February 3, 2017

Cross Front Tee

I am a big lover of a comfy tee and always looking for fresh styles for the Spring. So, recently I took it upon myself to give some a try for the benefit of all the tee lovers out there, like myself. 

First up was a stop in BP at Nordstrom. They have 3 different styles by two different brands. The two I tried on this day were by BP. First, I tried the blush version (Wearing an XS).  The blush version was just ok. I didn’t love the hemline and the color on me. But it was soft and comfortable enough. The green version I liked better but the color was just not ideal although it does come in a black and burgundy/red, too (Note: Wearing XXS here because but they didn’t have the XS in the store or I would have gone with the XS).

For the price point of both of these, they could be worth it depending how long this trend lasts or what color you’re looking for. Also, they both have a length I liked because it means they could be worn with leggings. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the Socialite version in our store that day to try it on but I’ve seen another blogger wearing it and they seem to be a big fan of it.

The other cross front tee I tried on is by the high end tee brand LNA. I first saw this tee in a store folded on a table. I looked at it for a second since it was such a different style, felt the material and thought to myself, “Hmmm, maybe this is a nice way to spice up a simple tee.” I didn’t buy the tee that day in the store but I went home and decided to order the same one online in ‘Charcoal,’ along with the double strap V style tee  in ‘Navy Ink’, also from LNA. I got them both in a small because that is what the description said the model was wearing and I liked the idea of them being long enough to wear with leggings and being slightly loose. While LNA is expensive, especially compared to the tees at Nordstrom I tried, I will admit the quality of these tees is somewhat justified. They are soft, constructed well and fit comfortably. 

PSST….seeing these shoes reminded me I desperately needed to find a version of them in black or gray that fit well enough for me to keep. Sorry I didn’t have a better color to show the tee with here

Wearing with leggings

Now, the dilemma was that I liked both!! I really didn’t love the color of the cross front tee though and wanted white. So, I sent it back and was able to find the white version on a different site in my size. For now, I decided to keep the other double v strap tee because I like the color and in general, it reflects my personal style well. Also, you may be thinking they’re both a little low around the cleavage and while it is slightly true, it isn’t low enough to bother me or for my bra to show, so to me, it isn’t an issue.

Honestly, there aren’t too many of cross front style tees out right now to suggest but I did find this one by Topshop. And if the double V is your style, there’s also this version by LNA here in an off-white and thicker straps.

Thankfully, the white version came before I finished this post so you can see how it looks below. 

Also, I’d hate not to mention the shoes in the photo above. Yup, after taking that first picture in the post and realizing that I still have yet to find a pair of black slip on shoes I liked that fit AND were comfortable, I went on the hunt and I am happy to report that the pair I’m wearing here are keepers. Yeah!!!

Happy shopping and let me know if you have any luck finding any other cross front tees you’d recommend.


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  • Reply jen February 3, 2017 at 9:53 am

    Renee’ I LOVE slip on sneaks and they are so hard to find!!! I was so excited to see you wearing and posting about them, too! I might order the black pair!

    • Reply rlevine1 February 3, 2017 at 11:32 am

      Jen I def recommend trying this pair! I may do a post soon with some pairs since there are so many out there.

      • Reply jen February 3, 2017 at 11:37 am

        YES!!!! An entire post on slip on sneaks would be amazing!! ??

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