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January 8, 2018

What I Wore and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great (and likely crazy busy) December like we did. I swear the month flew by with the holidays and the break. My family celebrates Hanukkah and I actually appreciated that it was slightly before Xmas this year. I felt I had enough time to get all the shopping done in time plus time to get all the extra presents/tips for all the friends and people in our life that aren’t Jewish. And we kept busy enough over the break that I can say I had enough family time but not too much. Ha! The only downside was the bitter cold we have had recently. I could do without that for sure!

I know most people start off the New Year with resolutions and goals and honestly, I’m one of those that kind of makes a mental note of what I want to do differently in the next year but I don’t call it a resolution. So if I forget, it’s ok. I do, however, try to take mental breaks throughout the year and focus on what I want to do differently either because something isn’t working to make me happy or giving me the peace I need to keep moving forward. So, I guess you can say I make mini resolutions all year long.

Regarding my blog, one of the resolutions I often struggle with is how much time to spend on this blog vs. work and my family life. I work part time with my husband for our construction company and I work on this blog as often as I can or have the mental energy to focus on it. As I’ve said before, I have to treat this blog like a hobby or a lot of other things in my life would suffer and then that wouldn’t be good or make me happy. But, I do wish I could make this little blog a bit more polished looking so truth is, it’s something I’m hoping I can focus on a bit more in 2018 without sacrificing my work, what I do around the house for my family. Or the amount of time I get to have coffee or lunch and catch up with friends. And at least I only have the PTA gig for a few more months.  Ha!

Enough of all that seriousness, on to the clothes! This month’s What I Wore is from November. I apologize for only getting to it now. Last week when the kids started back to school I can honestly say I wasn’t in the right head space to finish this post and then they didn’t have school unexpectedly on Thursday so I just went with how I felt, the curve ball of a snow day and at least I am refocused today.


November started off with a trip away for my family when we went to Denver for my niece’s Bat Mitzvah (an important Jewish tradition where a girl is called to the torah at 13 and essentially becomes a ‘woman’ in the eyes of the Jewish religion). This was really exciting for my whole family since she is the first in our family to have one. For me personally, I’m close with niece and it was exciting to see her hard work pay off. What a young woman she really has become! I digress though, lol. For my own family, this was the first time we traveled further then Florida as a family and to a different time zone. And, it was over daylight savings time! Plus, we stayed part of the time in a hotel and the other part of the time at my sister’s house, meaning, this was quite a trip for us. I’m happy to report, all went well, minus a bit of sleep. But that was to be expected! This trip involved a bunch of different activities outfits of course, but I’m sharing just two because everything else I’ve worn before and mentioned here in previous posts.

The other parts of the month were just as busy, too! I’ve actually been staying up later then usual this past few months to keep up with work, my PTA duties (and there were quite a bit in November due to a boundary issue going on that affected my girls elementary school), and this blog. It’s been worth it of course but the truth is, I mainly spent this month in a lot of gym clothes and lounge wear and didn’t get out socially much because we wanted to take a break between the busy Fall we had and the trip to Denver. Plus, we did travel to Raleigh over Thanksgiving, too.

Outfit #1

While we were in Denver, there was a brunch at my sister’s house the morning after the Bat Mitzvah where we also celebrated my mother’s milestone birthday

Sweater – old, similar here (on sale!) by Aqua | Jeans – old Citizens of Humanity but a favorite, similar | Shoes (on sale!) | Necklace – old

Outfit #2

I’ve posted this dress before but sharing this picture because unintentionally, my daughter’s and I wore all black to the morning Bat Mitzvah service and it made me laugh. Plus, I’M WEARING PANTYHOSE. I haven’t worn pantyhose in a 10+ years and can’t say I miss it. And of course, this pair lasted about 3 hours before ripping.

Dress (worn this Fall) by Aqua but no longer available | Shoes – Sam Edelman, sold out | Kendra Scott Earrings (a classic style you can’t go wrong with)

Outfit #3

Madewell Sweater – a Fall favorite but it may be sold out by now | Hudson Jeans | Booties | Necklace

Outfit #4

Madewell/Rivet & Threat Top – sold out | Jeans, Citizens of Humanity – old, similar | Shoes | Earrings

Outfit #5

Went to see Mean Girls on Stage with a girl friend. It made it’s pre-Broadway debut in DC. Loved the show!!

