October 20, 2016

Getting Dressed FAST for an Evening out

Hi All,

Not sure if this happens to you but some nights it seems that time goes by fast and before I realize it, I need to be heading out the door in 30 minutes or less, either to meet girlfriends for dinner or even just a dinner date with my husband. Usually I get tied up with kids and getting them to bed but sometimes other things come up and I have to figure out what I’m wearing STAT. When this time crunch happens, I have a few tips for how to get dressed and out the door without running late (or, realistically, only a few minutes late. Just sayin’…..).

  • Go with what you know – Pick a neutral color that you’re comfortable with (for me it’s black or blue) and throw on the top and spice it up with a long necklace or a good statement necklace
  • Make sure you have tops that can be dressed up or down – this can be hard one because often material is key to this. There are just some materials that allow for the versatility of this like rayon or cotton blends. So buy a few to always have on hand. Also, style is important as well – usually a simple round neck semi-loose top or v-neck works best for this (Loving this seamed shirttail tee from Loft right now, plus it’s on sale).
  • Dress or romper = insta outfit. Any jewelry works.
  • Plan ahead – If I know I am meeting a girlfriend for dinner mid-week, I may plan my outfit for the entire day around that except I’ll wear more casual shoes and jewelry with the outfit during the day and throw on a shoe with a heel or wedge for the evening and possibly swap out a necklace and off I go.

In this example below, I swapped out the white long sleeve tee for a simple black tank and switched my shoes to wedges. The boots are perfect for the daytime when running errands. For evening, swap out the boots for  wedges to take the outfit and make it perfect for a nicer evening out (i.e. date night). You don’t even have to swap jewelry – I had on a necklace that worked for both day and night.



Jeans – similar | Any plain White Tee | Tank| Any tall black boot| Necklace | Blanknyc jacket |  | Wedges

Below is another variation of the outfit, WITH FLATS. Flats can be fine for day or night, depending on your day time activity and evening activity. You may not even feel the need to swap out your shoes at all and wear them all day and then just change your top or jewelry instead.  img_0740


(a new favorite which may get their own post!)

Last few points to add:

  • I’d probably take a few minutes to add a bit more eye make up for going out at night regardless of what I’m wearing
  • Also, it’s good to have some simple layering tanks in versatile materials that can also be dressed up or down. The tank I threw on is a rayon/lycra blend so isn’t just a plain cotton tank. The material is nice enough that it keeps the feel of the outfit a bit dressier for the evening but perfectly comfortable and simple for day time.

Hope these tips help you get out the door in a flash!



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