February 19, 2018

Muscle Tanks: Everlane vs Madewell

Madewell vs Everlane

Madewell Whisper Cotton Crewneck Muscle Tank ($18.50)

As a lover of Madewell’s Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee (I own 2 and considering a 3rd), I decided to try the muscle version when I was in the store recently. And I was a huge fan. I tried on the XS and it was perfect. This muscle tank is cotton and soft, but definitely a slub cotton more then your standard straight cotton. It fits nicely, lays well on the body and washes well. So, it’s pretty much perfect. 😊 (There’s also the navy striped version, too, which I like).

Try on pic – keep in mind I had a gray bra on and you can barely see it

Everlane Cotton Muscle Tank ($22)

This tank is so much softer then you’d expect. If you saw my recent post with my latest Everlane review, you may know I originally got this tank in pink last summer in the XS. I kept it and wore it and my only issue was that it was a little high up in the armpits. So, not ideal but not enough to return it. I also think I couldn’t decide which size to go with and didn’t feel like bothering to exchange it for the small or the small wasn’t available. In any case, that’s why when I decided to get it in white, I sized up to the small. It fit so well!  The length wasn’t too bad for my short waist either, which was one concern I had about sizing up.

Completely untucked

slightly tucked under// Jeans / Shoes


Honestly, there was no clear winner. I literally like them both! Besides, the price, fit, and fabric, I just can’t see an issue with one being a clear winner over the other. And I’m not sure having too many white tanks is ever an issue. So for now, they’re both staying in my closet. 😊

Happy shopping!

February 16, 2018

A Few Favorites for Spring

I’m headed off to Florida for a few days next weekend and it’s got me excited about Spring and all warm weather clothes! Let me say this winter has been ROUGH with the cold temps we’ve had for so long. I can’t wait to be by the pool enjoying the sun.

Like most people, I love a trip that gives me an excuse to buy a few new items so of course I started looking online for the right clothes to buy for this trip. This trip is only a few days long and with my girls (who are 6 and 9) and my mother so it means it will be casual. So, I didn’t want to get too excited about buying clothes for warm temps that I honestly won’t wear for awhile longer. I tried to be practical, especially knowing that the temps can be up and down, meaning during the day it’s humid and in the 70s/80s but at night it really cools off.

In any case, all this made me decide to share the items I’ve seen online, and the few I’ve gotten, that have gotten me excited for Spring.

Let’s start with shoes!

So, I already have the Nikes below and LOVE them. They’re really comfortable but it’s the colors that really drew me in, perfect colors for Spring! They will be coming with me on this trip. The blue sneaker espadrille is on my wish list since I’m a fan of navy and wear the color a lot. The shoe also comes in other colors, too, but the navy seems like a nice color for Spring. If I didn’t already buy some pink adidas slides, I’d be all about the Tory Burch ones below. Again, love the pink color for Spring! As for the others below, I’m a big fan of the flowers on the white sneaker and the little white tufts on the wedge and the colors of the trim on the sandal.

Here’s me wearing the Nikes to the gym recently.

Moving on to tops and tanks, I got the Lilly Pulitzer ruffle off the shoulder top below back in January in anticipation of this trip. The saleswoman told me the shoulder really does stay put and she was right! I’ll likely wear this with jeans like in the dressing room pic or possibly with some printed pants. And the striped button down top I just got this week. I don’t think it’s totally new this year but I saw it at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and then went to the actual Madewell store this week and bought it there to get it in my size without having to order it online. It does run big but the XS works for me. I also think I’ll wear it one evening. I’m also happy to see muscle tees are still popular so I’ll be bringing along my Everlane white one but I saw the ‘Give Love’ one and something is drawing me to it!


Here’s me trying on the Lilly Pulitzer top.

More Favorites

Rounding out my Spring favorites are a new gym tank (I got it in black but the pink is pretty, too!), some earrings, a bathing suit, and a few more items. (The bathing suit is in case you’re going somewhere warm for Spring Break). By the way, I am possibly getting lasik surgery. So, I often don’t include sunglasses in posts because I have 1 pair of Ray Bans that are prescription and I’ve been wearing them for 2 years now. Now with the possibility of having lasik on the horizon, it’s gotten me excited about the prospect of being able to buy more sunglasses straight out of the store! I mean, I still have this issue with my small face and a lot of styles not fitting me well, but hey, I’ll still have more options then with prescription so I’ll take it! 😁And I realize quite a few of the items below are pink but it’s definitely a color that’s still on trend and besides it’s pretty and perfect for Spring!


