October 12, 2015

Energy Bites – My Daily Snack


The ingredients

Energy Bites – ever heard of them? They’re quite common these days. When I first came across the recipe for them 3 years ago (according to when I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest board), I had never heard of them but LOVED the idea of them. I made my first batch soon after pinning the recipe and have been hooked ever since. I eat one almost daily – I throw one in my cute little cupcake re-useable bag, toss it in my purse and off I go. I most often eat my bite as my mid-morning snack, which for me is around 11. This is usually when I’m done at the gym but also about the same time that it’s my half way point between breakfast and lunch. And it really does help tide me over. I even travel with them by putting them in a little container!

While I can’t take credit for the recipe, I broke it down for you here as to how it looks when I make them. Oh, and I leave out the coconut, just not a fan of it.

The great thing about them is they last close to 2 weeks, depending how many you make and how often you eat them. (Note: You can tell when they’re kind of stale because they’re dry and crumbly).

Also, the recipe says you can substitute the chocolate chips for all sorts of other foods like dried fruits. I have yet to try it any other way since chocolate and peanut butter are 2 of my favorite foods mixed together. 🙂


Everything ready to be mixed up


All mixed together and ready to go in the fridge


After the fridge, not that different from appearance then the before but definitely stickier


What an actual bite looks like


How I store them and general idea of size


Taking my daily bite to go

Happy snacking!

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  • Reply Yvonne October 16, 2015 at 6:46 am

    So much better than those FiberOne bars – thanks.
    Where can I get the cute cupcake bag?

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