Sweater | Pants | Booties

Pura Vida Bracelets – my favorites for simple every day bracelets | Ring – mine is a circle, the link may be to one that is slightly more oval | Sweater – same Madewell one from earlier picture

Outfit #6

Booties | Cardigan – old Loft from the Fall | Stella & Dot initial Clover Charm | Bracelets (2 are rose gold, 1 is gold)

Outfit #7

If you want to laugh, I took this picture with my daughter’s phone right before our Thanksgiving Dinner (we were in Raleigh). Mine was no where nearby and I had like a hot minute to take the picture. Her phone happened to be charging in my room so…..I went with what I had available. Ha!

A New Day Sweater –  Similar by Aqua| Kendra Scott Lexi Earrings – Sold Out (bummer!)

Gym Outfits

Outfit #1

Zella Jacket – before the temps dipped in to the 30s, I wore this jacket A LOT | Alo Glossy Leggings | Nike Juvenate (still a perfectly good sneaker!)

Outfit #2

Athleta Twist Back Muscle Tank | Leggings and Sneakers same as photo above

Outfit #3

Athleta Pullover – Also wore this cozy pullover  A TON | Uggs

Outfit #4

Lululemon top (such a simple top that can be worn as layer to the gym or not) | Nike Sneakers

Outfit #5

Lululemon Tank that I was wearing under the gray top in the picture above – FAVORITE! I have it in a few colors now.

Outfit #6

Terez leggings | Lululemon tank (same as one above) | Nike Juvenate

Happy shopping!

December 21, 2017

Athleta’s Semi Annual Sale Up to 50% OFF!

Happy Holidays! I took a quick break in this final holiday shopping push to do a little shopping at Athleta’s Semi Annual Sale. As a regular gym goer, I do shop often at Athleta. Some people in my area don’t even know their clothes and I’m always shocked but I understand – our closest store is not at our local mall but one 20 minutes away in another state – Virginia at Tysons Corner Mall. Some people are daunted by going to another state. It seems far, right? To me it isn’t at all but that’s another story. Lol. I took one of these last few holiday shopping days and to head over there because for me, I always prefer to try it on in person if I can. It was definitely worth it.

Why I Like Athleta

Athleta clothes are just as good as Lululemon and Zella as far as styles, quality and fit. They also offer free alterations and a bonus is being able to use any Gap/Old Navy/Banana rewards in the store. I actually have a Gap credit card and save up my rewards to use specifically at Athleta. ? It makes the shopping more fun! Another reason I love Athleta is that the have such a large line of athleisure clothes, bathing suits and cover ups for the Summer, and shoes.  So more then just gym clothes. Oh and I almost forgot, and especially important this time of year, is that they have pants that can be worn outside for Winter activities, too! And finally, they make an awesome catalog. I always love getting the catalog in the mail – it offers great outfit ideas and at least shows the clothes better then just looking online. Oh how I envy those models and their perfectly fit and laid back lifestyle. Ha!

My Picks from the Sale

Now, let me say I did my best with the clothes to find what I felt was worth trying on and available in my size. The store was quite busy and while the sale just started yesterday, you can tell some items are going fast. And the lighting, gosh the lighting….it’s always a bit rough in this store so I tried my best.

Power Up Tank (XS) in White – this ran big, a bit loose and long. Not great for me. But I could see it working well on someone else.

 High Rise Serpeant Chatarunga Tight (XS) in Silver Bells – Athleta’s Chaturanga line is their line of tights I already own and are my favorites. These tights are on sale in black but I grabbed this gray color for something different. The run TTS and were quite comfortable. I’d go for either color if you’re looking for a tight/legging with a little bit of a pattern.

Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab by Feetures® Socks – So this was random but I noticed they had socks and while my feet are really small, I generally stay away from the ones in stores because they’re always big. But this pair was unpackaged so I felt it was sign to try them on. Lol. I really liked them! They’re made for running but I think they’re warm and comfy so I’d just wear them around the house. And therefore….I didn’t buy them. Couldn’t justify it right now even though they are on sale for $9.99.