Here’s my attempt at showing the back of the gym tank below. Do you know how hard it is to get a graceful/good quality picture of your back when no one else is around?? 😋

Hope this is enough motivated for some Spring shopping.

Happy shopping!
February 5, 2018

December What I Wore Round Up

December’s What I Wore Round Up is finally here! There’s not too much to say about what was going on for me in December. It was pretty typical other then the holiday shopping, a family brunch and one semi-dressy charity event my husband and I went to. Otherwise, it was basically gym and errands.

I actually planned to get this up last week but things just got kind of crazy for me, mainly because of car buying/selling that kept me quite busy. Oh, also, there were some buying and returning and exchanging for my 2 lovely daughters as I tried to get them some more specific exercise clothes between the tennis, soccer and dance they do. I swear sometimes buying for kids when they’re not with you is such a pain! Argh! And taking care of some work stuff for our family design/build business, too. Anyone ever switch email servers? Still dealing with that this coming week, too. Ugh.

In any case, here’s my round up…..Oh and I think  next month, I may start doing this differently and just show/highlight the pieces I’ve bought in the previous month. And not necessarily show what I’ve worn. Haven’t quite decided what to do but felt I needed to make a change.

Morning trip to the gym for a weights class

Junk Food Top – old, similar | Athleta Chaturanga Tight | Nike Sneakers

Sanctuary Top (this color is on sale!)| Hudson jeans | Jslides Sneakers

jslide booties

Top – Old Gap Softspun, similar here | AG jeans | Jslides Booties (WORE THESE A TON)

Gap Sweater (man is chenille hot!) | AG jeans | Jslides booties | Stella & Dot rose gold necklace – mine says LOVE

Gotta love bathroom lighting!

Madewell Sweater (may be sold out) | AG Jeans | Steve Madden sneakers (see my latest post about this pair of sneakers here) | Gigi New York purse | Stella & Dot necklace (same as above)

The best joggers out there for their price!

Gap Softspun Joggers  | Make + Model top

J.Crew Tippi Sweater – old, plain version | A Gold E jeans – old, similar | Caslon (Nordstrom) Sneaker boot | Stella & Dot necklace (yup, same one as above again!)

A cold snowy Saturday where I had to be out with kids part various times during the day

Sweatshirt (custom) | Citizens of Humanity Jeans – old, similar | Sperry Boots (is it me or do they not look as good as I’d hoped?? I feel like I don’t know how to wear them well. Mine are the kids version but almost identical for the women’s pair I linked)

Gap sweater – old (it’s  Navy) | AG jeans | Jslides booties

Headed out to a holiday charity event

Blouse – old | Lysee leather leggings or similar by Spanx | Sam Edelman heels – old, similar

Rebecca Minkoff Earrings

Sanctuary top (same as green one) | AG Jeans – old, similar | Jslides booties (you think I wore them enough!?) | Stella & Dot Clover Initial Charm

This day I was going to yoga so I went with the high top for a change instead of my usual Uggs since my shoes didn’t matter. Oh yeah, it also wasn’t in the 20s this day so I got away with wearing that lighter fleece jacket.

Alo leggings – similar or similar | Alternative Hoodie – my color is old, similar or similar in camo | Zella Jacket | Ugg High Tops

Family Holiday Brunch

Sweater – similar | Paige Jeans – old, similar | Booties – old

Aqua Sweater – old, similar | Rag & Bone Jeans | Ugg Sneakers

New Year’s Eve – not your usual outfit, right? Well, we were going bowling and it was like below 20 degrees so it was hard to figure out what to wear but the one good thing was that I knew my shoes didn’t really matter!

Splendid Sweater | Rag & Bone Jeans | Uggs

Happy shopping!

PS I may change this style post a little next month and do more of just what I bought then what I wore, or a combination of both.

January 26, 2018

The One Sneaker You Want Right Now

If there is one sneaker you want right now (or maybe it’s this Spring), it’s the Steve Madden ‘Lancer’ sneaker. I am starting to see it pop up more and more on other blogger’s websites and I realized it’s because it’s now available in more colors (hello camo!) and of course, it doesn’t hurt that pink/blush is still a popular color right now in fashion.

