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April 20, 2016

3 Baby Items To Last Past the Baby Stage

I was making my  regular pumpkin chocolate muffins (recipe to come at a later time) with my younger daughter the other day and was cleaning up the mess when the idea for this post came to me.


my little cutie helping me – that’s her usual weird smile these days, ha!

I realized there are 3 “Baby Items” I still have in my kitchen that I use regularly even though my girls are definitely past the baby stage (they’re 4 and 7). To me the purpose of these items helps me to keep my kitchen organized and dishes clean.

  1. Baby Bottle Drying Rack – Who doesn’t have a drying rack for baby bottles? I can’t even remember when I got the bottle drying rack since it wasn’t the first one I had but it is certainly the one that has lasted and I use it DAILY. As a fan of reusable lunch products, I have a bunch of little containers that I clean daily. I could use my regular drying rack but I found that it gets filled up from other dishes (i.e. coffee pot, pots and/or pans from dinner) and was leaving little room for all these containers. Voila – the bottle drying rack became the spot that I put all the girls little containers and cups and water bottles to dry. Problem solved! Plus, an added bonus about the drying rack I have is that I was able to pull out some of the rods for the bottles to give the bottom part easier access yet I still have plenty of spots to put any water bottles that need to be drying. (Here is a similar one to mine)


    this is how it looks nightly during the school week

  2. Oxo Tot Cleaning Set ($4.99) – Whoever came up with this idea was a genius!! I was already a fan of some of Oxo Tot products when I discovered this gem. It didn’t come along until my younger daughter was born but it is such a brilliant little product. When you’re long done with baby bottles and move onto to water cups in lunch boxes for school, this product is still amazingly helpful. My girls use the Thermos water bottles and I use the adult version and this little tool is much needed for getting the straws cleaned, the little groves in the connector of the straw to the spout (yes, similar to toddler sippy straw cups) and even around the little clasp of the lid. I’m pretty sure I’ve even used it for cleaning some other random kitchen utensils, too. oxototset
  3. Dishwasher Basket ($8-$10, varies by store)- This is what sparked my idea for this post. I use reusable silicone muffin/cupcake liners (like these) when I make the muffins for my daughters. I could hand wash the liners but guess what’s easier – just dumping them into the little dishwasher basket and putting them in the dishwasher.  260 (2)

Hope these little ideas help you. Feel free to share any unexpected items you have in your kitchen that you have found unusually helpful.

Happy shopping – or cleaning and organizing!


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  • Reply Jen April 20, 2016 at 8:03 am

    Hey Renee! I still use the dishwasher basket too! I just leave it in my dishwater at all times! It’s great for the little bowls w kids and my tea strainer and tea tips (little tiny spoon rest type of things you can rest your tea bag on). Great minds think alike! Oh and my Tieks should arrive today!

    • Reply rlevine1 April 20, 2016 at 8:32 am

      Jen, that’s too funny! And good to know about how it’s good for the tea items. 🙂 Oh, was wondering about the Tieks – let me know what you think of them!

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