So then I just kept on the above outfit and threw on this Merino Tunic Sweater (XS) in Dove. It is not on sale but I liked it! A simple every day sweater you could throw on with a lot of different outfits.

Then I moved on to trying on clothes in the blue family. Ha! So I grabbed these High Rise Shine Chaturanga Tight (XS) in Total Eclipse because I thought they were on sale but turns out this gray/blue color is not included in the sale, only the black and brown (espresso) are. Go for the black if they still have your size! (They do run TTS) I just didn’t love the blue color in person, I was really looking more of a real blue but this is definitely a blue/gray. That being said, they are comfortable! Again, they’re from the Chaturanga line of tights, my favorite. ? And the shine is really in style and very versatile!

Power Up Long Sleeve (XS) in Navy – This top I just happened upon and this was the best surprise! I originally grabbed it in an XXS but I ended up liking the XS, which is my regular size, just fine. It is super comfortable and even perfect for every day and not just for the gm. The thumb holes are a little bonus.

Same tights as above but showing the Camo Speedlight Tank (XS). It is NOT on sale but I was really drawn to the blue camo. And honestly, now that I see it’s sold out online in the XS I wish I had bought it today. It was perfectly comfortable and has good cleavage coverage. Bummer.

Wearing the same Power Up Tank from the first picture but with the Spectrum Sonar 7/8 Tight (XS) in Black. I’ve never really been a fan of running tights but I loved the rainbow reflective trim on these. I thought it was so fun and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really liked these tights!

Wearing the same Spectrum Sonar 7/8 Tights as above but with the Transcendence Support Tank (XS) in black. This reminds me of a tank I have from Lululemon (link is to new version, I have old version). This one piece support tank with the built in bra is perfect for yoga since the back is really open. I only wish it was a bit higher in the cleavage area.

Transcendence Support Tank (XS) close up

These Polartec Power Stretch Tights (Small) are not on sale but I’d been thinking about them for awhile because they are fleece lined. Yup, fleece!! So while I have a cheap pair of fleece leggings I got 2 years ago at Target when we had a blizzard, occasionally I’ve wished for a fleece lined pair that looks better for every day. And not for under snow pants. These Polartec Power Stretch Tights are it! They also have zippered pockets and are similar to the Metro Drifter Tight, which I do own in black and love. Just know you need to size up and they are tight at the ankle!

Other items I saw in the store but weren’t available in my size to try on and saw online are below except for these Adelynn by Jslides (Silver) sneakers. I only saw them online and I do love Jslides! Actually, the booties I was wearing that day that are in some of the pictures are actually Jslides as well.

If you are still doing your holiday shopping and need presents for someone else still, or even yourself, you should definitely check out the Athleta Semi Annual Sale before it’s over, or the items you want are all gone.
Happy holidays and happy shopping!
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December 15, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide – All Over the Map

Wow, are the holidays really here? I can’t believe that we are now in full swing holiday mode! I’ve been trying to get to this post done for a week now but of course, I’ve had other things come up that have taken precedence. Nothing bad, thankfully. Just the usual and a bit of holiday shopping, of course! And then honestly, I was quite tired most evenings this week and I just had to embrace it and go to bed without working on this post. #sleepmatters

Since my family is Jewish, we have started celebrating Hanukkah, with the first night being this past Tuesday. In my family, the first night is the one that we have a regular tradition of celebrating with my parents. So, I had to make sure I had a present for my mom that night (still working on my dad ? but there’s still time, the benefit of 8 nights, right?!). The first item in this Gift Guide is what I got for her. I am still working on presents for others in my family and at least our family holiday party isn’t for another week so I still have more time for a few more presents. Possibly one from below??

Keep in mind, these gifts are quite random, just items I’ve seen over the past few weeks that I thought would make great gifts. There are even more that I wanted to include but I had to narrow down the list or I’d never get this post done. Ha!


