May 1, 2017

Early Summer Wish List – South Moon Under

I stopped in at one of my favorite boutiques last week, South Moon Under, and it got me mentally making a Wish List for the Summer. Coincidentally, I have some events coming up as well that call for some possible new clothes so what better excuse to do some browsing, right?

One of the events I have coming up is a baby “sprinkle” brunch. So in my mind, a little summer dress would be perfect. So, first I went looking in the store at the rompers and dresses.  I think my favorite is the black dress and I love the peach romper. Peach isn’t a great color for me, but I love the style of it and I think it would get a lot of use at other times during the summer. Same with the black dress. Plus, it could be dressed up for down, which is a bonus in my book.

Another event I have coming up in calls for a cocktail dress. I haven’t started shopping for this event yet but I could see either of these dresses being strong possibilities. I do love blue…..

While shopping for a new dress is always fun, you know what else is fun – bathing suit shopping! Haha, totally joking! But, sometimes it’s a necessity, especially if you want a new one. You can’t just throw one on and head out the door. HELL NO. So, I braved the lights of the dressing room to try on a few that day (No, I didn’t take selfies to share!!). I did get the middle row left bathing suit below but I’m not totally set on it yet mainly because a) it’s a bikini and I was trying to get a new full piece and b) it’s base is white and that makes me a little nervous regardless of how well it’s made. LOVE the black one but it wasn’t in the store so I am going to order it online and see how it is in person.


Not to be forgotten is the simple shorts and tops. I don’t need any at the moment but I was thinking ahead to what I may want as the Summer gets closer and was making a mental Wish List. It may be hard to tell but the black pair of shorts are eyelet and really cute in person. I LOVE the white cold shoulder top and shockingly, I was drawn to both the white floral tank and the black one. I can’t begin to say how outside my comfort zone floral print is but I’m seriously considering one of them. I can picture how pretty either would look with white jeans for a date night. Or, for the event I have in early May. I’m still working on what I’m going to wear for that – it’s a charity dinner/auction I’ve never been to before and my understanding is it’s not cocktail attire so less casual then that but maybe a little bit nicer then just blue jeans and a top. In my mind, white jeans and a nicer top may fit the bill for it. TBD! Oh, and I have the camo shorts below, wore them to Disney (you can see my them in this post) so I know you can’t go wrong with them as an alternative to jean shorts.


I also loved these 2 tops, especially the sunglasses tee.

Last, I even browsed the jewelry and accessories to add to my Summer Wish List! How great is the palm clutch below?? While I was in the store I had some serious consideration for buying it that day. I held myself back for the moment though, ha!

Crazy that I could go in to 1 store and come up with such a big wish list for Summer, right? Or not crazy at all but great! Anyway, I guess you’ll have to keep checking the blog to see as we finish up Spring and Summer rolls around what I end up getting from this Wish List.

Happy shopping!

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