Steve Madden sneaker

Wearing Alo Leggings and metallic bracelet stack from Etsy shop AshleyNicolebyJulie and

I actually bought my pair of the Steve Madden ‘Lancer’ sneaker back in the Fall when I was looking for a colored comfy casual sneaker. I came upon it one day when I was browsing in the Nordstrom shoe department and after trying it on, I was sold!

Steve Madden Lancer sneaker

apple picking in the Fall

What’s so great about it?

Well, I tell you, it’s definitely because it’s comfortable, duh! But also the style of it is very on trend regarding the neoprene fabric and the style of laces. Of course, the price point doesn’t hurt either (It retails for $69.95). It runs true to size and is easy to style, too, whether it’s with a pair of leggings or a pair of jeans.

Steve Madden Lancer sneaker

Wearing Blanknyc jeans from last Fall – similar here or here

If the pink isn’t for you, try it in the white, green, black or even the camo for something fun! Whatever color you choose, you won’t regret it. 😁

Happy shopping!

January 22, 2018

Everlane Clothing – A New Review

If you’ve never heard of Everlane, then you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to get quality, and ethically made, clothes at reasonable prices. Everlane is a company that came on the market back in 2011. It started as a company making “modern basics,” i.e. your simple basic items of clothing (think tee shirts) and selling them only online. The main difference between their products and a lot of what is seen in stores is that they value “radical transparency,” meaning they share where the clothing is made and the cost of the items made and therefore, charging honest and reasonable prices to consumers. The company has grown over the years to offer a lot more then just basics (think sweaters, shoes, bags and now jeans) and even opened 2 retail outposts this past year in New York and San Francisco.

Note: Here’s a link to an interesting article from The New Yorker back in the Fall about the company to check out:

My History with Everlane

I bought my first tee shirt from Everlane back in 2014 and it was the Cotton U Neck in white. I loved the tee so much because it was comfortable, a good length for me and felt the neck line was flattering on my frame. I was such a fan of the tee that I decided to buy the same white tee again a year ago (you know having 2 of the same thing is never a bad idea when you wear it a lot), and the navy version to go along with it. And then I hadn’t bought anything from there until last Summer. Mainly, I would forget to check the site or they hadn’t added new appealing styles I wanted to buy. Meanwhile, I continued to wear my u neck tees BUT then last Summer, I found that they had added a lot more new styles of clothing, particularly tops, that appealed to me. Even more exciting is that some of these new tops came in smaller sizes, which is perfect for this petite girl. 😀 When I went to order some of the new tops, mainly tanks, last summer, I actually had a hard time deciding what to order this time because there was a lot I wanted to try. Plus, they now had really simple cotton dresses, too, that I was interested in.


At first, I was looking at 2 dresses. One was the Short Sleeve Micro Rib Tee Dress (but I already own a similar one in black from Athleta), and the other was the Cotton Tank Dress (which is striped and I already own a similar one as well).  While a stripe tank dress is good to have around, can’t say as a someone who is a fan of solids, that having 2 in the same striped style made sense. Meanwhile, I was also completely drawn to the new tank styles they offered. So, I ended up ordering 3 tops, the micro rib tank,the micro striped crew tee, and the cotton muscle tank.

Tanks and Tees:

  • The Micro Rib Tank – White (XS) – I love it this tank! It is soft and has good stretch, exactly what you want in a rib tank. Also, for me, the length was perfect!! As a petite girl (I’m 5’1), it is really hard to find tanks these days that are not incredibly long. And for someone who often wears them on their own and not to layer, I really prefer hip length. It’s not even too sheer, just a teeny bit! (See picture #2 below) The only downside I would say is that I think I could have gone with a size small and also been happy. Meanwhile, I went to order the small last week and it’s back ordered until February so I’m “on the list” to be notified when it becomes available.Everlane rib tank