  • Slip Pillowcase & Eye Mask – got this for my mom and I kind of want to try it myself! It’s a soft silk pillowcase and eye mask. It does come in a few colors, too! I was wondering if a silk pillowcase really lives up to the hype so my sister and I did a little research and found this Good Housekeeping round up of reviews of all the silk (and a few satin) pillowcases out there. See it here . Slip does rate well! And the research is somewhat unclear on whether the effects are what they claim to be or not but I say – it’s worth a try!


    image via Nordstrom

  • Camo Comsetics Bag – Found this at a local kids/tween boutique and guess what? I loved it so much I bought it for myself! I am using it to replace this pouch I have had in my purse for 2 years that I use to keep receipts, coupons and lip glosses in. It’s a refreshing update for any purse though. It comes in a gray or green and is the perfect price point to make a good holiday present for a friend.

Image via Malibu Sugar


Hello Lashes Mascara – I got this on a recent trip to Ulta and plan to try it this Saturday night when we have an event we are going to. I’m really excited about it! I would have tried it sooner but I’ve mainly been going to the gym and having big eye lashes just didn’t seem to be the right place to go when testing it out. Ha! Item description: Hello Lashes Clincally Shown 5-in-1 Mascara revolutionizes and takes the place of 5 products: 1) Your natural volumizing mascara, 2) Your conditioning, hydrating lash primer, 3) Your lash enhancing serum, 4) Your lash tint and 5) your lash comb/curler! Hello Lashes Clinically Shown 5-in-1 Mascara offers the blackest of the black color that lasts all day and never flakes or fades. The triple brush lengthens, curls and separates lashes while the innovative Magic Wand Lash Ball Detailer tip is designed to reach every last inner and outer corner lash.

Image via Ulta

Under1sky Pillow & Eye Mask Set – Yes, another set with an eye mask but this one is definitely tailored to the heavy traveler who travels in style. It looks luxurious and practical but isn’t expensive at all, i.e WIN! I wish I was that girl who traveled more and this set definitely makes me want to!

Image via Bloomingdales


Twelve NYC Mirror Zip Around Jewelry Case – Another travel related gift, I know. But who doesn’t like to have their jewelry organized when they travel? I have used a bunch of different jewelry organizers over the years but I’ve found that the harder cases are the best for keeping everything better organized. I have a really small one I like a lot but sometimes it’s too small and it’s black, so i.e. blah. This would be my next option. And it comes in a pretty pink or silver!


Image via Bloomingdales


Softspun Jogger Pants – I mentioned these on my Instagram recently after I finally got my hands on a pair (they were out of stock for a bit) and they are so soft and comfortable you’ll want to stay in them all day long….and guess what? You totally can and no one would know since they’re joggers, and not pajamas (right?). These would make a perfect present for anyone who likes to be comfortable. See my post with other lounge wear favorites here.


Image via Gap


Wildfox Naps & Snacks Top – I saw this top when I was at the Nordstrom holiday shopping event and it just made me smile. Maybe because it’s kitschy saying just resonated with me personally but seriously? Who doesn’t like naps and snacks?


Image via Nordstrom


Ugg Aira Sunshine Slipper – If you are an Ugg lover, then this updated version of their slipper is a must have. I love the perforated look and the shimmery metallic underlay that I’ve put this on my “wish list.” Oh, and there’s a kids version, too!


Image via Nordstrom


Iphone Camera Case – Saw this in a catalog and just thought it seemed so cool, and practical! A great gift for your techy photographer maybe? Product description: It feels like a real camera… and it shoots like a real camera! The iPhone Camera Case improves your digital photography by transforming your iPhone into a DSLR-style camera. It gives you unmatched control over the iPhone camera alone, with 5 external buttons plus a sturdy camera-like grip for safe and effective one-handed shooting. Features 10 shooting modes, adjustable shutter, zoom ring, selfie button, tripod mount. Choose Standard size (iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S, SE, 7 and 8) or Plus size (iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X).


