November 2, 2015

Bloglovin’ – A Favorite App

If you have never heard of the app (or website) Bloglovin’, I’m going to let you in one a secret – it is by far one of the best free apps out there!

I first came upon Bloglovin’ over a year ago. I can’t quite remember how I learned about it but it quickly became one of my favorite apps. No, it’s not for staying organized or doing much of anything truly useful. BUT, if you like to read blogs and prefer to do it in one place in an organized fashion, then, it’s an app you should definitely check out.

So what exactly is it you ask? Well, basically it keeps all the blogs you follow/subscribe to in one”feed”, kind of akin to Facebook. The blogs on Bloglovin’ cover everything from fashion to food to DIY. Over 20 million people use it!! And I bet almost any blog you have checked out or subscribed to, is on it. Including mine of course. 😉 (Here’s the link to the Lattes & Lip Gloss blog on Bloglovin’).

After you first create an account, you can pick which blogs to follow in your feed and each time you open the app, you will see those blog posts. Features I love about the app are the ability to select whether your homepage shows all the blogs you follow or shows the unread posts (I have mine set to the unread posts), you can save posts to refer back to later, and it makes recommendations on blogs to follow based on your interests. You can also search to find new blogs to follow or just check out which blogs are the most popular (found under “Activity”).

If you go to a website and see either of these symbols  or , it means the blogger is on Bloglovin’ and you can click to add their blog to your feed by clicking on that symbol.

Screenshot of my feed page - sorry the quality isn't great

Screenshot of my feed page – sorry the quality isn’t great

When do I usually read the blogs? Most evenings, I check out the blogs on my ipad while sitting on the couch with the TV on. Occasionally I read them on my phone while I’m out (i.e. great if you’re waiting somewhere) and sometimes I even read them on my computer at home.

What blogs do I follow? Below are a few of my favorite blogs to read:

Fashion Related

  1. Hello Fashion 
  2. Sequins and Things
  3. Lilly Style
  4. C. Style
  5. The Sweetest Thing
  6. The Mom Edit
  7. The Northeast Girl


  1. Cupcakes and Cashmere
  2. Scary Mommy


  1. Gimme Some Oven
  2. Skinny Taste
  3. Damn Delicious

What do I get out of reading blogs? I find it relaxing, inspiring, motivating and comforting.

I hope you download the Bloglovin’ app and find it to be as great as an app as I do. 🙂

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