February 1, 2017

Beauty Product I’m Obsessed With – Highlighter

Yes, I have a beauty product I’m currently obsessed with and it’s called a highlighter, or illuminator.

No, this isn’t a new trend and I’m not really new to it, I just decided to go on a hunt to see if there were others I liked better then what I’d been using.


Let me back up a little first. Why do I like this type of product so much and what drew me to it in the first place? I’m pretty sure it was a good 5+ years ago that I realized I didn’t own a bronzer, or a blush I liked, and decided I needed to have one, or both. So, off I went on a search to get my first bronzer but I ended up with my original highlighter purchase – the Shimmer Brick. I got the Shimmer Brick because it appeared to be a product that covered both of those areas. I was HOOKED and ended up using it in both ‘Bronze’ and ‘Beige’ for those few years. Then, it was 1 or 2 Spring’s ago I felt I needed something new in my make up repertoire and I landed on a brightening product. I purchased this Brightening Powder in Bronze Glow. While I liked it and used it plenty, it was a little more subtle then I realized I was looking for.  Then, I purchased the The Multiple Stick last Fall in ”Orgasm’ after still looking for a different highlighting product. I actually love this product and how smoothly and easily it goes on. It has a good amount of pigment and highlighting that is subtle enough to work for me for every day. By this point, though, I realized I was really looking for a product that offered MORE highlighting.


So, I did what every other girl does and did a little research and decided to pick three to try. One that was a little higher end and two drug store versions.and wrote down the few I wanted to try and off I went. First, I went to Sephora since the Becca by Jaclyn Hill highlighter I wanted to try is only sold there – it’s called The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Creme Highlighter and it was recommended in ‘Champagne Pop’ (Find video of Jaclyn Hill on how to apply it in the link). The sales woman also recommended this Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder by Laura Mercier (seen below) to go with it, and of course, a brush to apply the highlighter correctly with. Ha! UPDATE: After being back at Sephora today because I dropped the Becca powder and it cracked  and exchanging it for a fresh one, I realized that the powder I bought below is not the same version in the above link. However, they’re almost identical products, just one version is creamier then the other, so you can’t go wrong with either. Just know the product I purchased is only available in stores so I can’t link to it but it is the Becca by Jaclyn  Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powder and only comes in ‘Champagne Pop.’

Becca Highlighter

Laura Mercier powder

With my more expensive highlighter in hand now, I headed to the drug store to buy the cheaper recommended versions. I got the Revlon Photoready Instafix Highlighter Stick in ‘Pink Light’ and Maybelline Strobing Stick in ‘Iridescent Light’ (comes in only the one color).

Top: Revlon; Botton: Maybelline

Test Time

Above is how the 2 looked on my skin. The funny thing that happened right after I took the above picture is that I swiped each on a cheek and then the whole product inside the Revlon tube basically fell out of the tube and inconveniently into a trash can right by where I was taking the photo.  The good thing is that I had just decided you couldn’t see that one on me so I guess that worked out in my favor. Ha!


Over the next few days I tried these new products and came to my conclusion that I like both!! The Becca by Jaclyn Hill highlighter is definitely the most luminescent and I LOVE that about it because that is really what I was looking for to begin with. And applying it with my new make up brush really does help. It has gold (or champagne as it’s called) undertones that are completely different from all the other products. It doesn’t pop out at you when I’m wearing it but if you see me up close, you’ll definitely notice it. And the Revlon Strobing Stick, well I like it a lot, too. It’s super easy to apply and actually less bright then I originally thought but, for the price, how smoothly it goes on, and how it’s not too obvious to easily wear any day, it’s a keeper.

By the way, I tried to take some pictures of myself wearing the products over the few days as I tried them and honestly, getting the right light and taking close up pictures of myself wasn’t easy nor comfortable. So, I’m sorry I don’t have any to share. But, know that most pictures I have taken since buying these products, I am wearing one of them.

As for the Laura Mercier powder, it was really pretty but not enough color and too similar to my regular sheer pressed powder to justify me keeping it.

Hope my little foray into Highlighter’s helps you decide on one to try for yourself.

Happy shopping!


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  • Reply Jodi February 1, 2017 at 9:36 am

    I love Laura Mercier’s Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter. I bought it to use as a concealer, but it’s nice to be able to use it as a highlighter as well. I love a multiple-use product!

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