August 19, 2016

My Food Diary – Pt. 2

Here’s the rest of my food diary for the week and Natalie’s comments. If you missed Part 1, find it here.


Breakfast (8 am) – Water and usual cereal
Snack #1 (9:45 am -11 am) – Drank 12 oz of water while at the gym and 1 energy bite right after class
Snack #2 (11:05 am) – Usual Starbucks drink
Lunch (1:30 pm) – Whole wheat deli thin with 3 slices of honey maple turkey, 2 slices of thin Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, handful of Lay’s Reduced Fat Kettle Chips, few bites watermelon and 1 peach, and water – This sandwich is the usual lunch I eat during the week and the chips are my FAVORITE
Snack (4 pm) – Curate bar (Green) and water – I love these Curate bars I found at  Target! They come in a few flavors and I’ve tried most of them including the orange one but the green, brown and light blue are my favorites

Dinner (7:30 pm) – a few roasted brussel sprouts (leftover), whole wheat quesadilla, small bit of leftover Chipotle, 4 oz Jose Cuervo Lite Margarita, and water – Just wasn’t on my game this week for dinner so went with what I was in the mood for but did my best to keep it as healthy as possible; the Jose Cuervo Light Margarita drink is a ready to pour and serve. It is THE BEST of its kind, in my opinion, since it tastes good and has less guilt. Plus, it should be easy to find at any liquor store
Dessert (9 pm) – Usual Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups but went with 3 this night instead of 2


  • Lunch: good job. You can always double the turkey and cut one of the two fruits, or better yet – the chips!
  • Dinner: pretty good – lots of veggies!
  • All in all, a good day!

Friday – Road Trip to Raleigh
Breakfast (7:30 am) – Water and usual cereal
Snack #1 (8 am) – Usual Starbucks drink – Got this to go for the car ride since it’s a long one
Snack #2 (10:30 am) – McDonald’s egg sandwich on English muffin, water – Stopped to get a snack and since I was hungry, went with the egg sandwich to hold me off until lunch because I knew that the lunch I brought with me was kind of small. Was hoping this would help keep me from being starving by the time we got to Raleigh and not snacking too much in the car and it worked
Lunch (1pm, on the road) – Smuckers sandwich, small apple and small handful of Popcorners kettle chips
Snack #3 (3pm) – handful of Light Smartfood Delight popcorn and a handful of strawberries – I brought the popcorn with me because I knew the snacks at my in-laws are not usually food I eat 
Dinner (6pm) – 4 oz steak, roasted potatoes, pasta with spinach and feta – So this was one of those situations where I didn’t know the plan for dinner before we got there and felt that eating what was being offered (steak) was the easiest decision. I do enjoy steak and wanted to make things easy for my FIL who was making the meal. However, steak alone isn’t enough food for both my husband and I so I had him go to the prepared foods section at the grocery store and get whatever he thought was easiest from the choices there. While I wish he hadn’t gotten 2 carbs, I didn’t want to complain and the pasta was surprisingly really good!
Dessert (8pm) – 1 Tate’s chocolate chip cookie and 1 dark chocolate peanut butter cup – yup, brought my beloved dessert with me, too! 😉 The Tate’s cookie was in my in-law’s pantry and since my daughter was eating one and I love them, I decided to have one as well but had only 1 peanut butter cup instead of my usual 2-3.  


  • Traveling can be tough. If you are able to plan ahead and pack healthy options in a cooler, that is obviously ideal, but with all that goes into traveling, that may be difficult. Otherwise, the trick is making the best choices when faced with limited options.
  • Breakfast: I am a big fan of the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin – remove top slice of muffin for an open-faced sandwich and you’d get an A+
  • Snack: the addition of a protein would have made for a more well-rounded snack
  • Dinner: roasted potatoes and pasta is a double whammy of carbs. Choose one or the other, or better yet, omit both and double the spinach. You can also be more liberal with your steak portion if still hungry.

Saturday – Raleigh
7:30am – My usual Starbucks drink
Breakfast (8am) – a honey whole wheat bagel with margarine, 3 oz orange juice and water –  I eat a bagel once a week and it’s this bagel that is my favorite. I brought it with me to Raleigh so I wouldn’t miss out.
Lunch (1pm) – fish tacos (2 1/2 out of 3) with light crema on side and 3 tortilla chips – Went bowling as a family and eating lunch there was easiest choice. Tried to pick something that I would enjoy and was semi-healthy. The salads on the menu weren’t that appetizing or probably just as “healthy” as the fish tacos.
Snack (3:30pm) – Starbucks medium Mocha Frapuccino Light (shared with husband) – Some hot days just call for this kind of snack. I always get the “light” frap though to cut back on the calories and I skip whip cream
Snack #1 (4pm) – 1 lemon vanilla Oreo thin, to try – my family and my in-law’s all eat Oreo’s. I’m not a huge fan but the lemon flavored vanilla thin was intriguing and quite good! But I got my fill from the 1 and was done. 
Snack #2 (5pm) – Curate bar (brown) and 1 strawberry, part of mozzarella skin cheese stick – Was hungry AGAIN and my daughter didn’t finish her cheese stick so I ate it because it was just the right amount of food to tide me over until dinner. Oh, and I brought the Curate bar with me to have as a good snack. Ha!
Dinner (8pm) – edamame and sushi, and a cocktail – The hubby and I got out for a date night while we were there in Raleigh and went to this restaurant called Mura. I ate a bunch of sushi but knew that not all kinds were good for me because there were definitely a few rolls with tempura flakes. I tend to be the most lenient with what I eat on date nights so I ate and enjoyed.

9:30pm – 2 dark chocolate peanut butter cups – I’m normally up for getting dessert when we go out to dinner but this night I wasn’t feeling it and knew I had the peanut butter cups back at the house that I was perfectly fine with.


  • Breakfast: If a bagel is your only option, best to scoop it out. Additionally go for the real thing – butter instead of margarine. Margarine is composed of harmful trans fats whereas butter, despite being a saturated fat, is all natural.
  • Lunch: good job! Assuming some veggies were in the tacos
  • Snack #1: I like that you went for a “light” frap – I often do that when the craving for one hits
  • Dinner: Sushi is generally a healthy meal. What I often tell my clients is to always start with both a miso soup and a green salad. Miso soup is extremely light, as is a salad with ginger dressing, however it helps to fill you up before the entrée. When ordering sushi some healthy options are to ask for “light” rice, rolls wrapped in cucumber (instead of rice), or go for the gold star and simply order sashimi.

Natalie’s General Comments:

  • Energy bites:
    I love that the ingredients are simple and healthy, they also look absolutely delicious! Be careful that they are heavy on fat, provided by the chocolate chips, coconut, and peanut butter (also flax seeds but those are sooo healthy I can’t call them out). So when you have them, consume one or two “small” bites max.
  • Smoothie:
    To be honest, I am not a smoothie fan. I am not a fan of drinking calories, period. Smoothies are a great way to get a lot of nutrition in a fast and portable way, however there are a few things to be weary of. Liquids do not fill you up as solids do. They empty faster from the stomach and fail to trigger your body’s feeling of satiety the same way solids and volume do. Not only do they empty faster but they are consumed faster, therefore you realize you are full a lot later than you may have had you eaten all of the ingredients whole. With all that being said, if you’re a smoothie fan, there are certainly much worse vices.

This exercise is something that everyone should do at some point in their life, especially if they are having health issues or trying to change their eating habits. It’s truly an enlightening exercise to pay such close attention to what you eat. If you are interested in contacting Natalie to discuss  your own health, diet, or food questions/concerns, you can reach her at (917) 902-2900 or .



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