    Everlane rib tank

    ever so slightly sheer in my belly area

  • The Micro-Striped Crew – White / Navy Stripe  (XS) – This tank was tight and very fitted. I could have sized up or wasn’t the right fit for my taste. This top I apparently didn’t get a picture of, unfortunately. But, truth be told, it didn’t look great on me as I mentioned. I also ended up with a different navy striped tank from another brand later in the Summer that fit me a lot better. Glad I returned this one.
  • The Muscle Tank – Pink (XXS) – I remember when I ordered this I couldn’t decide on which size so I went with the XXS. However, I could have gone with the XS but I liked everything about the tank anyway so I kept it. It just fit me slightly higher in the armpit then was ideally comfortable but I still wore it. This muscle tank is a comfortable cotton and a good length on me, like the rib tank. Also, I just re-ordered this tank in white in the XS so we’ll see if that fits me a bit better in the armpit.  If the pink is still available, go for it, though! It is a perfect pastel pink. And the tank, in general, is a good one to have in your closet.Everlane muscle tank

    Everlane muscle tank

    Can you see how high it is in my pit?

 Sweaters I bought this Winter

Fast forward to this Winter. It has been FREEZING like I can’t remember it being this cold for so many days in a row ever before. I’m sure I could be wrong but when you’re in the midst of a deep cold front, it feels this way. And of course, it had me craving for more cozy sweaters. Honestly, I like wool sweaters but prefer to touch them because some wool  are definitely itchier then others. And acrylic, eh, I prefer to stay away from it. You’ll see a lot of bloggers rave about adorable reasonably priced sweaters and 9 out of 10 times that sweater has acrylic in it. Yes, it’s a warm material but it’s synthetic fiber that doesn’t wear well. Plus, it almost makes me TOO hot in a short amount of time. Point being, I gravitate towards soft sweaters like cashmere, that are reasonably priced. There are different varieties of cashmere and so different price points, too. But not all cashmere that’s cheap is bad quality. I love Aqua Cashmere sweaters from Bloomingdales. They come in all kinds of different styles but mainly the price point is reasonable (especially if you can get one on sale or promotion) but the quality is there. Anyway, I ended up back at Everlane to check out their line of sweaters because I already own a few from Aqua and came upon the waffle cashmere sweater  And the chunky cotton crew. While the cotton crew isn’t cashmere, my thought was that if  it was a thick enough cotton, maybe it would be warm enough for the cold temps AND for Spring. I was trying to think ahead here a bit. Ha!

  • The Waffle Knit Cashmere Square Crew in Black (XXS) – Love this sweater! I was pretty excited about it, not going to lie. And it pretty much lived up to my expectations. The fabric is a soft quality cashmere like you want. The waffle style added some different style to it but the updated detail of a small side slit and the shape of it really hit the mark for being on trend. Black is sometimes hard to show the details because of lighting (and unfortunately the lighting in my closet is not always great) but if you look at it online, you can see the waffle detail better. I wore this sweater the day or so after it arrived and I felt the length was also great for me. The only thing I was on the fence about was if I could have gone with the XS and I think it would have been fine, too. Everlane cashmereEverlane cashmere
  • The Chunky Knit Cotton Crew in Pink (XS) – To start, the pink color of this sweater is exactly what I was hoping. It is a really perfect pastel pink. The crew top was a comfortable chunky cotton, just as described. The wide cuff wasn’t too tight and I liked the small front/side slits (similar to the waffle cashmere sweater above) because it added a modern detail. The size was perfect for me but I did end up returning this top. Why? Well, I remembered that sometimes a chunky cotton isn’t the most comfortable for me once the temps warm up enough to wear it, mainly in the Spring. I get hot very easily in a chunky cotton but truly believe, this is just me. Lol. I was hoping to get the Soft Cotton Square Crew instead but it is currently back ordered in the pink and white in my size so I am on the “wait list” to be notified when it comes available in mid-February. For now, I exchanged it for this adorable Oversized Fleece Hoodie with side slits they just added to the site in navy (I went with an XS). Oh, as for wearing this chunky crew during the cold temps, well, I think it would be fine as long as it’s not in the 30s and below like we were having. I think it would be great for any temps in the 40s and 50s.

Jeans | Shoes are Vans (my pink color is no longer available)

Choose What You Pay

I almost forgot to mention the site has a ‘Choose What You Pay’ for some items and guess what? This currently includes the U Neck Tee! (In all colors but white). How it works is: “Sometimes we love a design so much that we overproduce it. We’re getting better at predicting demand, but to move overstock on selected items, we’re letting you choose what you pay. Enjoy.” What’s not to love about that?!

Below are a few more of my favorites.If you want to check out these great items and more of what Everlane sells, shop here with my referral link.


Happy shopping!


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