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September 29, 2017

Fall Trend Lust

There are so many Fall trends I’m loving right now that I wanted to put together a post with what is inspiring me the most of what I want to buy and wear, or just lust after. ?

Thoughts on the Trends

Of course not every trend works for every person, right? As a petite mom, I like the bell sleeve trend but honestly, it doesn’t always work well with my small frame – or my inclination of getting food on my clothes. Do I really need a loose hanging sleeve to increase my chances of getting food on myself?  And is a cold shoulder, velvety soft top or ruffles always the most practical when I’m just running around doing errands. I mean I do love the ruffle trend as long as the ruffles are understated (and don’t require ironing after a washing. Have you ever had a shirt whose ruffles were a nightmare after the wash?! You don’t ever want to wear the top again!). Oh, and those 2 trends, ruffles and bell sleeve together, forget it! You’d laugh at me I’m sure. But, if it works for you, go for it! I consider you lucky that you can pull off multiple trends at once and not look silly while doing it. But for this gal, I have to be more precise in picking and wearing trends that work for my body and my lifestyle.

How I Decide

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, I like to pick one or two new trends to embrace. While the cold shoulder is still a popular style, it is nice to see some different styles on trend now for Fall and Winter. How many cold shoulder tops/blouses can 1 person have?? And what if you don’t even like your shoulders or you get cold easily!? I mean…..So, I’m going to likely go for the ruffle and velvet, but not together like I mentioned. Ha! And then after that, I may continue  looking for the right blouse with a bell sleeve that is not too bell sleeve. Does that make sense?
Without further ado….here are the trends I’m seeing that I found worthy of mentioning and which I’m going to go for!

1. Bell Sleeves, Ruffles and One Shoulder Tops (Cold Shoulder is still there, too!)

Bell sleeves, ruffles, one shoulder and cold shoulder tops are everywhere! Bell sleeves,  have been around for awhile now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere yet but now there is a version where the bell is created by a tie on the sleeve. Kind of interesting – or possibly uncomfortable?? In any case, if you haven’t scooped up one of these styles yet, now is the good time!  As for one shoulder tops, it seems they’re now showing up solo or combined with a cold shoulder. If you’re the kind of person who isn’t too cold to show a little shoulder in the winter, then I’d check out this trend.

As for ruffles, I am enjoying seeing them in a sweatshirt or casual top like the one below by Splendid (most likely for me to buy because not too overwhelming on my petite frame), the Lush one cold shoulder version, or the one from Hinge. I actually got the blue cold shoulder ruffled short sleeved top at Loft recently. It it is comfy and perfect for dressing up for an evening or works well for day time, too, i.e. basically a good transitional piece.

Note: I stopped in at Bloomingdales last week while I was in the middle of working on this post. I tried on 2 ruffle tops, including the Splendid one I mentioned above:

The Velvet by Graham & Spencer top, on the left, is really almost a true sweatshirt because it has actual fleece inside – and I really loved it! But, I am going to wait for now because I am not that far in to the season to be in the mood for such a warm top yet. I also like how the ruffles seem like they will wash well. As for the Splendid top, I liked it, too, but it’s that terry cotton material. And definitely more casual looking of the 2. The price points are similar so we’ll, see which I end up with. Note, they didn’t have the pink version of the Splendid top in the store or I would have tried that color on.

2. Velvet

As for velvet, it seems like an easy trend to try for the Fall/Winter.  This top by Parker (it’s got it all – the velvet, off the shoulder and a ruffle!) is really pretty and feminine. I especially love the pink. I also love this version of the Rebecca Minkoff ‘Love’ purse, this pair of flats by Sam Edelman or this high top from Vince.  I saw this one shoulder blouse by Cooper & Ella top when I was at Bloomingdales but didn’t try it on. It does look comfy and easy to style so a good consideration for incorporating a velvet top in to your wardrobe. This dress by Ali & Jay looks fun (of course, it has the cold shoulder and ruffle!) and for an every day way to wear velvet, try this tee from Z Supply.  Ha! I added a few more options below that I’ve seen that I’ve liked as well.


3. Embellishments and Embroidery

Embellishments and embroidery seem like another fun trend to try this Fall and they’re easy to find – from shoes, shirts, purses, and more, basically they’re all around! Beads and studs seem to be the most popular. Rebecca Minkoff has their same ‘Love’ purse in a version with embellishments that is currently on sale (basically, you can’t go wrong with a Rebecca Minkoff purse this season. Ha!). If you like pretty things on your shoes, try this pair of mules from Sam Edelman (while also embracing the ‘mule’ shoe trend), I love the studs on these Jslides slip on sneakers (boot version here) and also the flowers on this Rails top. This faux leather jacket by Blanknyc is so pretty and actually combines embroidered flowers and studs! More pics below.


4. Cut off hems and step hems for denim

It’s always nice to see easy a new trend in denim that is easy to get in to and I consider the step and cut off hem to be those, especially the cut off hem. I’ve gone for both trends when buying new jeans this Fall. By the way, one great perk about buying a cut off hem pair of jeans – hemming them is easy. Ha! Little secret, I’ve taken 2 pairs of jeans to a local tailor to have them cut instead of doing it myself. I just trust them to do a straighter job and they have those big clothing shears that work so great. Bonus – they may not even charge to do it.  ?Below are my favorites of this trend.

So that’s a wrap on my Fall trends!  Happy shopping!

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