Image via Sharper Image


Gucci GG Marmont Card Case – My heart swoons over this card case. Maybe it’s the pretty baby pink but it seems like the perfect gift for someone who goes out a lot and needs a smaller wallet/card case for those teenier purses. It carries all you need – a driver’s license, credit card, and maybe a little cash.gucciggmarmontcardcase

Image via Nordstrom

I’m hoping to get another post (or two) out next week before the winter break starts since I still am working on my What I Wore/Instagram Round Up from November and I had one other I was working on, too. But I want to be realistic that there’s a chance I may not finish either or both since it’s the last week of work I’ll be doing before taking a break while my family is in town at the end of this month.

On that note….happy holidays and happy shopping!

December 8, 2017

Holiday Wish List – Lounge Wear at Nordstrom

It’s been another crazy week here but I wanted to get this post out because I know everyone is right in the middle of holiday shopping and what better gift idea then lounge wear? If you have someone in your family who is all about being comfortable and stylish, then they will definitely appreciate any of the items I mention below.

I included items I’ve already owned for at least a year but are still popular and currently available in the stores and some new items I saw (and some I tried on) when I was at Nordstrom’s private holiday shopping event this past Sunday night. How ironic, of course, that I am writing this while sitting on my couch in my lounge wear? Ha!

Make + Model

My favorite ‘classic’ lounge wear items are by Make + Model from Nordstrom. I don’t say this just because I love Nordstrom but because I have multiple items from the Make + Model line from a year or two ago that they still carry and there’s a reason for that – they’re comfortable, well made, in style, and priced reasonably enough (notice how I said that – reasonably enough. Not cheap, just reasonable, lol). For tops, I love the Brushed Hacci tops. They are a really soft material that are not too hot or too cold, making them perfect for lounging in. I also find they layer well over a tank top (I usually de-layer when I get in to bed and sleep in just a tank top so I know this from experience). There are also the Make + Model Jogger Pants (which I have) that are in the same material as the hacci tops, or the Best Boyfriend Version which are the looser pant version. Oh, and if you don’t want a classic style of top, go for this Make + Model fuzzy sweater. It’s so fun and cozy looking!

Hanging out in my Make + Model jogger pants as I write this

Junk Food

I also love the Junk Food brand lounge tops. Most people know Junk Food for their sports and kitschy tops but I’m finding they really make great lounge tops, too. I got my first Junk Food top last holiday season, the ‘I Hate Mornings’ top below, and it quickly became a favorite for throwing on with leggings on a Sunday, or even as pajamas when I travel. Then, my daughters got me the gray top below for Mother’s Day. I also love that top for not only lounging in, but for layering over my gym tank top. These tops are just soo comfortable! A slightly similar material to the Make + Model tops but baggier and longer. Also, know that these style tops ran big and were still a bit roomy in the XS.

Junk Food Lounge Top and Junk Food ‘I Hate Mornings’ Top (these ran big so XS in both)

Wearing the Junk Food top as a layer to the gym recently

Alternative Apparel

Me in the distressed hoodie from last Winter

The Alternative Apparel distressed hoodie I’m wearing above is from last Winter. Last year’s version ran really small. It ran so small that while I am wearing the small, it fit more like an XS. Unfortunately, I waited too long to order it and it was either a small or a large. So, small it was! But, really I wanted the medium. And guess what? This sweatshirt was no where else to be found, trust me, I looked!  Fast forward to Sunday at the Nordstrom holiday shopping event and I was so excited to see that they were now carrying it, plus some coordinating distressed jogger pants!

Of course I grabbed one to try on. This year’s version seems to be a bit more true to size, so I grabbed a small to try on and felt it was the right size. This hoodie is just as comfortable as last year’s version, let me tell you! It was tempting not to buy another one. And the jogger sweat pants weren’t too bad either. I really liked how they had the same distressing. Also, they had a slightly different version of this sweatshirt in what they call the ‘Cutout Sweatshirt’ that has the elbows cutout. So, if you don’t want a hood, it’s a good thought.

