March 7, 2016

Dressing Room Selfies at Loft


Spring is almost here – yeah!! Of course, the temptation of warm weather always gets me excited to buy a few new items to add to my closet. This past week, I decided to start at Loft. One reason I’m fan of Loft is because they always have a good selection of what I call “every day tops,” basically, blouses, tees, tops simple sweaters with little details, etc. Plus, I’ve a fan of the Lou & Grey line and have a few pieces from that collection that are among my favorites in my closet.

I went to the store one day after a trip to the gym so I grabbed a pair of jeans (more at the bottom of the post about the jeans) from the store to try the tops on with plus, I actually brought a regular bra with me so I could realistically see how the tops looked (vs. wearing over a sports bra, ha!). Only thing missing for me is a simple white layering white tank. I made do without as you’ll see.

Side note – I didn’t even realize that most of the tops I tried fell into colors of blue, white, and gray. Yes, occasionally  my taste is boring, or classic, however you want to see it. 


I started with the above top, Lou & Grey’s Signature Soft Hoodie (wearing an  XS), because I’d seen another blogger RAVE about it. I will say it was extremely comfortable but in the end, I didn’t realize it was a dolman sleeve style which isn’t usually flattering on my small frame. Plus, at $60, I wasn’t sure it was worth it so I passed.


Next I tried this sweater (wearing an XS). Nothing truly wrong with it, just too simple for what I was looking for. It does come in some other colors so I could see maybe the navy or white being a good option to go with a fun patterned pant for a cooler Spring day. Passed.

IMG_9475 IMG_9477

This shirttail hem sweater was one of those tops on the table by the door when you walk in. I couldn’t decide what color to try on but ultimately grabbed this blue-green-grayish color (they call it Coastal Grey) and I actually really liked it (wearing a small). I don’t normally love shirttail hem style tops on me but this one I was pleasantly surprised by. It’s medium weight so could definitely be a good top for transitioning into the Spring. And it has a bit of that burnout look (it is a knit-ish material) so a tank underneath is likely a must. I think by sizing up I liked the looser fit on me. I am still considering buying this sweater.

IMG_9478 IMG_9479

Next I tried this little lace tee (wearing an XS). I was going for something with a little more style then I normally have in my closet. It was mostly comfortable and an easy fit. I tried to show how I would wear it either hanging loose or with a sloppy tuck in the front. Ultimately, I passed on this top because when I moved my arms up, it pulled where the lace cut outs were and it wasn’t comfortable and felt constricting.


I’m always a fan of tanks with a little lace so this one was a natural pick for me. It was easy and comfortable. I didn’t buy this one for now because I did get a good nice white tank from Loft last summer in a similar style but I may buy it in the navy later.

IMG_9481 IMG_9483

So the pictures of this knit tee don’t do the comfort of it justice. This is the one item I actually walked out of the store with. Boring, I know. Lol. But, trust me. I grabbed the last XS to try on and I could see why there weren’t many left. It is THAT comfortable. Plus, it’s this knit fabric that I felt I could dress up or down and therefore, get the most use out of. It does come in other colors from what I saw online but I didn’t see the other colors in the store.


Then, I got to trying on the two blouses I grabbed. I was trying to branch out a little by trying on some with faint patterns. This blue blouse has pretty green polka dots. I liked it more then I expected but they smallest size they had in it was a small so that’s what I’m wearing but I think I could have used the XS.  I also would say I only “liked” it, not “loved” it. Passed.

IMG_9485 IMG_9486

This blue blouse is from the Lou & Grey line (wearing an XS). It was SO soft. I loved everything about it except I wasn’t sure how I liked how it looked actually on me. Untucked it seemed too big and tucked it looked alright. But I have a navy blue blouse from last year in an almost exact style from Velvet brand so I just couldn’t decide whether it was worth it to spend the money. I passed on it but am just still so unsure!

IMG_9487 IMG_9488

This last sweater (wearing an XS) I tried on, I actually had in my hand as I walked up to the register. I loved the detailing and the different material in the back. It has a little bit of a burnout style to it as well. I just know I will likely get wear out of it but I only had a small amount of money I was planning to spend that day and I hemmed and hawed between this sweater and the knit tee. I was THAT undecided about it. As I said, I got the tee but I’m pretty sure I’m going to go back this week to get it now that there is 30% off promotion going on.

*The jeans I am wearing in all the pictures are their Modern Sateen Skinny Jean (size 25) in the Authentic Indigo Wash, kind of like a light-medium wash. These jeans were a mid-rise and pretty soft and stretchy.

Hope this helps anyone looking to get some new tops for the Spring.

Happy shopping!


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