September 9, 2015

Closet Confession

I have a confession – I sometimes try on clothes in my closet to piece together outfit options when I buy a new pair of jeans, shoes, or a top that I’m not sure about keeping. I do this to make sure the item works well with what I already own and also to make sure I actually LIKE how it looks on me in my own closet. It’s  like my own little personal make shift fashion show. Sometimes I take pictures, sometimes not. #closetconfession.

I wasn’t originally planning to show anyone these pics since I didn’t look my best (it was the end of the day) and I was only taking the pics to see how the outfits looked from a different view. So just ignore my face and the mess I created during the process. ? But I decided that maybe this process would be helpful to someone else. So here goes!

Here is what I was trying on and the outcome:

  1. Brown booties – I have never tried Sole Society shoes before but since they make shoes in my teeny size (a 5!), I decided to bite the bullet and try these booties. Sadly, they were not comfortable. I liked the look of them on and may try them again later in one of the suede colors. Maybe the softer material will be more comfortable?
  2. Jeans – (Wearing in the first 2 pictures) I got these COH jeans for a really great price so this was a hard decision.  I am leaning towards returning them only because they are a very similar wash to another pair of COH I own (the pair I’m wearing in the other pictures). Plus, they are not quite as tight in the calf as I’m currently looking for. And honestly, there is nothing remarkable about them except the length which I was going to have shortened anyway at this point to work with booties.
  3. Plaid shirt – I was most excited about this top because I have a Rails plaid shirt on my “to buy” list for this Fall. So I was excited to see one version of the shirt on sale at Bloomingdales when I went the other weekend. But the issue I noticed in the store with it sticking to the back of jeans in a weird way I also noticed at home. PLUS, I had missed in the store how it was gaping oddly on me in the front so back it went. (The one I’m wearing in the photo is not online anymore so I linked the closest one I could fine).
  4. Black booties – Saw these in the Nordstrom kids shoe department and fell in love. But wasn’t sure I could pull them off. One of the main reasons I was doing this closet try on was to see if I liked how they looked with clothes I already had in my closet. The good news is that I think I can make them work. Bad news is that they were a little big so I’m hoping the smaller size I ordered fits me.
  5. Leggings – Didn’t take any pictures of me in them. They were too small in the xs but are really cool. Will probably be re-ordering them in the small and trying again.

Sole Society booties and DV by Dolce Vita booties

IMG_7063 (2)

New jeans with the DV Booties (Jeans are tucked under to try out for length)

IMG_7068 (2)

Same jeans again with different shoes, still tucked under, trying to see how the jeans look at a different length

A favorite pair of jeans with the Sole Society booties

Old COH jeans with the Sole Society booties – I liked this look – these are the jeans I already own similar to the new ones I was trying on


Rails plaid shirt with old COH jeans


Trying on the shoes again with different jeans, my old COH jeans

Am I the only one who ever does this? Do you have any tricks to making sure a new item works with your existing wardrobe?



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    Love the tips and tricks and closet confessions! Good job!

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