Alternative Apparel hoodie (size up), matching distressed sweatpants (TTS)

Showing the hoodie with normal leggings (wearing these Alo leggings)

Other Junk Food Tops

So, there were other Junk Food lounge tops they had in store I really liked. Like seriously liked. And then I couldn’t decide which I really wanted and then felt guilty since I didn’t need any…..Sigh. #toomanychoices

Champagne top | Happy Place | Stay-Cation |Champagne Diet (not pictured but available online)

I did try on the  Junk Food Stay-Cation Top though. These all seem to run differently then the ones I have, meaning they are more true to size. Less big and baggy but still plenty comfortable! I tried on a small. I also love the little embroidered stars. Such a cute detail!

Other Lounge Wear Items

Below are some other lounge wear tops, bottoms, a few pairs of slippers and socks I saw, too, that would also make great gifts. No pom pom socks for me though – once you have puppies, they’re a nightmare and guaranteed to last a short time. Ha!

So, there you have it. My little wrap up of my favorite lounge wear from Nordstrom!

Happy shopping!


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December 1, 2017

New Gym Clothes – Leggings, Tanks and More!

Boy have I been on a gym clothes buying kick the past 6 months. I started off feeling guilty about it but then it dawned on me, I go to the gym an average of 4x a week so why should I feel guilty? I wear these clothes A LOT. But honestly, I had gotten bored of the clothes I had, not a good excuse I realize, just honest. Ha! Or maybe I was just waiting for some new trends to really inspire me and that finally happened.

So, whether you actually go to the gym like me or just wear the clothes, I wanted to share my recent purchases since any of them can be worn not just to the gym but also to run around doing errands in or just hanging out in. Besides, the holiday season is here so maybe they’ll give you some present ideas. OR, the holidays will be over before we know it and we’ll have those extra lbs to work off. And maybe, just maybe, new gym clothes will make going to the gym that much better. ?

Leggings/Bottoms, Top to Bottom:

Alo Airbrush High Waist Glossy Legging (Small) – Glossy leggings are in! I love the look of them for the gym but also how it can be worn as an updated legging for every day. I originally bought the pair I linked but now there is also a midi length version of the legging. For a petite gal like me, midi is a great length! It is essentially a full length pair without having to them shortened. Also, Alo leggings can be expensive but this pair are less then $90. Score! Similar pairs are this Athleta shine tight and Lululemon sheen tight. Sizing: I size up in Alo.

Terez Heathered Camo Tall Band Legging (XS) – Gosh I love Terez. I bought my first pair last year in this fun sparkle print (mine are the cropped version) and the material just feels amazing on. Plus, they wear well and I can comfortably sweat in them without feeling hot.  The camo is a great print but relatively tame compared to some of their other prints. Ha! I’m in love with the rose camo version that is out now!! And, I’ve mentioned the blue with the stars I have, too. I don’t typically wear them to the gym but they definitely can be. I just decided to designate them as a fun printed legging for the weekends. Sizing: These run true to size.

Athleta High Rise Ripple Chaturanga™ Tight (XS) – I originally tried these on in the early Fall in the navy but just couldn’t decide at the time. But, then, I tried them on again in early November and decided to go with it! The pattern is kind of hard to see, which is good/bad depending on how much you love pattern. ? I like that it is subtle and not too busy to make it feel obvious. They are comfortable and definitely easy to move in. And they come in black, too! Sizing: These run true to size.

Chaturanga Tight

Lululemon Align Crop 21″ (size 4) – I bought my first pair of these amazingly soft crops back in early Summer in navy for yoga. And then I loved them so much I went and bought another pair in black. The material is like butter, making them amazing for yoga. I really don’t enjoy high rise much but these were the first pair I tried that I could tolerate the rise. After these I’ve bought more but these are the ones that made me converts. They now also come in a pant, i.e. full length, version. Sizing: True to size for Lululemon.

Lululemon Pace Rival Crop (size 4) – Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a runner. Dare I say I kind of hate it? ?In any case, I’d always stayed away from leggings, or crops, that have the back pocket, UNTIL I tried these on. The material, again, is just amazing. But what I really do like about these are the pockets along the legs. It is really nice to have a pair of leggings with a pocket for those random times I go out for a walk and want somewhere to put my phone. Or I’m just out with the kids somewhere that having a pocket in a legging is ideal. Sizing: True to size for Lululemon.

