July 7, 2017

HelloFresh Trial and Meal #1

HelloFresh is just one of the well known companies out there that offers a meal kit subscription service. After recently having the opportunity to do a trial with the company, I am finally sharing my thoughts about it and whether I found it worthwhile for my family. Read on to see how the first recipe in my trial was.

While I’m not usually in need of a meal kit delivery service, there are occasionally times that it is ideal to have everything ready to go and to just follow a recipe. When I went to go pick out my 3 meals for the week, I found it interesting that they offered a “FIT” line of meals, described as “Quick and nutritious meals under or around 650 calories per serving.” Since I aim to make and eat healthier dinners for my husband and I, this was a perfect option to me, i.e. no need to sacrifice health for ease. I went ahead and created my account, updated my food preferences under my profile, and then, selected the 3 meals for the week:

  1. Lean Green Steak Machine
  2. Chicken Sausage Pizzas
  3. Presto Pesto Panko Chicken.

Presentation: When the box came, I have to say that the way it was came was so well done. Very neat, organized, clear packaging, and big recipe cards with pictures and easy to follow directions.

Each meal had its own box with ingredients, minus the chicken and steak

Below the top 3 boxes was this divider – pretty clever, right?

Everything that was inside the big box

Today I am just reviewing my first of the 3 meals, Lean Green Steak Machine. Here’s the recipe card for it:

Ok, on to the ingredients and the recipe…..

All the ingredients that were inside the smaller box

Here’s an abbreviated version of the recipe I followed:

Step 1 – Prep the vegetables for the succotash. That’s red onion, zucchini, asparagus, and lemon zest.

Step 2 – Chop the chives and mint for the herb dressing for the steak

the finished dressing

Step 3 – Start cooking the succotash

Step 4 – Move on to the steak

Step 5 – All done, plate the food!

Verdict on the Recipe: The ingredients seemed fresh and the taste of the steak and sauce were delicious. But the quantity of steak was just not enough for 2 people at all. I wasn’t in love with the succotash because I don’t love peas and neither does my husband. To be honest, he ended up eating something else entirely and I ate what you see on the plate above. Hard to say whether I’d pick this recipe again, or at least I’d make sure I had extra steak at the very least. Also, I wish the succotash came with a vegetable other then peas but oh well. But, keep in mind, there are so many recipe options to choose from, especially if you aren’t choosing from the ‘Fit’ menu like I was. Plenty of them sound delicious!

What I loved was the Recipe Card because:

  1. How well it spelled out, along the side of the recipe card, what items you’ll need to go with the recipe, i.e. zester, small bowl, 2 large pans, paper towel and olive oil, so you can prep before the prep. 🙂
  2. Quantity of each ingredient listed along the side as well.
  3. Wine suggestion that pairs well with the recipe.
  4. Clear directions to follow, ie. SUPER IMPORTANT!

Worthwhile for my family: Unfortunately, I don’t think so. The cheapest plan, called the ‘Classic’ costs, for 2 people, 3 meals a week about $60/month. For our family and my current schedule where I am often home enough to pre-plan dinner or am home around dinner time to make a meal for my husband and I before it gets too late, it just doesn’t make sense. Sadly, I can’t factor my kids in because they just don’t eat enough of the foods offered in the recipes.

I’ll be posting my review of another one of the recipes in the next week or so.

Have you tried a meal delivery company before and if so, which one? Let me know which ones you’ve had success with since I may think about trying another company at some time. Meanwhile, if you want to try HelloFresh, click here to try it for free like I did!

Happy eating!

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