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September 25, 2017

Easy Fall Outfit

Happy Fall! I don’t know about you all but these last few weeks have been insane! I think it’s mainly due to the kids being back in school, which SHOULD seemingly make my life simpler but it’s been anything but.

I decided to join the PTA at my daughter’s school this year as the Communications Co-Chair and with all the activities we have had this month – a picnic, back to school night, and a restaurant night – plus, all the other parts of the job entails, it’s taken up quite a bit of the time that I’d normally be working or doing this wee little blog of mine, Lattes and Lip Gloss.

My life has basically consisted of the gym, running errands, PTA, work, catching up with some friends I hadn’t seen much over the Summer, taking care of kids, after school activities, dinner, getting kids to bed and playing catch up on paperwork, emails, etc. Throw in there a birthday (my youngest daughter had her birthday her 2nd day of Kindergarten, as if starting Kindergarten wasn’t enough itself!), my 14th anniversary the very next day, a Jewish holiday, a birthday party, a doctor’s appointment or 2, one emergency trip to the vet, and you can basically understand why I haven’t been doing many posts. But, rest assured, I’m getting back in to it as much as I can now that I think things have calmed down for a bit. (Famous last words….)

Originally, I was going to do a different post for today that I’ve been working on but I decided to do this one first since it is really just an easy Fall outfit while I finish up the other post. That post is a bit more in depth look at some Fall trends I’m liking/coveting right now. Besides, it’s only 80 degrees still here in the Northeast so what’s better then picturing Fall while we don’t have it yet? And here’s to wishing it gets here very soon!

Oh, and if you’re as tired of posts with pictures of me in them, don’t worry. The upcoming post has very few of them, I promise. Ha!

Top (Under $25!), runs TTS| Shoes  (From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale), run TTS| Jeans (so soft and comfy!), also run TTS

I found this top back in August so luckily, it’s on sale now. I loved the color (it does come in a few other colors), the fun cut of it and just the easy laid back style of it. Pretty sure it’s a piece that will be getting a lot of wear this Fall

Closer view of the shoes. They are good transition booties but let’s be honest, once the temperature dips to a certain degree, I will not be wearing perforated, or open, anything! They are, however, a great neutral color, perfect for Fall.

This picture shows a better view of the top, with the slit up the side that I really liked. What’s also great about it is it seems long enough to wear with leggings, too.

Also, if you want to laugh, my 9 year old daughter took the top picture for me one day in August when it wasn’t ridiculously hot. She did a pretty good job, right?!

Happy shopping and wishing Fall arrives soon!

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