Tanks/Tops,  Top to Bottom

Athleta Twist Back Muscle Tank (XS) – When I went back to Athleta in early November and tried on the Chaturanga tights, I grabbed this tank to try on. I have wanted a tank that ties in the back but hadn’t seen a version I felt compelled to buy. I didn’t like the idea of actually have a tie on my lower back, especially for yoga where you end up on your back, because I pictured the knot digging in and hurting. This tank, though, the tie is a twist and doesn’t stick out at all making it very comfortable for all types of exercising. It does need to be worn with a high waist though or it may show a little belly when you lift your arms. Sizing: True to size.

Lululemon Sculpt Tank II (SE) (Size 4) – I originally bought this tank in white but again, I liked it so much I later went and got it in the black, too. These tanks are a comfortable light material that lays perfectly against the belly and have the right amount of cleavage coverage, too. And the panels along the back are also great, especially for yoga. Or any high intensity sweaty work out. Also, I love that it is easy to layer over, too. Sizing: True to size for Lululemon.

Sculpt Tank, Terez Camo Legging, Nike Juvenate

Lululemon Essential Tank (Size 4) – I originally wanted the black and white version, or what they call ‘Tiger Space Dye Black’ but it was sold out in the stores and online at the time in my size. So, I went with my next choice, the blue. However, that color is now sold out and the available color is a ‘heathered black’, which is actually a great color. The back of this tank is kind of cool, which was partially what drew me to it. But, mainly, I loved the neck and the looseness of it. Perfect for keeping cool in yoga but also great for all other works outs as well. Sizing: True to size for Lululemon.

Great face, huh? Wearing the Lululemon Essential Tank and Align Crop

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Racerback (Size 4) – This is definitely one of the brand’s most popular tanks and I understand why. It is so comfortable, particularly for a fitted tank! I like to have various options in my closet between loose and fitted and it’d been awhile since I’d bought a more fitted tank. This one, particularly the color (called ‘slate/white’), was exactly what I was looking for. Sizing: True to size for Lululemon.

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Tank

Other Hoodies, Jackets, Bras, Tops I Bought

Lululemon Energy Bra (size 4) – I ended up with this bra somewhat by accident but I’m loving it. The cut, material and fit are all great. As a petite girl with a medium bust, it fits me perfectly! (I wear a 32/34C).

Athleta Fully Focused Bra (Size XS) – I already owned this in white and then bought it in  gray and white striped once they updated it slightly in the strap area, and so recently, I bought the newer version in white. And it is definitely a good improvement but slight, basically it keeps the straps from flipping over in the back. This bra is comfortable, wears well, and the straps in the back add some visual interest.

Lululemon Scuba Hoodie IV in Viola (size 4) – This hoodie has been around for awhile and every year or so, they update it. I’ve actually tried it on in the past and never liked it enough to buy it. So whatever tweaks they have made this time, they finally worked for me! I like the length, the color (it does come in other colors, too), it’s not too tight along my sides and the thumb holes in the sleeves aren’t too tight, either. Perfection!

Early morning dog walk with my coffee, hoodie and my Uggs and I’m good to go!

Athleta Cozy Karma Pullover (XS) – All I can say is I love this pullover and would almost dare to call it dreamy! The style of it with the faux cross over, high neck and pockets just make it amazing. Plus, there is fleece inside the neck and the zipper makes taking it off and on very easy. Just perfection on a cold day. The pink color is really pretty and comes with a rose gold zipper! Sizing: True to size.

Zella Zelfusion Reflective Quilted Jacket (XS) – This jacket, by far, has gotten the most wear since I’ve bought it only a few weeks ago. Similar to the other pullover and hoodie above, I just could live in it. And it really truly is a jacket but I just feel so cozy when I wear it that I could almost justify wearing it around the house. Ha! Dare I say it is actually better made then some The North Face versions out there that are similar?!

Zella jacket and Alo Glossy Legging

Alo ‘Glimpse’ Pullover (XS) – Last but not least is this pullover top I got. The high slits on the side are very in style but honestly, it’s really soft and comfortable to wear, which is why buying it was an easy decision for me. Plus, it can be worn with anything, not just to the gym. Sizing: True to size.

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