but was worried about making the plunge on the full size. Then it hit me! Buying the rollerball was the perfect segue to testing it out for the long haul.

From that day, I decided to try other scents this way, too. The other scents I’ve tried in the travel/rollerball versions are Marc Jacobs Daisy followed by Harvey Prince Hello (this was after receiving a sample of it in my Birchbox, I ordered the travel size), Escada Turquoise Summer (seriously perfectly sweet for Summer) and most recently Trish McEvoy. The other benefit to trying perfumes this way is that I have multiple perfumes to choose each morning from without breaking the bank. Of course, from trying them in the small versions, it has allowed me to decide which to buy in the full size and fully commit, too. Also, it obviously makes great options for traveling with, too. Or throwing in your purse to use after the gym.

For example, I’ve decided I liked Harvey Prince Hello but I would only buy it again in the travel size. I don’t think I love it quite enough to have it long term. But Chloe is a definite yes – I’m just about out of the rollerball and ready to commit to the full size. (Note: I’ve actually purchased the full size of Chloe ‘Roses de Chloe’ Eau de Toilette randomly because I couldn’t find it in the rollerball/travel version and I had already decided I loved it). As you can see from the photo above, I also have the full size of Marc Jacobs Daisy. I’m still deciding about Trish McEvoy. I like it a lot but haven’t decided yet whether I like enough to buy the full size.

Here are some others that would be good options to try this way.


Have you ever tried a roller ball or travel size perfume to test out a scent? Let me know which are your favorites.

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